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Here are the Top 20 reasons a regime change is imperative, now:

1. $5 Trillion in New Debt – By the end of FY 2012, Obama had added $5.3 trillion to the National Debt – almost one-third of the total ($16 trillion). He rolled up more debt in three years than the first 41 presidents combined, more in four years than George W. Bush did in 8. By 2011, foreigners owned 54% of our total debt – China alone has $1.2 trillion. If Obama is reelected, what exciting times lie ahead – China calls in its debt, the dollar crashes, the U.S. joins Greece and Italy in bankruptcy court? During the 2008 campaign, Obama called Bush’s contribution to the national debt (half of his own) “irresponsible and unpatriotic.” That would make Obama the fiscal equivalent of Charlie Sheen and Jane Fonda.

betrayal-of-america2. Chronic Unemployment – Under the regime in power, we’ve had 44 straight months of unemployment above 8% – the longest sustained high unemployment since the Great Depression. Long-term unemployment (more than 12 months) went from 2.7 million the day Obama took office to around 5 million today. The number of Americans in poverty increased by 6.4 million, and food-stamp recipients are up 46%. Obama’s answer? More stimulus spending. “My president spent $780 billion on stimulus and all I got was this lousy 8% unemployment rate.”

3. Atlas Mugged: Asking the Rich to Pay a Little More – President Income-Redistribution plans to let the Bush-era tax cuts expire on January 1, raising the top rate from 35% to 39.6%. But the rich already pay a disproportionate share of the federal income tax. The top 1% of income earners pays 36.7% of the federal income tax, while earning 16% of all income. Under Obama’s definition, “rich” includes couples earning more than $250,000, as well as the owners of 750,000 small businesses, who file as individuals. Raising taxes on upper-income individuals will do wonders for the economy and jobs. It’s not as if this president understood the connection between wealth, investment and employment.

4. You Didn’t Build That! – The man who never ran a business, never had to meet a payroll, never worked in the private sector (academia doesn’t count), told businessmen: “Somebody helped to create this unbelievable American system that we have that allowed you to thrive. Somebody invested in roads and bridges. If you’ve got a business – you didn’t build that. Somebody else made it happen.” Did somebody else risk their life’s savings gambling, against the odds, that a new business would succeed? Did somebody else put in 80-hour weeks? And he wonders why we think he’s a socialist.

5. Obamacare – Turn the finest health care system in the world over to the wonderful folks who’ve bankrupted Social Security? Swell idea. The Democrats passed it (not a single House Republican voted for the bill) without even reading the 2,400-page act. Since it was signed into law, it’s never had majority support. We’re going to provide coverage to millions currently uninsured, encourage doctors to give up their practices, and set a ceiling on costs – and they’ll be no rationing of medical services. Pie-in-the-sky is now being served in the cafeteria of Mount Big Rock Candy Hospital.

6. Benghazi: The Defining Moment in Obama’s Foreign Policy – Just as the Tehran hostage crisis has come to epitomize Jimmy Carter’s feckless foreign policy, the body of a U.S. ambassador being dragged through the streets of Benghazi symbolizes Obama’s. The State Department had live video streaming of the attack. Calls for U.S. military intervention to save the consulate staff were repeatedly rebuffed over the course of seven hours when we had military assets an hour away. And the president lied about the reason for the attack for 10 days. When challenged during the second presidential debate, Obama feigned indignation saying those murdered in Benghazi were “my people,” and he was there “when the coffins came home.” That’s fitting; he helped to fill them.

7. Planned Parenthood’s Mammograms – Also in the second debate, the president defended taxpayer funding of the largest abortion provider in the nation, claiming “There are millions of women all across the country who rely on Planned Parenthood for mammograms” – which the group doesn’t provide. As a state senator, Obama opposed a ban on partial-birth abortion. As a member of the U.S. Senate, he voted to increase taxpayer funding of overseas abortion providers. Obamacare will cover abortion. The administration’s dogmatic embrace of the Planned Parenthood agenda led to Vice President Biden saying, on a trip to China, he wasn’t going to “second guess” its policy of forced abortions. The president has never given any indication that there’s any type of abortion (anywhere, at any time, under any circumstances) that he doesn’t support.

8. The First Gay President – The cover of the May 21st Newsweek showed Obama with a rainbow halo over his head. This came the week after his startling announcement that he had reversed his long-standing support for marriage a la what’s-good-for-kids-and-society. Actually, the president’s position is a matter of convenience. In 1996, he said “I favor legalizing same-sex marriage and would fight efforts to prohibit such marriages.” In 2004, as a candidate for the U.S. Senate, his position had morphed to “What I believe is that marriage is between a man and a woman.” There followed 8 years of being for mixed-sex marriage, thinking it through, in transition, etc. (And he calls Mitt Romney a flip-flopper.) At the beginning of his administration, he announced he would not defend the Defense of Marriage Act, in violation of his oath to see that the laws are faithfully executed. He appointed a record number of open homosexuals. Last year, U.S. diplomats abroad were told to participate in gay pride parades. How far could this go in a second term – the 31 states that have passed defense of marriage amendments being forced to accept unnatural unions contracted elsewhere, churches which refuse to perform mock marriages losing their tax-exempt status, Mendelssohn’s Wedding March replaced by the Village People’s rendition of “Y.M.C.A.”?

9. Iran 4 Years Closer to the Bomb – In the final debate, the president proclaimed he’d imposed the toughest sanctions in the history of sanctions on Iran – except for the Chinese and Russian companies doing business in the U.S. he exempted, except that impetus for these tough sanctions came from Republicans in Congress, except intelligence officials from several Western countries report that in recent weeks Iran has virtually completed an underground nuclear enrichment plant and is racing toward enough fissionable material to make its first bomb (others will follow). Sanctions are to Iran’s nuclear program what the Polish cavalry was to German panzers in 1939.

10. Please welcome the (Shudder) Obama Court – Of the Supreme Court Justices over 70, two are left-wing ideologues (Ginsburg and Breyer) one is conservative (Scalia) and one is the Court’s swing vote. Of the three youngest, Sotomayor (the “wise Hispanic woman”) and Elena Kagan (the shrewd femi-Nazi) were Obama’s hard-left appointments. If the president gets to replace Scalia or Kennedy in a second term, the Court will no longer be divided and you can kiss the Second Amendment, the First Amendment’s Free Exercise clause and the separation of powers goodbye.

11. Not a Christian Country – Obama was schooled in liberation theology at Jeremiah Wright’s Church of God Da-n America. At a 2009 press conference in Turkey, he claimed, “We Americans do not consider ourselves a Christian nation,” and has worked hard since then to make that a reality: No White House ceremonies for National Day of Prayer, the first time a delegation of atheists was welcomed to the White House, leaving God out of his 2011 Thanksgiving message, and misquoting the Declaration of Independence by omitting the words “endowed by their Creator.” Obliterating the faith of our fathers is part of Obama’s master plan to remake America in the image of his father – George Soros.

12. Islamophilia – This year, Obama hosted his fourth Ramadan dinner. He fantasizes about Islam making significant contributions to America’s founding and development. At every opportunity, he’s shown where his sympathies lie in the Middle East. He helped replace a pro-Western regime in Egypt with the Moslem Brotherhood and a regime in Libya that kept a lid on al-Qaeda with one that can’t. His administration refuses to acknowledge any connection between Islam and terrorism. (See no sheik, hear no sheik.) He even tried to pass off the 2009 Fort Hood massacre as “workplace violence.” And actor John Wilkes Booth shot Lincoln because he was depressed over bad reviews.

13. Panic At the Pump/ Obama’s War On Fossil Fuels – The average price of gasoline has more than doubled since Obama took office. Drilling on federal land has been cut by 18%. Coal-fired plants have been closed (In 2008, Obama promised to “bankrupt” companies operating these plants.) He put a moratorium on off-shore drilling and rejected U.S. participation in the Keystone pipeline. Before he became Obama’s Energy Secretary, Steven Chu disclosed: “We have to figure out a way to boost the price of gasoline to European levels.” At least Obama is succeeding somewhere.

14. Getting AK-47s Off the Streets And Into Mexico – Following the Colorado theater shootings, the president told the National Urban League that AK-47s belong on the battlefield and in the hands of soldiers, not on the streets of our cities and in the hands of criminals. The president’s knowledge of firearms is so deficient that he doesn’t know that U.S. soldiers aren’t armed with AK-47s (the preferred weapon of our enemies), and that the “AK-47s” sold in this country are semi-automatic (one shot at a time). The real AK-47 is fully automatic. After Fast and Furious, only Obama could jabber about keeping guns out of the hands of criminals with a straight face. To build a case for more gun control, his ATF put 2,500 untraceable guns into the hands of Mexican drug lords. They’ve already killed hundreds of Mexicans and a Border Patrol agent. If only we could find a way to keep guns out of the hands of Democratic administrations.

15. If He Had a Son He’d Look Like Trayvon – Jumping on the Al Sharpton/Jesse Jackson/New Black Panther Party bandwagon, the president tried to exploit a February shooting in Florida (of a black teen by a mixed-race Hispanic), declaring that if he had a son, “He’d look like Trayvon” Martin, and “all of us have some soul-searching to do” – as if all of us encouraged Trayvon Martin to beat the hell out of neighborhood watch coordinator George Zimmerman or the latter to shoot the former. How about some soul-searching from the most racially divisive administration in history? How about a Justice Department that refuses to prosecute the neo-Black Panthers for a clear case of voter intimidation? How about an ex-Justice employee who says Attorney General Eric Holder has decided to ignore civil rights violations involving black-on-white crime? How about a president who’s into racial posturing? (The Cambridge police “acted stupidly” for arresting his friend, black scholar Henry Louis Gates.) When Dear Leader said he’d bring us together, who knew that “we” consisted of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, the New Black Panthers and street thugs?

16. Obamnesty – The president couldn’t get the Dream Act through Congress, so he did it by executive order. It will cover an estimated 800,000 to 1 million illegal aliens who can claim (with forged documents?) that they were brought here as children and have nursery-school diplomas. Some will be hardened criminals and gang members, others merely mooches. The only area where Obama has gotten tough here is going after states that try to stem the tide of illegal aliens on their own. Obama broke the law with his executive order to aid those who broke the law by coming here.

17. Making the Catholic Church Pay for Sandra Fluke’s Sexual Activity – After Rush Limbaugh impugned her honor, the president of the United States – who doesn’t have time to attend his daily security briefings – took the time to call the caped contraceptive crusader to ask if she was “okay” and told her that her parents should be “so proud of her.” Limbaugh was responding to Sandra Fluke telling a group of Democratic Congressmen that Georgetown University should be forced to buy her contraceptives. (Hush, hush, sweet harlot.) The president upped the ante, by announcing earlier this year that Catholic institutions will be compelled to pay for The Pill through their health insurance. The Democratic Party has long viewed pregnancy as a serious health problem. (In 2009, Nancy Pelosi defended stimulus spending for contraceptives as a budget-reduction measure – fewer kids, less cost.) Choice is for 15-year-olds who want to keep their parents in the dark about their abortions, not for Catholics who don’t want to be forced to violate the tenets of their faith.

18. Having Israel’s Back – Whether America can survive four more years of Barack Hussein Osama (sorry, Freudian slip) is debatable. That Israel won’t is almost certain. Obama is determined to force Israel into a disastrous peace settlement — a negotiated surrender that would give it what have been called Auschwitz borders. This president will not back Israel in a military confrontation with Iran, Egypt or any other rogue state lusting for its annihilation. In his March speech to AIPAC, Obama said, “I have Israel’s back.” Like he had the back of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak? Like he had the backs of our guys in Benghazi?

19. America Isn’t Exceptional – When asked if he believed in American exceptionalism (that America has played a unique role on the world stage since our founding), the president said he did, but only in the way the Brits believe in British exceptionalism and the Greeks believe in “Greek exceptionalism.” Obama was saying it’s all subjective – that serving as a shining example of self-government, saving the world from both Nazism and communism, and creating an economic engine that lifted all boats is no big deal. Obama himself is unique – the first president who can’t find anything nice to say about America, besides the fact that we elected him in 2008.

20. Does America Deserve To Be Led By A Man This Small? – The sneering condescension toward Romney during the last debate (Obama asked if the governor knew that we now have aircraft carriers and submarines, in response to Mitt’s criticism of defense cuts), to telling Rolling Stone that his opponent was a “bull-shi—er,” to his campaign calling Romney a liar at least once every 15 seconds, to the latest ad where children of the future sing about how Romney let sick people die and poisoned the atmosphere – the president has shown himself to be petty and petulant (as well as narcissistic), in other words, a very small man. It’s not easy to make Warren Harding seem larger-than-life and Richard Nixon look gracious.

America may have lost its way in recent times, but do we really deserve another 4 years of this?

But be of good cheer, happy campers. On November 6, we’ll be singing: “The sun’ll come up tomorrow. Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow there’ll be sun.”

donfederDon Feder is a former Boston Herald writer who is now a political/communications consultant. He also maintains his own website,