When Dan Bongino first announced his candidacy for the U.S. Senate against the entrenched, leftist Democrat, Ben Cardin, I thought that Maryland might have a Republican candidate with a chance.  

Despite Maryland‘s 2 to 1 Democrat advantage, a large proportion of Maryland‘s voters are independent and maybe there are still a few democrats capable of independent thought.

Cardin appeals to Maryland‘s Left, who, like leftists everywhere, yearn for the destruction of Israel. So it seemed possible that Maryland‘s Jewish voters might be put off by Cardin’s fawning attitude toward President Obama, whose hatred for the Jewish state is almost palpable.

The influence within the Obama administration of people like National Security Advisor Samantha Power, a virulent anti-Semite who once argued for military intervention in Israel, and Obama’s shockingly insulting treatment of Israel‘s Prime Minister, contrasted with his markedly conciliatory attitude toward our Middle East enemies, makes this hatred clear. It has shaken even Obama’s most ardent Jewish supporters.

Not Ben Cardin though. While Obama indicates, by deed if not word, his willingness to subordinate Israel’s security – not to mention U.S. security – to the interests of Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood, Cardin stands idly by and says nothing.


For his part, Dan Bongino is a straight shooter. A family man of unshakeable integrity, Dan has proven his bones as an experienced Secret Service field agent in numerous investigations. Unlike Cardin, he understands economics and has a solid campaign platform of limited government, lower taxes, less regulation, maintaining the rule of law and a strong military. Bongino would be a much more reliable voice for Israel in the U.S. Senate than Cardin has ever been.

So it was not surprising that, despite a huge disadvantage in campaign funding, Bongino was making this cycle’s Senate race more competitive than any in recent memory.

Enter Rob Sobhani.

Sobhani is an American-born Iranian who cut his teeth brokering an oil deal between the communist leader of Azerbaijan and AMOCO. He claims it was based solely on his knowledge of the Azeri language and that he just happened to be teaching in Azerbaijan at the time. So the communist leader of Azerbaijan invited him over for tea.


Those kinds of people don’t deal without big upfront payoffs, and often won’t work with anyone except fellow communists, or people recommended by fellow communists. Getting an invitation from one of their leaders is like being invited to an audience with the Pope, and just as likely.

It is possible other things were at work during this turbulent time, but that is the usual arrangement. Sobhani said that he recommended AMOCO only because he was being “patriotic.” Later on however, he got a cushy job as a consultant to AMOCO. Professor Sobhani has since made a fortune with his Caspian Group Holdings, described as “a multi-disciplinary firm with business interests in cyber-security, communications technology, as well as projects in the Middle East and former Soviet Union.

Sobhani’s story stinks, in other words. And so does his candidacy. He is throwing in millions of (his own?) dollars, essentially buying recognition – and who knows what else. His positions are inconsistent and vague. Even veteran talker, Delegate Pat McDonough had a hard time getting straight answers out of Sobhani in his October 20 radio interview on WCBM.

Sobhani’s biggest campaign pledge is to bring $5.5 billion to Maryland, and he solemnly promises not to run for a second term if he doesn’t accomplish this goal. Good luck with that. I would be more worried about my first term. But I don’t think he is worried about anything.

And now we learn the truth. Sobhani pretends to be an independent, former Republican, but who is this supposedly “moderate” businessman supporting for President? His sample ballot tells the story. On one side is a full page photo of President Barack Obama. On the other side is the sample ballot, with the President and Sobhani selected.

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Sobhani1 Sobhani2 Sobhanii3

According to Red Maryland, Sobhani paid a California company, Arno Political Consultants, $47,000 to gather signatures for his campaign. “Paid volunteers” in other words. Isn’t there another politician who likes those? Oh yeah, his name is Barack Obama. Arno meanwhile, has been implicated in several fraud cases in numerous states. Over 30% of Sobhani’s ballot signatures were thrown out by the Maryland Board of Elections. Not that that says anything of course…

He even got Republican Anthony Marsh to write an endorsement. What was his payoff, or is this just another incomprehensibly stupid Republican?

Maryland has its fair share. But nope. Turns out Sobhani was already bringing some of those promised billions to Maryland.

Marsh is a partner at Savannah Communications, which was hired by Sobhani to manage the signature gathering petition. Another one of those “paid volunteers.” It was Savannah who sub-contracted ArnoSavannah‘s website, meanwhile, offers no information.

Check it out: http://savannacommunications.com/.

Whereas, previously the race was at least somewhat competitive, now Cardin will coast to victory. As the Washington Post observed, “Cardin’s likely win looks even likelier.”

This was immediately apparent when Sobhani entered the race. There is no way Sobhani honestly believes he can win. While a few “Reagan” democrats – if any still exist – might vote Republican or independent, democrats vote almost entirely en bloc. They may support awful candidates, but they understand the importance of unity.

The only possible rational explanation for Sobhani’s entering the race is to be a spoiler for Bongino, and that is exactly what he has done. But why?

Sobhani likes those “public-private partnerships” that Obama loves so much. You know, like Solyndra and TracFone. Mark these words: Rob Sobhani will “hit the jackpot” in a “public-private” partnership with an unnamed foreign entity, miraculously arranged by contacts at the Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee on Near Eastern and South and Central Asian Affairs, where Senator Cardin just happens to have a seat – after the election.

After all, that’s the way it’s done in Azerbaijan.

Jim_Simpson150James Simpson is a freelance journalist, businessman and former White House budget analyst..  His writings have also been published on Right Side News, Big Government, Big Peace, Emerging Corruption, American Thinker, Washington Times, WorldNetDaily, FrontPage Magazine, Soldier of Fortune and others. His blog is Truth & Consequences.