“The worse the society, the more law there will be. In Hell, there will be nothing but law, and due process will be meticulously observed.”
rsn betrayal 175Grant Gilmore, Legal Scholar

Politicians emboldened by a largely complacent public and energized by the intoxicating power to vote their own special interests in the name of good law, are slowly but surely fleecing The People in the process. And let’s not forget good process. It’s a game no less compulsive than gambling which has not passed them by either.

Of any president in the history of our nation, Barack Obama has the least faith and belief in his own country. By his actions and deeds, do you question this?

Breaking America’s Bank

“Socialism… A Great Idea! – Until you run out of other people’s money”  Margaret Thatcher

Debt day in America comes on April 26, 2009 this year. That is the day that thereafter we pay interest for the rest of the year to make up for the principal we have spent in America’s Budget. With perspective, last year that date was August 5, 2008. Debt day is the day we begin borrowing from China and others who will continue to increase the rate of interest because we are over-leveraged and becoming a greater risk every day.

The $787 billion dollar Stimulus bill had nearly 9000 unchecked and unread earmarks. $500 billion dollars in an Omnibus spending bill and $3.6 Trillion in the Budget Bill all adds up to one thing. We will lose America’s Credit Rating which means higher interest rates; we will lose our ability to borrow from the Chinese, and the eventual destruction of the U.S. Economy.

Kansas State Representative Lynn Jenkins, formerly a CPA for almost two decades and 6 years Kansas State Treasurer, said, “…Washington’s books are a mess. Remember when the president promised strict oversight of how states were spending those dollars. Well in the last few weeks we’ve heard plenty about stimulus waste. Taxpayer dollars earmarked for a homeless program in a town with no homeless problem, millions to extend an art walk in New York and more than a million dollars for sidewalks and trash cans outside a casino in Michigan. This bill was supposed to be about jobs but it’s gone off the rails in practically no time at all and millions of your tax dollars are being wasted. It’s quickly being turned into a symbol of everything wrong with Washington D.C.. Unchecked spending…”

A case in point is the AIG bailout reported to be about $182.5 billion in debt to the Government. It now looks like AIG might fail and the money lent to foreign banks through them will be lost. Nonetheless, they are suing the government for about $300 Million, with our money. Most experts agree that the auto companies such as the downsized GM [$50 billion loaned from the government which owns 61%] and Chrysler [$20 billion loaned from the government which owns 8%] will likely never be able to make the American people whole again for the amount they were loaned. In fact Chrysler is forgiven $7.2 billion in the bankruptcy. The Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) which handed out over $700 billion dollars will likely never recover any more than 25% of its original investment.

The stimulus has failed to invigorate the economy, the budget for 2009 is four times what it was for 2008 and Americans are being warned by other countries that our dollar is not secure. We are looking at inflation, because we are printing money we can no longer borrow from China or others. The last week of July, China refused to buy our debt so we, in order to disguise it from the American people, had someone else buy it and then bought it back. In June 2009 at Peking University [Beijing, China], Timothy Geithner, the US Secretary of the Treasury was laughed at by students when he said the dollar was safe.

Then in May of 2009 it was announced, through the main stream media, that there is no oversight of the bailout, the omnibus bill or the TARP as promised.

Was this easy to foretell? It was, but the naivety of a new administration and a congress that is afraid of the new administrations popularity, fueled by a in-the-tank swooning American Media and you have the prescription for catastrophe.

The constitution is a document which outlines what the federal government can and cannot do as it relates to the several states. It limits the power of federalism to dictate what they can demand of the states. Through the years the federal government is a self propagating institution and is communal in nature. It has been allowed to perpetuate and increase its power, particularly in the 20th Century, to the point where each inch it takes is a step towards collectivism. When you have an administration who believes the Federal Government is the best way to solve problems for the American people, as the Obama administration believes, The People applaud it because they feel government experiences their pain. More importantly they want to believe that a surrogate will solve their problems for them. What most Americans fail to understand is that the Government is not a value producer in society and they will, through social programs, take your money and spend it on programs which leave you in great debt. Most Americans are naïve to the reality that America’s debt is their debt and an impediment to their prosperity.

Every American is right now $55,000 in debt to the federal government for the current deficit which is on the books. That, according to the Government Accountability Office (GAO), will be $155,000 with interest in ten years for every American. Here’s the bad news, only a little over 50% of Americans pay taxes at all, so if you’re a working stiff you will owe the Government around $300,000 as a tax burden in ten years. There is much more bad news in-as-much-as Barack Obama isn’t telling you everything. This all adds up to a whopping tax increase for the middle class. If they were to take 90% of the income from the top 10% of earners who pays 90% of the taxes, it would not be enough to cover it. Of course the rich in America would not stand for a 90% tax rate. Alan Auerbach, an economist at the University of California, Berkeley said, “The government will have to go where the money is, to the middle class.”

It gets even worse as our legislators have not included in our debt the burden of funding Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare. They did this for good reason; it is the head-in-the-sand approach to fiscal responsibility. The reason they did this is so they could keep spending without being burdened by public outcry. You would be alarmed if you knew what is going on, but you’re the ignorant masses and the fact that you have abdicated your Citizen Responsibility to others makes you the guilty one, not them.

If you want the real number, add the $54 trillion for Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid to the $12 trillion on the books deficit and you have a whopping $66 trillion dollar deficit [$66,000,000,000,000]. With three hundred million Americans this is $220,000 for every American, however remember only a little over half pay taxes so, back to you, the working stiff. You owe the government a whopping $400,000. This is unsustainable and (most important) you are being duped.

So… how is that “hopey-changey” thing looking now? My suggestion is that you try being informed instead of just opinionated, and by the way… you did this to yourself.

Due to our legislator’s irresponsibility and this administrations cavalier spending, America is insolvent or in other words financially doomed. Some other synonyms are cleaned out, broke, penniless, ruined or busted. Your abdication of your Citizen Responsibility puts the blame squarely on your shoulders.

Are We Being Played… by the World’s Elite?
“Democracy must be something more than two wolves
and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner.”

James Bovard

It’s called ‘Class Warfare’. Are America’s elites using ‘Populism’ to pit the proletariat against one another in an effort to sap their strength? Was not the AIG bonus flap a populist attempt to confuse Americans as to who are the bad guys? I submit that the America’s elite and the world’s elite, whom the politicians consider themselves a member of, are using the tricks of a magician by drawing attention away from the real issues. Rivalry pits the public against ourselves and we are being misdirected so that they may control us. It is a useful tool to those who seek change for their own benefit.

Is It Time to “Put a Stop” to The Elevator Music?

“If government could create jobs and raise children, socialism would have worked”
George Gilder

So is this the sweeping change you voted for, from “Capitalism” to “Socialism”? So far it appears to me that [in America] it is akin to putting a bull in a china shop. Social ills abound pitting neighbor against neighbor, friend against friend and family against family. Are we to become a nation of haters like Islamic countries against Jews? In America is multiculturalism destroying American Exceptionalism, the land of tolerance to ethnicity, religion and freedom of speech? More important… are we being redirected against ourselves while the power elite form a new world currency and government under our very eyes?

In the Pennsylvania and Ohio Democratic Party primaries, Obama pledged to renegotiate NAFTA, for the jobs each state lost under it. Now he refuses to do that. In fact, Obama was warned about negotiating a North American Union which he favors. The issue is accountability as there are more than 20 Security and Prosperity Partnerships (SPP) each a private partnership with no accountability. Given the accountability we expected from the bailout, TARP and the omnibus bill it would not surprise me if Obama still defied that warning and negotiated a North American Union, unlikely as it is in the gutter of his health care debate. Hillary Rodham Clinton suggested on August 6, 2009, that it is “great regret” that the United States is not a member of the International Criminal Court. The Administration would give up American sovereignty to international courts, if they were not under so much pressure from Health Care.

Is the left-leaning main stream media and academia finally bringing their ideology to fruition? Was this hard to foretell? Not really, as in the instance of those who are exposed to violence… tend to become violent. We are, through our institutions of learning, programmable… whether we admit it or not. Society is made up of a range of intellects from people who belong in a mental institution to the leaders in society and that range can best be pictured as a meter where on the left you have the intellectually weak and on the right you have the intellectually strong. Unfortunately all humans can be programmed and it is believed that those on the right are more resistant, but that is woefully untrue. For those who cannot discern reality from unreality a society rife with idolatry of Hollywood, some would call ‘pop culture’; indoctrinated by the academic relativism, horrific movie violence and violent video games… you have a problem. If you want to save America, whether you believe it or not, it is ‘very late’. The question is what can be done about it? In other words; how can you stop America from going into history as a noble experiment, lost to the ignorant masses by dominion of the elite? For the sake of your children, are you ready to give up American Exceptionalism? Are you too lazy to take-up your duty under Citizen Responsibility?

Is It Too Late for Americans to Defend Themselves?
“If we make peaceful revolution impossible, we make armed revolution inevitable.”
John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 35th President

Any American familiar with the public discourse is already aware that pandemonium in the Main Stream Media has blurred the obvious and therein is the problem as it is now almost impossible to get a clear picture. “Popular Culture” [vicarious idolatry] has now put into question what was clear and unassailable to our fathers and their forefathers. Without question the strength of our moral will [our national conscience] has been compromised.

A concern for the future of our children is real. Sophists in pursuit of their own special interests such as our congress, the administration, the courts and all of those who judge their special interests to be at risk if America were to be run for the better interests of The People. It’s your money… it’s their game!

There is a current of unrest amongst The People, many of whom feel frustration from the traditional political shenanigans of the politicians. Even more troubling, the long-established means of being heard by petition or vote is being drowned-out in the clamor, by the self-righteous me-me-me refrain of special interests. Our government is gradually but surely being milked, by a less-democratic more-autocratic manner of government manipulated by the “Power Elite”. The question is… Can We The People be heard… is a system of redress still available to us?

Rationalism and relativism have replaced common sense and responsibility. In our struggle for fairness, which has been the hallmark of our republic, we have inadvertently nurtured an unruly, greedy, and litigious brood of bottom feeders. They are instituted in the form of special interest groups that have taken over our Republic for their own benefit and have left the rest of us paying for it.

They are stealthily siphoning off a disproportionate share of capital from our commonwealth and most insidiously, we find that they have legitimized the process by custom and statute. One is easily lead to believe that these assemblies are as purely motivated as the very objectivity they propose and just as benign. But, the truth be known, they are as life threatening to our society as cancer itself.

Apathy on the part of the public allows them to divert the blood supply with little authoritative scrutiny or organized opposition. The rational opposition we do have in this country is so fractured that it scarcely concerns the powerful it opposes. In many cases, once the shenanigans are uncovered, they have already diverted a disproportionate share of the fiscal potluck.

The simple misrule of America’s trilateral government; the draining dependence of Americans to government and the destructive self-delusional role of the American media is a prescription for disaster. I propose that it’s time to stop the commotion, for just long enough to re-orient ourselves, before we are thrown further off course. This essay explores why and how Americans have an ever more intrusive form of government and adds insight into what society is missing…”Citizen Responsibility”.

The Redress Issue
“Democracy is a device that insures we shall be governed no better than we deserve.”
George Bernard Shaw

The above quote puts it all in context. We deserve what we get. What has brought us to this point? It is preoccupation with our personal lives [vicarious idolatry], the hiring of surrogates to look out for our interests [our citizen duties]. We are about to be taken down the road to socialism and then something that resembles a totalitarian state.

Many questions have gone unanswered long enough and the time has come for straight talk. The People deserve answers. Some partisans will say that this is an attack on Barack Obama; however nothing could be further from the truth, as these questions have been brought up time and time again, however Obama has seen fit not to answer them except to note that they are partisan attacks.

It makes some of us feel uncomfortable, as we and our forefathers have paid far too much for this nation to allow ignorance, voter fraud [ACORN], and idol worship to rule. If they are smears, here is Barack Obama’s chance to set the record straight. Should Obama choose to ignore these questions… only those who are under the spell of demagoguery would believe you. This is a search for truth and assuming you want that, or fear that, The People deserve to know with certainty the facts and your idealism.

I am asking Barack Obama for answers. What most people know is what they read in the media which is suspect at best. Worse, after a thorough look at Barrack Obama’s history and associations I believe The People have an absolute duty to ask these questions. Some, who may be out to ruin Barack Obama or save us, have built a reasonable case that you have hidden your past. Most responsible Americans can easily agree that should you choose silence on these issues… it is not defensible or pardonable. Arguing they are smears and trying to suppress the dialogue on these questions by engaging in Leninist political drama will not be acceptable.

The Obama spending binges are most troubling, with the deficit up to $1.8 trillion and still missing a pair of major spending splurges we are likely to see a $1.9 to $2.0 trillion dollar deficit. That contrasts with Bush’s less than half billion dollar deficit. There are articles coming out daily about the fact that this is unsustainable and we are spending ourselves into oblivion. Americans can just keep on reading the social news, listening to ABC, CBS, MSNBC, NBC, CNN and the in-the-tank media and everything will be all right. NOT!

Time is short. You have to get off of your ass right now and do something!