“The mistake a lot of politicians make is forgetting they’ve been appointed and thinking they’ve been anointed.”

rsn betrayal 175Claude D. Pepper

They will try to appease you. Don’t be fooled, they are trying to save their own skin. Fairness isn’t giving my money to lazy people as I believe the best social program is a job. If the government would have given all the money from the TARP and Bailout and Omnibus bill to job creation we would already be out of the recession. I believe the best social program is a jobs program, not the least of which we are creating a welfare state by allowing people to sit around on their butt collecting social welfare. Seen on a bumper sticker, DON’T SPREAD MY WEALTH… SPREAD MY WORK ETHIC!!!, author unknown. 

Americans… You Have Almost Lost Your Freedom

“We are the freest, most dynamic economy on earth. We have a problem because we allowed leftist demagogues to stick up bankers and force them to let shiftless rabble become homeowners,

simultaneously and not coincidentally) adopting a gimme-gimme ethos that by definition was insatiable, anti-civic and selfish. To the extent we allowed our own moral fiber to turn brittle, we can say the fault is certainly not in our stars – after all, in the rest of the world, the vast majority of honest hard-working people consider themselves lucky if they have indoor plumbing and would like nothing better than to trade their problems for ours – but in ourselves.”

Roger Kaplin, article 10/20/08

Assert your rights without faint-heartedness since you own them. I realize that you have been held back by the condescension from politicians, but that is what this is all about. This is that nervous moment before you go on-stage, you know your stuff, but you are anxious. Being assertive is not being loud, boisterous or just generally obnoxious. It’s about bold confidence and raw righteous power born of knowledge and truth. If it is real confidence (i.e.: you really, really know it is the right thing to do), it also has a moral and ethical quality. People are not genuinely assertive [excepting the ignoble middlemen of society with greed as their bible] unless they are driven by something that is the right thing to do. If you have ever really believed in something, then you know what I mean. The following quote which I took notice of in a movie, the movie escapes me, epitomizes an assertive persons fortitude. “It’s not hard to do what’s right; knowing the right thing to do is what’s hard. But, once you know it… it’s hard not to do it.”

Re-Register yourself as an American in a simple letter. Not unlike getting married again to the same good person, this is a symbolic reaffirmation of your citizen duties and your personal declaration that you mean it. In this pronouncement you will be re-asserting your American stockholder rights and clearly stating that you are going to attend another tea party if they [your hired help] don’t take hold of their responsibility… which is to keep the country running for your benefit [not theirs]. It also puts them on notice that you will vote in the next election. Finally, it makes no bones about your sentiments by letting them know that they will be receiving a personalized evaluation on their performance. Remember, be assertive but also tell them you are supportive… as any boss should be. You are willing to let go of the past if they act responsibly from here on out.

Write a letter to:

  • Each Representative from your district in the House of Representatives; (1 letter)
  • Your state Senators in the US Senate (2 letters);
  • The President of the United Sates (1 letter);
  • The governor of your state (1 letter).

The above list can include others whom I’m sure you’ll want to send it to. Here is my suggestion for the letter you should send. It sends an initial message to everyone concerned that you aren’t kidding.

____________Beginning of Letter________________________

August 24, 2009


< Return Address >


< Your Address >


Dear <Senator / Representative / Governor / President Barack Obama>:

My name is <your name>. I am a resident of the state of < state> and an American citizen. My reason for writing you is to inform you that I have decided to accept my citizen responsibility to see to it that our government is run properly; a matter which I believe is currently in great question.

I am not writing you as a democrat, a republican, a liberal or a conservative. Those stereotypes only serve to demean the intelligence of any communication, in which we may share a common concern. For the record I will vote in the coming election and will not vote a straight ticket. I will cast my vote for the individual candidates who show judgment for The People in their actions. Respectfully, I am no longer interested in more empty political rhetoric from anyone.

The party’s over [no pun intended] referring to the pandemonium of special interests which have some of our politicians in their pocket. I will use common sense. I now realize that my apathy and the apathy of others have allowed the current unacceptable state of affairs. Up to this point I will lay the blame squarely on myself, but this will be the last time. This letter is my affirmation to you that I intend to do everything necessary to change that, including vote for those who vote in my interest.

I believe myself to be a reasonable person but things are so messed up that the only prudent path is to rely on the time-proven wisdom, “one bite at a time”. On the other hand, all of my words are empty rhetoric without a sound plan; therefore I wish to propose two initial projects, something not very controversial to The People.

There are two things I need you to work on or I will not be able to vote for you in the next election. The first is health care. I do not want the government to destroy the greatest health care system in the history of the world, which if you vote for health care legislation it will. Please vote no on any and all proposals for health care until we the people have had time to consider other alternatives such as providing insurance to the uninsured.

I also, hereby authorize you to establish reasonable ’12 year term limits’ for elected Senators and ‘6 years’ for the House of Representatives. The obvious purpose is to eliminate the current consortium of good old boys, which are preventing the government from acting rationally for The People. I don’t propose to tell you how to do it, whether it requires a constitutional amendment or whatever, as that is your job. But, I will note that the longest service for senators should be twelve years (two terms) and for the House of Representatives six years (three terms). No revolving door, those who have already served for 12 or 6 years need to step aside. We need to restore the efficacy of elected office by re-establishing the mandate as a service to society, as opposed to a leech-like occupation. My only other words of wisdom are; do not let this get too complicated; just do it.

As you probably know, politicians seem to have this propensity to appear to be in agreement with popular sentiment and then when the public’s attention wanes, end up doing nothing. Let this letter, by my signature, be “my word” that I will hereafter be diligent to my obligation as a citizen. If I do not hear from you to the contrary I will expect your office to publicly announce it is working on the aforementioned projects. If you and your elected brethrens can pass a spending bill that is in excess of 787 billion dollars within a few days without reading it, or a health care bill without reading it, excluding yourself and your family, then you can certainly find a way to get this done.

Yours truly… your strongest supporter,




<Your name>


PS: Please do not feel obliged to return any correspondence to me, unless of course you disagree with me, at which point I will be happy to consider your arguments. Most of all do not send me one of those form letters that states that you are too busy to read all of your mail. That is an insult above all. It not only proves that you cannot respond to your representative responsibility and it adds formal insult to injury.

_______End of letter______________________________________

The Stakes Have Never Been Higher

“Liberty means responsibility. That’s why most men dread it.”

George Bernard Shaw

Our way of life as Americans, as we know it, is at issue. The U.S. financial system and the world financial markets are so stressed right now that it threatens the very social fabric of our nation, one that our fathers and their forefathers have already fought and died for. Will we keep our capitalist system or will we give way to a new form of socialistic society all because we have hit a speed bump? A friend of mine, upset over the political process said, “I’m just so disgusted with the whole thing I’m not going to watch it anymore.” Americans, I’m surprised at you, you’re acting beaten and downtrodden.

Do you want America “land of the free” to collapse on your watch? America is your inheritance, and it is on the blood of your fathers and their forefathers… are you willing to lose it now, because you were too lazy or afraid to step up? Are American’s special interests more important than securing your constitutional republic for the posterity of your children or are you living in the moment and refusing to take your Citizen Responsibility, hoping others will do it for you?

Every country that has embarked on socialized medicine has destroyed capitalism and moved to socialism, if they weren’t already there. Will America be the exception?

Citizen Responsibility

“You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today”

Abraham Lincoln (1809 – 1965)

Democracy requires every American to accept their Citizen Responsibility. It is something that Americans have gradually [but surely] discharged to surrogates over the last 50 years. This seminal fact is not only the cost of democracy, but the essence of it. Every great civilization from time immemorial has eventually violated this truth and in return their government was lost to the ages.

It’s the reality in a democracy that everyone has to accept and carry out their Citizen Responsibility. That means you actually have to do something. For those that can’t or will not, the rest must pick up the slack. Eventually when enough can’t or won’t carry the load, the populous tends to believe that they can hire mercenaries for their cause [their duties], and this is the beginning of the end. This is analogous to believing that the Administration, the House of Representatives and the Senate will act in your favor without a peep from you if they don’t.

Responsibility is easy to see and hard to do. It requires each individual to accept fault for their failures and pride in their accomplishments. We live in a world where almost everyone pleads innocent, unless pressured by a plea agreement. We blame others for our failures. Most people, who get into financial or legal trouble, can’t see themselves at fault. Even Oprah Winfrey’s mother says she shouldn’t have to pay a $156,547 debt to a fashion store because store officials shouldn’t have extended credit to her.

We have a large hurdle with the youth of this country who have been isolated from the workings of government and left with liberal academia to teach them right from wrong. Their education included moral relativism and a disproportionate share of liberal America bashing. In other words they are programmed, but they cannot see that for the obvious reasons.