If you will take a gander at the September 26, 2011 issue of Newsweek, page 48, titled “Marry or else!” by Michelle Goldberg, you will see that the Balkanization of America steams full speed ahead of schedule.  The quote by James Walsh below brings it home like gangbusters.

“Immigrants devoted to their own cultures and religions are not influenced by the secular politically correct façade that dominates academia, news-media, entertainment, education, religious and political thinking today,” said James Walsh, former Associate General Counsel of the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service. “They claim the right not to assimilate, and the day is coming when the question will be how can the United States regulate the defiantly unassimilated cultures, religions and mores of foreign lands?  Such immigrants say their traditions trump the U.S. legal system.  Balkanization of the United States has begun.”

In the Newsweek article, we now watch while American Muslim girls are sent off to marry men 20 to 30 years older than themselves—to uphold the family honor.  If not, they are killed by fathers, uncles and brothers.

New research shows how it happens in England and the United States

Frankly, I am astounded that the politically correct media giant Newsweek would publish a piece exposing the barbarism of Muslims in America.  It’s usually hidden, suppressed and avoided at all costs.  You can bet honor killings in Detroit, Michigan as well as female genital mutilation and other Muslim rituals are being covered up by Muslim law enforcement now dominating the city. It is happening in the United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden, France, Belgium and Holland.

“Perhaps the most high-profile honor killing case in Britain has been the tragic 2006 killing of Banaz Mahmod,” said Goldberg. “Banaz entered into an arranged marriage at the age of 16 to a man who raped and beat her.  Two years later, she fled the union and fell in love with another man. Enraged, her father and uncle, both Islamic Kurds, killed her and stuffed her body into a suitcase and buried it in a London garden.”

Before killing her, her two cousins and other Muslim men tortured, raped and beat her for breaking the family rules as to arranged marriages. The cousins, father and uncle now live in prison cells in London for their atrocities.

But it doesn’t stop there.

In the United States, in the past two years, over 3,000 cases of forced marriages have surfaced.  Layli Miller-Muro, executive director of the Tahirih Justice Center, is trying to change that problem.

“We’ve already learned enough in the survey to tell us we’re just hitting the tip of the iceberg,” Miller-Muro said.

Forced marriages continue in most states of the Union where Muslims live.  That includes Michigan, Iowa, California, New York, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Georgia, Colorado, Tennessee and Texas reported Goldberg.

One 16 year old girl attempted to escape her family after she rejected her arranged marriage.  “My father said that he would behead me,” said the girl.  “I’ll be considered dead by my family no matter what.”

“Other parents will take their children out of the country to marry them off—again, not an illegal practice,” said Goldberg.  “In some cases, there has been clear violence or the threat of violence, which allows agencies to interfere, but in others, the pressure is financial or emotional.”

While the article in Newsweek touched only one aspect of Muslim rituals, it failed to address female genital mutilation, stoning, torture, rapes,  multiple wives, killings of gays and subjugation of women to men’s power in America.  While you can take the man out of the Islamic country, you cannot take the culture out of males used to brutally dominate their women.

While seven million Muslims call America home in 2011, another 10 million added will create horrific consequences as they instigate legalizing arranged marriages, female genital mutilation, honor killings and subjugation of women.

America faces difficult and dangerous realities in the future as it continues to add 75 million immigrants from the third world in the coming two decades.

Samuel Huntington wrote the best seller: Who Are We? He stated, “By 2001 Congress appropriated $446 million for bilingual programs, supplemented by huge amounts of state funding.”  Ironically, so many legal and illegal immigrants find they don’t have to speak English because none of their friends speak it.  Koreans, Vietnamese, Hmongs, Middle Easterners, Russians and dozens of other immigrants cannot speak English and will not invest in becoming Americans.

Thus, these new immigrants live in America, but they cannot speak, and do not think like Americans.  What’s more, they could care less.  No investment!  They enclave themselves into separate groups.  Los Angeles stands as a polyglot of seething anti-American bias by Mexicans and their children.  One look at Detroit’s growing Muslim population portends what happened to Paris, France, London England and Amsterdam, Holland, i.e., complete separation from the host country by new immigrants.

Fox News, January 1, 2008 reported a Muslim honor killing in Garrett, Texas when a 12 year old girl  and her sister called 911, screaming, “My dad shot me; I am dying.”  She and her sister died before an ambulance arrived. Reason: father didn’t like them wearing western jeans and blouses.  “Honor Killing in Texas” by Robert Spencer, 01/08/2008. “Amina Said, 18, and her sister Sarah, 17, smile happily in one widely circulating photo, and Amina is wearing what looks like a sweatshirt bearing the name “AMERICAN.” But their fate may have been the herald of a new, disquieting feature of the American landscape: honor killing. Amina and Sarah were shot dead in Irving, Texas, on New Year’s Day. Police are searching for their father, Yaser Abdel Said, on a warrant for capital murder.”

In Clayton County, Georgia, January 26, 2009, a Pakistani immigrant father, Chaudry Rashid strangled his daughter for not accepting his choice of a husband.  She wanted a divorce.  She was 14 when she died. “Man Accused Of Killing Daughter For Family Honor” by Jamie Tarabay of NPR. “Honor killings are old rites of murder within families, committed because of some perceived dishonor or shame. The United Nations estimates around 5,000 deaths occur each year — mostly of women, mostly in South Asia and the Middle East.”

In New York, February 16, 2009, FOX News, Joshua Rhett Miller reported, “The estranged wife of a Muslim television executive feared for her life after filing for divorce last month from her abusive husband,” her attorney said — and was found beheaded Thursday in his upstate New York television studio.  Aasiya Z. Hassan, 37, was found dead on Thursday at the offices of Bridges TV in Orchard Park, N.Y., near Buffalo.  Her husband, Muzzammil Hassan, 44, has reportedly been charged with second-degree murder. “She was very much aware of the potential ramification of her filing for divorce might have,” said attorney Elizabeth DiPirro, whose law firm represented Aasiya Hassan in the divorce proceeding. “But she wanted to proceed despite the potential for it to erupt.”

Last year in Phoenix, Arizona, a Muslim father ran over his teenage child and killed her with his truck because she wore jeans. He screamed that she would pay for becoming too “Westernized.”  “Honor Thy Father: A Muslim man in Phoenix “honor killed” his Americanized daughter” by Paul Rubin, March 31, 2010. Noor Almaleki was a twenty-year-old college student who had dreams of becoming a fashion model. (Source: River Front Times)

One has to wonder why he immigrated to America.  American women are free to wear whatever they please whenever they please and marry whomever they please.  What a concept!   If he had stayed in Iraq, he would have been free to kill his wife or daughter because of the laws of the Koran—and get away with it.  All male chauvinist pigs need to move to Muslim lands where they can enjoy total subjugation of their women and even kill them without pain of any consequences whatsoever.

Fact:  5,000 women suffer honor killings in the Middle East annually. (Source: Reuters News)