The media’s premature reports of Donald Trump’s demise are greatly exaggerated. Did Trump really have a bad week? And what role could the clown third party candidate play in the 2016 election?

On a more serious note, Hillary’s emails have gotten at least one high value asset executed in Iran. A top U.S. spy on the Iranian nuclear program did meet his demise, and there is precisely one person to blame – the Democrat nominee for president.

Finally, we bring you the latest critical international developments and their relevancy to the state of world affairs. Join us tomorrow as we discuss these topics and more…

Topics of Discussion:

  • Hillary’s email gets top U.S. Asset in Iran Executed
  • #NeverTrumpers find their idiot
  • Did Trump have a bad week, or not really?
  • Saudi Arabia offers Russia billions of dollars to abandon Assad
  • DHS gives Somali group first ever security tour of major airport
& more…
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