First let’s learn why “Level 4 Labs” like the Wuhan Virology Lab exist from the author of the 1989 Biological Weapons Convention, where the legal reasons for the existence of these Level 4 Labs began:

I included this video featuring Sam Faddis, a man whom I’ve had communications with via an Internet radio program originally and via Twitter now and then since. Sam is the Senior Editor of AND Magazine and in his previous life of working in the Intelligence Community, it appears, this has also led him to be a target of this same community.

As you see in the video Dr. Francis Boyle is a qualified expert in Biological Weapons. If you watch the video to the end, you’ll find Dr. Boyle is apparently blacklisted from having a presence in the media since 2001. And he’s well convinced that good intentions generally lead to misuse and abuse, an idea often well summed up in the expression “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

These Level 4 Labs are a creature of legislation, paid for by public money, and often, it appears from news reports, these labs are paid for from the pool of countries that have these labs and that appears to be to assure a level of interest that also provides a “right to know” information the labs have between the members of the pool. This appears to be an effort to ensure facilities like these aren’t just blacksites for genetic engineering experiments in an effort to assure the Frankenstein notions done by movies are pure fiction. And what I mean by this is that the idea of Frankenstein portrayed in these movies pales in comparison to what we can do today.

For instance the abominations we can create are not all that’s well beyond Frankenstein. There’s also every effort made to achieve “plausible deniability” or to game the legal system, the legal mechanisms, evading the “right to know” of those who mutually invested in these facilities, and other “cleverness” of governments and their political shenanigans.

So now on to what I am posing, a plea to Environmentalists and that we’ve only one planet and we must take care of it….

Let us suppose a nation had a political party so powerful its Congress met every 5 years, run by an economic model that guarantees that party a cut of value in everything produced; and thereby, also a right of control over everything within their borders, including a cave filled with bats.

My understanding is that this “Bat Cave” is 600 miles from Wuhan China. That’s 600 miles of potential and opportunity for contact with other people. 600 miles where anyone who came in contact with someone from the Wuhan Virology Lab could contract a virus that had inadvertently infected one of the Virology Lab’s Staff…. Yet the virus shows up originating from Wuhan, China as its first point of human infection. Imagine the lack of marketability of freshly dead cave bat that’s traveled 600 miles too, from what I understand that’s now how these “wet markets” work. But enough of pointing out what makes little sense on its face for the variety of stories we were told by China about where the virus originated (and that’s excluding the “pangolin” story we were also told at one point).

Thus I urge we look at something science can verify: Covid-19 virus in bats.

I ask everyone who finds this whole thing peculiar, but especially the Environmentalists and

Scientists in their concern for the environment, to call for and support a simple inquiry into the blood of these bats for the last 30 years to the fullest extent of all records that exist. Imagine what happens if we find Covid-19 was recently introduced into the Bat Cave population.

This study of Bat Cave Bat Blood is important because these articles document how China appears to have stolen the basis of Covid-19 from Canada:

— July 23 2019,

— August 8, 2019,

— January 26, 2019,

The last of these articles explains they used Dr. Francis Boyle’s information to arrive at the conclusions reached. I am sure I have not included all articles about this issue, including those that may corroborate/dispute what is said in these articles.

My point here, however, isn’t to establish controversy but to instead find conclusive evidence to end controversy. Note this Theft by China from Canada appears to have occurred around 2012. It or another variant of coronavirus, (or even another virus), may have been stolen before this and the focus here is what could have been the base virus for Covid-19 appears may have well been what was stolen from Canada in 2012.

Covid-19 wasn’t developed in a lab is what must be said. It is said to emphasize the point of what it appears CCP (Chinese Communist Party) China actually did: It appears CCP China used a virus they stole in species (cave bats) as a host to infect intentionally and knowing full well it is a cave they can control access to including the diet of these bats.

If you’ve a voice of objection rising inside you, I implore you to hear me out.

The point to infecting a species is to make it a factory for viruses, and it may have been well intentioned (it adds a greater element of nature, of incalculability, and thereby is more natural). However, destroying nature to use its variability to achieve more natural samples is unethical for the very reason that if something escapes it can be devastating beyond anyone’s imagination (not that Covid-19 is such a thing but it very well could have been). Our dabbling in genetics to gain species of dogs and even some livestock, plants for food too, has occurred, so to think no one would consider the same thing to gain a research advantage, that CCP China in its zeal to dominate the world wouldn’t conclude to do something like this to get rid of the static hypothesis methods done with almost every variable known, to which the solution is unrealistic, unlikely, and generally easy to achieve by implanting a virus into the ecosystem of a living organism (with all its specific differences) is plausible. To think that by controlling the cave and area around it CCP China has the full ability to change the Cave Bat’s diet to alter the bat’s chemistry and thereby alter the virus in real time; researchers could see the interaction with the variety of internal processes of a living organism and how these deal with it is beyond CCP China is a mistake.

I am not saying this isn’t a laudable goal, but the line of demarcation, the point of departure from doing it is in the actual interfering and changing, the “Frankensteining” of nature, bending it to our will to achieve the Utopian researcher’s goal, that is where abomination derives. Where the limits of the mind meet the realities of existence and the delicate balance of nature should never be ignored.

From Tienanmen Square, the Fulan Gong (note this occurred not long before China became a member of the World Trade Organization), and more recently Free Hong Kong,, and I must mention the religious Chinese persecuted for their putting their faith above the State,,,, the constant shown is that for the government of China, the ruling CCP, class and power of the Chinese Communist Party has no regard for life when it comes to their zealous ambition of control. This can easily include producing viruses in the manner I described, a way that assures plausible deniability by the Government and, if it did occur, it means exploiting nature by abomination and poisoning nature itself, poisoning the Earth and Mankind/Humanity thereby too.

I make this assertion on the grounds it needs a well supported investigation to objectively find out what’s true, an investigation that is popularly supported by as many people around the world as possible who find it abhorrent for anyone to exploit nature for Nation-State and political gains. At this time it is an unavoidable truth that we do have only one planet…and that planet is essential to our existence! Thus we do need to unite, if it is at all plausible and/or possible for anyone, (including the government of China and its researchers) to have used and changed nature as a scapegoat for a well intended yet unethical, and likely illegal act, as though doing so is justified by political ambitions.

No matter what side of the political divide you are on, it is clear, there’s been a full court press of Chinese mis-/dis-information campaigns and propaganda. It appears this is to discourage a comprehensive and complete investigation and deflect any inquiry which looks at the potential travesty against our sole blue marble.

Thank you for your time, for reading and sharing this, and for honestly considering what I’ve posed. Even in our most evil of thoughts, likely we would avoid contemplating anything like this merely for the assumption something so evil should never been pursued. The Covid-19 situation we are in worldwide, is just one of many recent (last 30 years and appears now escalating in contagiousness) virus outbreaks that have proven we can’t afford the luxury of assuming that what we would never even contemplate doing, is beyond the actions of those who don’t share or otherwise feel their goals supersede our concerns. In fact, I put forth that we have a duty to ourselves (and even those we disagree with on many fronts), to look this potential abuse of nature straight in the eye and make sure it didn’t happen. But if it did happen then we have a united duty to assure that those who carried this out are held accountable and that this will never ever happen again.

In closing consider that as a people, the accurate meaning of a race, Mankind occupying the same planet, I urge we consider this may well be the most populist opportunity of the Citizens and denizens (Sovereign and subject alike), to hold our governments to account and thereafter compel them to act toward a higher ethical standard of review and consideration of their actions being claimed on behalf of the people who elected them into office BEFORE anything like this ever happens again. This may well lead to destroying the variety of political methods, patronages, and other undercurrents, (Cartel, Political Party, Corporate, Union, NGO, private and otherwise) that have relentlessly tried to rein us all in under their specific interest and umbrella of control. History is replete with the powers of influence and outright governance of a nation manipulating the population by proclaiming some common purpose where the resulting law only acknowledge and assure our fear of government’s intervention is affirmed. To make such claims is well founded and demanded by history, but we usually recoil from action for fear of what we’ll lose until it achieves a threat to our existence. Only by a the threat to our existence as a race do these things become understood as worldwide events, and only then are we willing to soberly review and take the actions necessary to secure our lives and our Freedom (until the next push to control us).

Covid-19 is no less a Worldwide Event than World War I, World War II, or the original American Revolutionary War to perfect America’s assertion of a Free People having a right to live as a free nation in self-government. From America’s existence began the largest Worldwide Event for Freedom ever!

Never let anyone take away or discount the revolutionary effect of a nation governed by its own people as the final authority, something that never had occurred before and no nation has ever been founded upon. America is the sole nation where the people in representation ratified a written Constitution to assure political parties and their members in government do not redraw the administration of government to meet political needs over and above We The People and our Sovereign Will!


Toddy Littman