First, President Donald Trump has firmly denounced White Supremacy:

Full denouncement of White Supremacy by President Trump highlighting how President Trump accurately said “racism is evil” in the title and upholding the fact President Trump’s denouncement didn’t qualify any specific type of racism is evil but all racism is evil, all race preference attitudes are evil, 3 years ago:

Next is the Fakenews mainstream media same video of President Trump’s denouncement of White Supremacy and racism. Skip to the video if you just want to see it again. However, I am sharing this because of how CNBC had to add their element of Fakenews. CNBC apparently decided they had to “couch” and contextualize the language President Trump used so people would better understand CNBC’s anti-Trump narrative. CNBC felt it was important to mention President Trump said all this “after criticism.”

In reality, throughout the entire course of history, many people and in fact most people, spoke without any idea they’ll be criticized for what they said and that hasn’t changed. Often too the criticism is merely perceptions of some people when receiving the message, a perception subject to just as much bias as the person making the statement. So often the criticism or suggestion of criticism adds no element of clarification. In fact this type of claim of criticism and criticism itself are often made to intentionally cloud and muddy the clear waters of what someone said. Of course CNBC had to treat any criticism of anything President Trump has said as “pressure” irrespective of the fact re-statements are often done not because of pressure of the criticizer (as though accurate) but because the original speaker, in this case President Trump, wants to make sure the message isn’t muddied by this couching and contextualization that CNBC did here even with a 10 second preface to President Trump’s direct statement, “Racism is evil…” in denouncing White Supremacy:

With Fakenews the world is to be spun in the image of their narrative and none are to be heard clearly and unambiguously if the message is not in line with Mainstream Media and their ideological, financial, and tyrannical goals Fakenews narratives are meant to assure are achieved.

In any case those videos are 3 years ago. Let’s look about 1 year ago:

August 5, 2019:


And the following video President Trump says, “In one voice our nation must condemn racism, bigotry, and white supremacy.” Of course it’s sensationalized by CBS. To CBS this is just a story that must portray President Trump negatively, recapping the Fakenews elements as a “historical narrative” after President Trump speaks. Fakenews, in this case CBS, again couching and contextualizing President Trump’s clear, unambiguous, absolute, and bold statement against all forms of hate that derive from race, and making no exception for white supremacy. Of course CBS failed to bring up the origins of White Supremacy, the Democrat Party 150 years ago often referred to as the “Dixiecrat party” per…

Yet CBS of course had to bring up the Fakenews Gun Control Narrative, fake because Charlottesville had nothing to do with guns. El Paso did but then why talk about Charlottesville in the middle of El Paso? See the effort at conflation and to portray all gun ownership as part of White Supremacy? Fakenews never seems to be able to stop themselves either.

CBS also failed to note that they did not cover this wonderful Progressive Racism story from 2011 of Progressive Democrats calling for the Lynching of Justice Clarence Thomas:

My guess is that CBS couldn’t figure out a way to include the Fakenews Gun Control Narrative and also denounce Progressive Racism so they didn’t cover this story.

Speaking of lynching’s let’s look that history square in the eye for “context” of what people mean by Fakenews and explaining that our schools are not teaching us the true history of the United States to instead teach people to hate their race, hate their country, and question their Faith if they have one:

Understand everything I’ve put forth here is to explain how race means nothing to Democrats but as a tool to divide our nation, to divide Americans from each other and create a means for government to be treated like a parent we turn to to solve this problem for us, hoping we demand legislation that forces oppression on a group of Americans so long as those who started this division get to have the levers of power over this in their hands.

This is called “parens patriae”

“Definition from Nolo’s Plain-English Law Dictionary

“(par-ens pa-tree-ee) Latin for “parent of his or her country.” The power of the state to act as guardian for those who are unable to care for themselves, such as children or disabled individuals. For example, under this doctrine a judge may change custody, child support, or other rulings affecting a child’s well-being, regardless of what the parents may have agreed to.” —

As you see there is no nefariousness to the idea, but like “black lives matter” is true and included in “all lives matter” but a word game and trap if you say “I do not support Black Lives Matter” when you’re meaning the organization and not the idea, so too can parens patriae be used in a constructive manner to undermine the rights of individuals. Dividing the American body politic over race on top of Covid-19, the lockdowns from it, and all of this after we were experiencing record prosperity as a nation is surely what sci-fi novels are made of, and that’s because of the science part of science-fiction, that today, and over the last 100 years the level of science that informed fiction is now a fact.

The reason this election is so important is in whether we, all Americans, retain our Individual Liberty to ascertain, discuss, even debate, and arrive at conclusions which inform our government to form and shape the laws on our behalf, or, if government is released from the Constitution that binds it, released to act as it sees fit and no matter what we who are effected by these laws think.

I’ll leave you with a link to my last article, The Affordable Care Act – Dem’s Cult Hypocrisy,

Vote wisely in 2020, vote your conscience, and hopefully you vote for your nation, for and as We the People, and not as part of “We the acquiescing collective demanding government take over our lives because we just can’t be bothered. In fact, in 20 years we demand Alexa and Siri are named President and Vice President forever to assure everyone’s life is managed by anyone but by they and their own thoughts themselves.”

God Bless you, and I thank you for reading and sharing this,

Toddy Littman