Here’s the links to 3 of many articles I wrote at the time, note there are odd symbols to replace quotation marks due to the site having been hacked more than 20 times. Also some videos have been removed from youtube and the web since when these articles were written but luckily I often restated what was said in the videos in the text of the articles.

The bottom-line: Democrats didn’t read the Affordable Care Act and therefore their vote from House, to Senate, and signing of the Act by President Obama are all unconscionable acts by every person who carried them out. Without reading the bill Obamacare was “passed” without ANY representation of the American People! How could We the People be represented by our Democrat Representatives if they didn’t read the bill before voting for it and make sure every provision, and especially the promises made by Obama, were actually in the bill?….What the Democrats did in “passing” Obamacare is exactly what “acting like a cult” looks like!

I do apologize for not being able to replace the youtube scrubbed videos, however, I also recognize it’s important for Americans to notice how all too often videos that reinforce the truth about the arrogant power tripping and manipulative behavior of Democrats, especially during the passage of Obamacare, seem to disappear from the web.

Here’s a few additional parting points to appreciate the arrogance of Democrats regarding Obamacare:

And to think Cindy McCain endorses Joe Biden for President after he said nothing regarding his boss Barack Obama publicly humiliating her late husband John McCain the former Arizona Senator.

Of course when considering the arrogance of the Democrat Party we can’t forget one of the architects of Obamacare MIT Professor Gruber’s and his explaining the ACA was “written in a tortured way so the CBO doesn’t score the mandate as taxes,” or “lack of transparency is a huge political advantage,” or “call it the stupidity of the American Voter,” all in less than 1 minute here, and of course all said AFTER Obama’s re-election in 2012:

In fact I’d say the re-election of Obama was best summed up by the most famous callous phrase of Hillary Clinton’s regarding Benghazi, callous in her blatant disregard for the lives of J. Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone S. Woods, and Glen Doherty whom Hillary didn’t even make an effort to recognize the value of in her spontaneous remarks during Senate hearings here,

2012 was an election where few knew what had actually happened in Benghazi. And anyone thinking this Conservative is living in the past take note how often the past is indicative of the future when it comes to decisions of people who acted as a cult (i.e. in this instance not even reading Obamacare) throughout the course of human history. Those who denounce religion on these grounds, well here’s the party many of you support being shown to carry on the same cult behavior, there appears no reason to believe they won’t continue that behavior if they ever get elected to office and again wrongfully assume that office gives them right over the American People, just like Democrats assumed with Obamacare, and that history repeats itself.

Oh, and there is no hypocrisy in a Senate of the opposite political party to the President, and therefore would not have confirmed a justice to the Supreme Court even if there were hearings, declining to hold those hearings (and saving the American People the money to do so) when the President is of different political party than the party controlling the Senate. And this is exacerbated by the fact it is an election year and the American People may very well want to change the majority in the Senate and also the Presidency so there is no conflict of party. Americans elected this way in 2016 and maintained that election in 2018 in the Senate.

God Bless you and I thank you for reading and sharing this,

Toddy Littman