At War With Government

There are certain things we now know to be true or, at the very least, we should expect to be true at this point. It is no different than what we knew to be true 2 years ago. We are at an extremely high stakes war with the traitors within our federal government, their agencies, and quite nearly everyone within the political elite class (Washington DC) given what we know and it is all within public domain.

Those truths leave us at a crossroads. I personally think we, the citizens, should prepare and plan whatever is necessary to take out the enemies who have crept their way into the government only to grossly violate every right we have as an American while protecting only their own.

Often times many of those who consider themselves to be pragmatic and logical rarely stop to look at the big picture of what has transpired and what facts are available in the public domain to really make the assessment that should now be abundantly clear to everyone. We are at war with our own government whether we recognize it or not. We must defend ourselves and our country and the evidence is there to conclude the following:

A)   The vote used to elect the president is no longer something that is respected. This is something that can be overridden if it is determined by the Deep State to be critical to the national security in their opinion even if their opinion is unfounded and bias against the president you voted for.

B)   The evidence is already there. The time has already come and gone only to come and go once more. We should assume there will not be any justice brought. The damage is now entering a place that is truly unrepairable.

C)   You really have no say when it comes to the government and the justice system in America. This is a system that operates under its own rules depending on how they see fit at any given time. There is no constant that we can rely upon. We must assume that we wouldn’t have a necessarily fair trial for a crime we were not guilty of committing, and expect to see those that are guilty framing us walk free.

D)  We must assume that all information and knowledge we have available, is also available to our adversary and not only that, unfettered access to our thoughts and communications at all times. The control reaches beyond there to also the information we process can be controlled Even further, our requests to documents that are our ours through the Freedom Of Information Act, are repeatedly delayed or denied after much much time and patience and with very little feedback. This triangle of control is extremely powerful.


E) The OIG Report must prosecute the enemies within, to the fullest extent for justice and this country to ever expect to operate as a free nation. The federal government does not fear it’s citizens, rather it’s citizens fear them. We must plan to take things into our own hands and make citizen arrests and hold trials. We have no other choice.

We must expect that they will allow the circus to continue while fake news peddled by intel agencies is used whenever needed to elimate any competitor and without consequence.

The list, really, goes on and on and on, but the buck stops with blind lady justice and altering the rules in which we’ve all come to understand and operate within this country and society. We need timelines and hard answers from the crooks in chief in DC. I could care less what anybody on the news, or in Congress has to say on these issues. The crimes and intent are known and what is known is a massive criminal operation has been operating unfettered and they will stop at nothing to get power. Power was the only thing that mattered, Power to control, manipulate, lie, and snoop on those below them.

Collectively, people should be making plans and issuing fair warnings to the proper individuals within government. A massive fight will be needed. The enemies have all but self-revealed and they don’t follow even their own rules…


Very dangerous indeed! The projection never comes full circle as it should. The projection only applies to their opposition and the exact words put to use are never used as their own standard. If the fake news is dangerous in the hands of citizens… then what kind of dangers does fake news in the hands of those with actual power present?

Informatics, privacy, speech, counterintelligence, etc…. There may not be a physical war at this time, but this war is very real and it has been waged against the citizens for far too long. The standard is not set with the government, it is set by the people and resides with the citizens.


The failure to recognize and respect the vote of its own people means we have entered into a situation where the speech and words of the citizens mean nothing. When you take away the ability to be heard and the rules are broken, then what peaceful remedies remain? The court of public opinion does not matter, and seems as though it may not have mattered for quite some time, but rather as long as the fabricated public opinion appears authentic.

We have reached judgment day and we’ve seen enough. I think we’ll be disappointed with the OIG as the swamp simply cannot be trusted and they shouldn’t be trusted to do any sort of self-regulating or governing.

Lots and lots to do and only additional crimes continue to stack up while ignoring the known offenders.