By Armiger Regis

massacre those who insult islamIn order to write this article, examples abound.  On a daily basis, and despite the instructions mainstream media must have received, there is no way to conceal or dissimulate the constant tragedies that originate in the Muslim Middle East. 

No one will blame it only on the Obama Administration as Saudi-U.S. relations have existed before his ascension to power.  It was under the Bushes that it blossomed and no wonder, given that the Bush family had common interests shared extensively and deeply with the rulers of the Muslim country, the Saudi royal family.  

Many have been the enigmas surrounding the events prior to 9/11. Was there a reason for Prince Turki al-Faisal, for instance, to resign as Minister of the Interior of the Kingdom in August, barely a month before the massacre that was masterminded by his compatriot and relative, Osama Bin Laden and his terrorists, al Qaeda?

However, it is under Barack Hussein Obama, the first Muslim President of the United States, that the American Navy and Military have been placed to fight along, side by side, the same al Qaeda terror group in Libya, where the Americans helped bring down the regime.  As a result, former U.S. ally, President, Muammar al Gaddafi was savagely murdered by al Qaeda terrorists that now are ruling the country with the blessing of the Americans.  

Under the wrapping of “collaboration”, American troops have also been training, passing their savvy and experience, to Afghans.  Obviously they have been unable to screen who is who in the impossible to understand region -and attacks have been followed by massacres and both presidents, Karzai and Obama, in unison demanding all but the moral surrender of American troops to serve foreign rulers, cleverly disguised in NATO uniforms.

A few days ago, the news announced that the Egyptian government has intensified its crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood, formally listing the group as a terrorist organization after accusing it of carrying out a suicide bomb attack on a police station that killed 16 people and wounded over 100.

As Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann writes:

In October 2003, the former counter-terrorism “czar” for both President Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, Richard Clarke, testified before the US Senate that virtually every Islamic terrorist organisation in the world had in common membership and inspiration from the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood. Not only has virtually every leader of Al-Qaeda passed through the ranks of the Muslim Brotherhood, but several of the 9/11 hijackers, including ringleader Mohamed Atta, were known to have been radicalised through the Brotherhood.

So, while Egyptians have been awakened by the horrors of terrorism during Morsi’s presidency, ever since his ousting, they have also been determined to eradicate terrorism.  

The reality is that there is an incredible amount of Muslim perpetrated terrorism throughout the world, for instance in only one year, against Christians, against Buddhists, and others, including their own people, or Muslims of other countries, like in Pakistan, India, and so on.   

And, Americans, to their grand despair, have a crushing reality to deal with. President Obama, on the contrary, is opening the doors of his government precisely to members and political operatives from the Brothers in the heart of his Administration.  Not only that, but he has given them key jobs where they have become advisers to policy-making within his Administration -with the appropriate clearance that gives them access to national top secrets, no doubt.

Beyond such words that anyone can use to describe Muslim terrorism, there is the sudden suffering, the indescribable pain, the tearing of bodies into pieces and the violation to a human being perpetrated by others for whom one can hardly dare use the same word to refer to, as their actions, cannot be classified as anything else other than bestial.  

These are facts of the XXIst century and any Muslim can read daily headlines reporting massacres, deadly attacks against innocent civilians, even of self-inflicted amputations as in the case of a Muslim man who amputated his own hands because sharia said so -and only because of petty theft.  

How deeply low is this world falling?  

The corruption of the soul resulting from licentiousness and permissiveness, is numbing peoples who astoundingly do not react with horror and revolt to these cases of vile affront against human beings.

The worst case so far, is the recent public display on a YouTube video showing Taliban monsters playing football with the severed heads of Pakistani policemen.  

This has been shown by many others already, but there has been no signal anywhere in the world, of public protestation, as the one clearly staged by decent Egyptian Muslims denouncing terrorism precisely supported by the American President, Mr. Barack Hussein Obama -whom they have accused of supporting the terrorist politics of sharia throughout the world.   

Wake Up America Obama Backs Muslim Brotherhood

Instead, as earlier mentioned, the Obama Administration is importing Muslim Brotherhood operatives in its midst.

Obamacare already includes a piece of sharia in American life, as beheading and decapitation (by guillotine) is specifically mentioned in its Code 9 E 978.

It also includes a “special mention” which could, in fact, refer to sharia ordered amputations:  other specified means, i.e., INJURY UNDETERMINED WHETHER ACCIDENTALLY OR PURPOSELY INFLICTED  (E980-E989)  [Note: Categories E980-E989 are for use when it is stated that an investigation by a medical or legal authority has not determined      whether the injuries are accidental, suicidal, or homicidal. They include self-inflicted injuries, but not poisoning, when not specified whether accidental or with intent to harm.]

It is, therefore, no surprise that the Obama Administration has decided not to consider designating the Muslim Brotherhood terrorists.  Indeed, how could they?   In reality, terrorists do not consider terrorists, terrorists.

But, what about the people?  Americans and all the peoples of Planet Earth, with their silence, are condoning this kind of savagery committed by monsters who look like humans against innocent people who never thought it was important to stop the tide of bestial savagery that is degrading the human species to the lowest of hell.  

The author, Armiger Regis Phd, is a philosopher and historian, who is devoting his time to the study of ‘acceptance of terrorism or the degrading of the human soul, in the XXIst century.”