by Eliana Benador

“I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands: one Nation under God, indivisible, With Liberty and Justice for all.”

It’s Mother’s Day in America and in a large part of the world, it’s the day to celebrate and honor Mother.

The day my Mother was buried, as I saw her coffin slowly being brought down into the earth, the feeling of pain was indescribable and I felt as if  though my inner guts were being torn from my living body… I stayed for hours sitting on the grass they had put over her now buried coffin, saying goodbye to Mother and also the important initial chapter in my life we shared together.

This, is to the memory of my late Mother. It’s also dedicated to the one who calls me Mother.SEH-Mother_Day

Motherhood, God’s Gift to Woman

Being a Mother is indeed a gift -and it was given exclusively to women, men’s natural and eternal partner.

What makes a woman a mother, is a child.  Women who have children know what it is to have a new life growing inside our bodies.  And, from the first second the baby is conceived, cells immediately, and at an incredible pace, begin to develop in such a way that the road to creation is there -the only human phenomenon that takes us close to God: Creation.

Motherhood, Learning and Teaching Experience

Nine months later, the moment the baby is born, we witness the onset of the learning-teaching experience par excellence.  Learning, especially with the first child, because Mother enters a whole new world once her baby is born -but the experience is renewed with each new child, because of the uniqueness of each of them. Teaching, because the moment the baby is born, the Mother enters her role of guide, judge and knight of justice.

Babies are born totally defenseless and could die within hours without parents to nurture them, unlike animals of all sorts, who are able to quickly learn survival skills right after they are born, and without anyone’s help.

Mothers -usually- nurse their children to help transmit the best chances to develop an immune system that will help protect them throughout their lives. That’s why it has been natural that Mothers initiate the teaching process in their babies’ lives.

Importance of Mother

Mother is the moral compass that indicates and shows children the notion of right and wrong, the moral acceptable standards…  she is the standard bearer of our values and our traditions.  And, what Mother teaches and finds important for our lives, serves as an indicator until the end of our days, of the difference between right and wrong, acceptable and unacceptable -the parameters that are essential to the survival of our country, culture and, ultimately, our civilization.  

It is Mother who transmits with her teachings, the value of that important word: NO.  And, this seemingly minimal detail, represents one of the differences between conservatism and liberalism, whose parents are known for hardly contradicting their children.  

Under this topic, we must address the influence of liberalism in our children’s education.  Liberalism is a system that promotes libertinism rather than responsible freedom.  Assuming the self-appointed role of freethinker, liberals do what they are supposed to do. And, as morally unrestrained and dissolute entities, they not only attack God but also country, family, the military, the health system and much more.  

Sadly, the nefarious influence of liberals and their corrupt vision of life are not limited to the above.  Education is one of their most important targets as well.  The role of liberals has been to explain, for instance, as Columbia University historian Richard Hofstadter theorized, that American history was a tale of liberals decapitating fascist Hydra heads at every step of the road..

Mother vs Adorno’s Authoritarian Personality

The Authoritarian Personality is a sociology study published (1950) by Theodor Adorno and associate researchers, based out of the University of California at Berkeley, during and shortly after World War II.  Author Angelo Codevilla states that “TAP [The Authoritarian Personality] invented a set of criteria by which to define personality traits [and] ranked these traits and their intensity in any given person on what it called the ‘F scale’ (F for fascist).”

According to their research, Adorno et al, found that important part of TAP were traits such as: conventionalism, authoritarian submission, authoritarian aggression, superstition. stereotypes, power and “toughness”, cynicism destructiveness and exaggeratedly concerned about sex; in other words, the principles of conservatism.

Liberal intellectuals such as Hofstadter used that information as “psychiatric argument” to conduct political criticism -and soon on those grounds, they were able to advance their social agenda.  Meanwhile, Adorno et al, did not take long to use the notion of “authoritarian family” as the center of all evil in the world.

And, with it, Liberalism makes a grand entrance in American history, and barriers start falling one after the other.  Parents began to be more careful with how they raised their children, as parental authoritarianism was stigmatized, and so, the doors were opened to a carefree education of future generations of Americans. And, somehow along the road, little children get a “say” in their education -going against natural education which until then had the parents guide them and set the rules of right and wrong.

With Liberalism, barriers fall, and with it goes the strength of the American spirit, the negation of G-d, the loss of Patriotism, the indifference towards one’s own family which is the base for a solid, steady and forceful country -and sadly, as we have recently seen, the notion of family has been practically dragged in the mud.

Contemporary American Mother

Mother is a full time job and it’s for what a woman has been created. Sorry, feminists, but that is so, and we are celebrating Mother’s Day, remember? Naturally, with the ascent of liberal ways, no one “has” to do anything one does not want. So, many mothers have decided that they want to do as men, and work outside home, leaving their children mostly with uneducated personnel to  “supervise” their progeny. But, what can uneducated people teach those American children?  Manners?  Politeness? Stop them from cursing, swearing and saying profanities? Can they maybe tell them not to watch some films on television?  And so on?  No.  Of course not. And, that’s how the next generation is being raised.

Mother’s Intense Incredible Job

Mother has an amazing job at home, raising children. And with babies, it is an endless, tiresome and extremely demanding period in their lives. Baby cries, baby needs to be fed, to be cleaned, to be taken to the park, and Mother needs to make sure baby is safe at all times… there is practically not a second respite once they start crawling.  

Actually, if Mother at home had to be paid for her job, she would be earning a decent salary to say the least.

Mother and the Future of America

It is not a question of political partisanship. The real American Mother, whether democrat or conservative, has  her children’s future in mind. Whether it is a Mother at home or working outside, it is sure that both know they have a huge responsibility in their hands and both want to make sure the future of their children is as secure as possible. But is it…?

Once I was invited to address a group of women in the Muslim Middle East. I took that opportunity to tell those ladies that as mothers, they had the unique and privileged chance of being close to their children, and I suggested they should take advantage of their important role to raise their children with a different moral compass that could make of them men and women of good.

The same goes for American Mothers, it is mostly in their hands to shape who their children will turn to be.

The American Mother and Obama

This is an appeal, from woman to woman, from mother to mother: Obama is setting our country, as we all know, for disintegration, as he demolishes, one by one, our principles of God, religion, family, allegiance to our country, to our flag and so much more.

Wherever you are, Mother, you can easily verify how far is the Muslim invasion in or near your place of residence. Obama is facilitating the ascension of Muslims in our country and, believe me, those Muslims that look Westernized do follow the Koran and when the time comes for them to visit Mecca in Saudi Arabia, they go, for they must at least go once in their lives. With Islam come unsolicited gifts of sharia law, beheading, honor killing, marriage to young girls, pedophilia, mutilation, terrorism, suicide-homicide bombing, persecution of dhimmis [non-Muslims], forcible conversions, and more and worse.   So, when duty will call, assume that your Muslim friend will listen to the call.


America became a precocious superpower, at a very young age, and ever since Obama was given the reins of power, he has been dismantling our country, brick by brick, with no one presenting any kind of resistance, neither the representatives of the people nor the people themselves.  He has so far gotten a pass from everyone.

One antidote to their destructive intentions is to promote patriotism at home, with flags, with history, with biographies of our great men, study American history, and more.

So, on this day when we celebrate and honor the American Mother, it’s the perfect time to make a patriotic pledge to unite and defend America, with God’s Help, and mobilize, if need be, because its future belongs to our children and to our children’s children. And while the enemy wants to give away our country, we must not stand still.  We must defend America!  

Happy Mother’s Day and  God bless the Patriotic American Mother!

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