Just when you thought the U.S. government’s global warming frenzy couldn’t possibly get any worse, the Obama administration 283px-DairyCattleannounces that it’s dedicating a whopping $19.5 million to study the effect of climate change on cows.

This crazy story comes via the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), which is giving several academic institutions the cash to support research, education and other activities associated with climate solutions in agriculture. The goal is to uncover the impacts of climate variability and change on dairy and beef cattle, according to an agency announcement released this week.

“We have seen the impact that variable climate patterns have had on production agriculture for the past several years,” according to Obama’s USDA Secretary, Tom Vilsack. “These projects will deliver the best tools available to accurately measure and respond to the effects of climate on beef and dairy production.” This is the same guy who heads President Obama’s special White House Rural Council that among other things is supposed to expand “ecosystem markets” and develop “renewable energy projects.”

Vilsack has also overseen the distribution of billions of reparation dollars to minority farmers that claim they were discriminated by the government and under his leadership the USDA spends a record $80.4 billion annually on food stamps. Like his boss, Vilsack is dedicated to combatting global warming and has dedicated tens of millions of taxpayer dollars to a variety of green energy projects. Among them is a $30 million initiative to advance “biofuels, bioenergy and high-value biobased products” and a $12.2 million experiment to “accelerate bioenergy crop production.”

This month’s $19.5 million allocation aims to develop methods that will “increase the resiliency of dairy production systems while reducing greenhouse gas emissions” and “better understand vulnerability and resilience of Southern Great Plains beef in an environment of increased climate variability.” The academic teams will also develop an agricultural education curriculum with an “urban foods focus.”

In an apparent effort to justify spending large sums of taxpayer dollars on these experiments the government has published a variety of alarming reports over the years exposing the ills of climate change. One claims global warming is the “most visible environmental concerns of the 21st century” and could lead to a worldwide increase in mental illness and cancer. Others have determined that climate change will threaten the world’s food and water supplies and another asserts that it will destroy the Washington D.C. area and surrounding government infrastructure.

Other taxpayer-funded studies have claimed that global warming is a threat to national security because it will spread disease among people and animals and that it’s destroying infrastructure, crops and shorelines. Just a few days ago several members of Congress sponsored a resolution asserting that climate change will actually drive millions of poor women into prostitution!

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