Time to macro focus out for the truth again, a reality that we can’t allow to get lost in the wilderness:

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And, it gets worse,…

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Party Time!

Er… what I mean is, who are the parties to all of this? Who is the most important party to having caused genuine Russian Collusion & Cooperation bordering on Conspiracy against the United States? Answer: DNC, and Hillary Clinton and her Campaign (HRC hereinafter) because their mutual Politics Legal Representative Perkins Coie commingled their payment into 1 payment to a single source, Foreigner and former MI6 British Spy Christopher Steele, the author of the Steele “Dossier.”

What party was brought into all of this and then had to cover it up because it was entirely inappropriate and embarrassing to the overdeveloped sense of pride of its director James Comey? Answer: FBI. However, it appears James Comey was well aware what was going on by the time he carried water for DNC & HRC.

Most important question: Why is all of this important? Answer: This article in total explains, starting with, those who need to recuse themselves from all investigation into Russian Collusion and Russian interference in the 2016 election is ANY Democrat because of the Perkins Coie payment to Christopher Steele on behalf of the DNC (the entire Democrat Party) and HRC. All information from these sources, meaning ALL MEMBERS OF THE DEMOCRAT PARTY regarding Russia are tainted sources, tainted by the DNC portion of 5.6 million dollars paid to Foreigner Christopher Steele. The FBI is subject to recusal as well for their payment to Steele.

Until Perkins Coie, DNC & HRC are exhaustively investigated regarding paying a Foreigner for Russian Intelligence Sourced information the DNC & HRC were fully aware of HRC’s certain purpose to be used to influence the 2016 Presidential Election, and that by such investigation the DNC is exonerated from any wrongdoing (as President Trump was by the Mueller Report), everything and anything related to the DNC via Democrats is tainted by DNC’s use of Foreign Former British MI6 Spy Christopher Steele. It was Steele who tried to influence & use American media to create a false illusion of 3rd party corroboration and thereby Steele is admitting his Steele “Dossier” is to provide independently unverifiable information, information that can’t be corroborated to the degree of evidential value imposed by the Constitution, and is essentially hearsay and/or rumor at best. And no, it doesn’t matter if certain Democrats were witting and/or unwitting participants in what the DNC did for the Perkins Coie’s commingled payment to Foreign Former British MI6 Spy Christopher Steele which was from DNC donations received from all Democrat Party donors and Democrat donations to HRC and therefore are represented by all Democrats who campaigned in 2016 and thereafter to hold office, because the DNC hasn’t been cleared of wrongdoing and therefore the conflict of interest persists.

A legal nexus (legal term for “connection”) between DNC & HRC to Christopher Steele exists because Perkins Coie, their legal representative, admitted making the commingled payments to Steele which creates the legal nexus to British Former Spy Christopher Steele and is an admission of a witting, voluntary, and proactive act on behalf of their clients. What’s worse, in hypothetical considerations, is that Steele may have used the DNC & HRC payments to prove his credibility to the FBI to receive their payments. Or, and more likely, the FBI was fooled by Foreigner Steele into paying him without knowing Steele was just using the FBI to create a false appearance of corroboration. Steele used the media in being their source for information verifying the “dossier” Steele composed, FBI used media accounts citing Steele as “sources say” or “an informant” in claiming corroboration of Steele’s “Dossier” to the FISA Court, a complete manipulation circle by Steele to his “dossier” certified by sources we’d trust without question (until “Fake News” exposed the heinous un-American charade).

Democrats wearing the Democrat Party badge (meaning in office) are Democrats who know the DNC spent donor’s money on Foreigner Christopher Steele and that is why this places every Democrat who received even one penny from the DNC for their campaign in direct conflict of interest with any investigation of Russian Collusion and influence in the 2016 Presidential Election.

I’ll even go so far as to say that no Democrat who received said penny or more from the DNC should have any say in gerrymandering, be a member on the Federal Elections Commission (FEC), have any say in Federal and/or State rules in regard to elections, nor should Perkins Coie or any other legal representative of the DNC be present to contest votes in any election until such time as a full, complete, and thorough investigation of the DNC’s involvement with Steele and his Russian Intelligence Sourced information is completed and with conclusion that the DNC is found to have done nothing wrong — and I do mean, like with President Trump, investigations in triplicate where President Trump had been found to have done nothing wrong must be replicated against the DNC for there to be any right of any Democrat holding office to investigate Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential Election. Any investigation otherwise is a conflict of interest.

Note that the Perkins Coie creation of a legal nexus by payment of Foreigner Christopher Steele, who thereafter pursued being the media source of “corroborating” the very “dossier” he authored (tainting independent media verification) the originating utterance, let alone idea, that Russia and the Trump Campaign were in any relationship at all is just ONE proof of the DNC & HRC’s willingness to sellout America’s 2016 Presidential Election brought about solely by Perkins Coie’s fear of their entire client list being available for download worldwide by a public disclosure through lawsuit. There is a high likelihood there are many more to be found as the real Investigation of the Investigators is just starting to get underway.

Steele knew full well he was the only source in these media accounts verifying his “dossier.” Yet this appears to be what led to the Steele “Dossier” being use by the FBI for obtaining Carter Page’s issued FISA Warrants, https://www.cnn.com/2018/07/21/politics/fbi. All of this a travesty of justice against America and Americans because it violates our founding document, the Constitution’s limits imposed on government, even prior to the Bill of Rights Amendments. The DNC has brought about a nuclear disaster in American Politics by a complete misuse of the American Intelligence and Justice Systems to the detriment of the Constitutional protections every American enjoys, including Carter Page, Donald Trump and his family. A genuine act of Treason appears to have been committed by the DNC and HRC, facilitated by their legal representation, Perkins Coie in procuring and disseminating the unverified and unverifiable Steele “Dossier” as factual to facilitate spying on American Citizens.

Worth pointing out that any notion of a “constitutional crisis” is entirely based on an American Political Party (i.e. the DNC) having violated the sanctity of trust Americans put in them by using donor money to pay for a foreign agent to get supposed foreign sourced intelligence to which that foreign agent made himself the verifying source in what appears intentionally faked independent verification of the “dossier.” This is a major and significant breach of trust with the American People, especially after at least 3 investigations have determined no crime was committed by Candidate Trump, President-Elect Trump, President Trump, the Trump Campaign or President Trump’s family in any relation to the Russians, let alone to aid Russia in interfering in our American Elections. The only proof of ANY Russian meddling in American Elections that is before the American People, front and center, is the Russian Intelligence Sourced information known as the Steele “Dossier” that the DNC & HRC jointly paid for via their legal representative Perkins Coie.

Democrats scream for Attorney General Barr’s recusal from investigating the investigators. Dems have even claimed AG Barr should be impeached, Dems are even seeking Barr’s arrest for not breaking the law and providing Grand Jury material that is even prohibited from Congress view without a court order, while, through Perkins Coie (i.e. what appear to be DNC & HRC’s “Plausible Deniability Agents”) it appears the DNC’s entire effort was to pay for Russian Intelligence Sourced information relayed to them from a British (and therefore foreign) Former Spy, whether received piecemeal or otherwise, and use this Russian Intelligence Sourced information against Donald Trump only if he was elected President. One can easily surmise that Steele’s Dossier was political blackmail and used to try to force President Trump to continue the pre-2016 Presidential Election status quo of China, Europe, and everyone else stealing from the American People to build their countries, while our homeless Veterans sleep on sidewalks and can’t get healthcare. It appears the DNC’s idea was that if the President didn’t accept the DNC’s “offer he can’t refuse” — threat of going public with the Steele “Dossier” of lies — then the Democrat Party publicizes the “Dossier” through leaks and other channels, and, as we’ve watched for the last 2+ years, harasses President Trump and Trump Supporters.

I could question whether DNC, HRC, and their legal representative Perkins Coie knew Foreigner Steele’s ultimate goal was to make sure his “dossier” found its way into corrupting the American FBI, biasing the agency against Donald Trump to the degree the agents broke all policy and protocol. Steele even conned Comey into FBI payments, which now appears was to eventually embarrass Comey thereby compromising America’s FBI Director but this will all be answered by an exhaustive investigation by AG Barr and others to get it done in triplicate.

And to underscore FBI bias against Donald Trump that appears to have derived from the Steele “Dossier,” is that the FBI failed to inform Candidate Donald Trump they were investigating the Trump Campaign! Comey even admitted in testimomy before Congress that the FBI wasn’t investigating President Trump. The fact is that to the FBI’s knowledge at the time Donald Trump was (and still is) the unwitting innocent victim. If the FBI had turned up any evidence of a conspiracy or coordinated effort by any staff of the Trump Campaign to work with the Russians to interfere or influence the 2016 Presidential Election the ultimate victim would be Donald Trump (Note that by “any evidence,” I mean evidence that wasn’t part of a coordinated intelligence effort to discredit or otherwise create inferred meaning, such as what happened to Pappadopolis, https://nypost.com/2019/05/02/fbi-sent.)

Yes! Democrats appear to be the actual cause of all the foregoing foreign influence and harm to America and the 2016 Presidential Election via DNC & HRC campaign lawyer/law firm Perkins Coie. Whether the DNC, HRC, and/or Perkins Coie knew Foreigner Steele’s Russian Intelligence would become a “dossier” or not is immaterial, as the Perkins Coie payments facilitated the compilation of this “dossier” by Steele. It is true by all DNC & HRC accounts (if we can believe them at all), the Steele “Dossier” was never intended to be used in any sort of government investigation, (with exception as proof against those who afforded its existence and are joint and severally liable for all co-incident liabilities therefrom, civil and criminal, against the United States, including Russian Interference in the 2016 Presidential Election).

Therefore it appears the DNC & HRC who paid Christopher Steele through Perkins Coie, appear to have made a grave error and miscalculation as they appear to have paid someone who has no moral compass, no ethical standards, and would lie to make anything he said appear 3rd party verified, essentially they paid for work from what we’d generally call a “sociopath.” It appears Steele was paid by Perkins Coie in DNC & HRC’s zeal to get Russian Intelligence Sourced information to use against Donald Trump in the 2016 Presidential Election without anyone of them even questioning making such a payment to a foreign source (former British MI6 Christopher Steele) whose apparent primary qualification for the job was hate of Donald Trump – The payment was treated as though “routine.”

No matter. It’s easy for anyone to see, not mere appearances, that the Perkins Coie revealed who paid for Foreigner Christopher Steele’s Russian Intelligence Sourced fiction novel known as the Steele “Dossier” is Perkins Coie’s deliberate effort to keep their entire client list from being subject to subpoena and thereby leaked to every media outlet, a public spectacle. So as the selective clients DNC & HRC are the problem, Perkins Coie ceased to uphold their DNC & HRC Attorney Client Privilege. To be clear: It appears Perkins Coie, the DNC & HRC provided Foreigner Steele with the opportunity to negatively influence an American election and Russian Intelligence jumped at the chance to be the information source (See FSB and SVR, https://www.britannica.com/topic/Federal-Security-Service.). This influence, however, was not just a negative influence upon our American election, but through the Democrat Party for 2+ years, has negatively interfered and influenced America and Trump’s American Presidency. Steele’s Russian Intelligence Sources, by and through the DNC, HRC, Perkins Coie, the FBI and Democrat Party have accomplished the Russian FSB’s and SVR goals to significantly interfere with America.

All non-hypothetical actions mentioned have actually occurred. The question is when does Adam Schiff, Jerrold Nadler, Al Green, Maxine Waters, Ilhand Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Mitt Romney and all the rest of the people who have spoken out to endorse George Orwell 1984-esq “thought crime” as a standard against President Donald Trump, cease in their obsession of hate of the man and Americans who voted for him? This list of people long ago forgot to care or listen to We the People, the very constituency of Forgotten Americans who support and voted for Donald Trump and his American Presidency. We recognize to this day President Trump’s actions have been in the best interest of all of the American People and America, and not in pursuit of a Progressive agenda to bring Americans into subject servitude under their National Government as it is in every other nation across the world.

Every Democrat has a duty to recuse themselves from all investigation of Donald Trump, his Family, any investigation of Russian interference and influence in America’s elections because of Perkins Coie’s actions on behalf of the DNC. Subsequently, all Democrats are in conflict of interest due to the Russian Intelligence Sourced information (i.e the Steele “Dossier”) which continues the Russian and/or Foreign influence of the American 2016 Presidential Election well into the 45th American Presidency (#DNCMakesPutinSmile).

It is my view (and a way out for those guilty) that Foreigner British Former MI6 Spy Christopher Steele conned em all, and is Perkins Coie’s real client. This investment happened after the DNC & HRC realized Hillary Clinton is not going to win the election and, it appears in their failure to accept this truth that Perkins Coie led the DNC & HRC into opening up the American Presidential Election to foreign influence by submitting to the DNC & HRC what was “ops research” that Perkins Coie had already started during the 2016 Republican Primaries, and that this submission to the DNC & HRC may have been done by Perkins Coie at the behest of Christopher Steele! Therefore the origins of the Steele “Dossier” and its use need complete, thorough, and exhaustive investigation in triplicate to assure that never again are Americans paying for a political party to cover up their betrayal of the United States of America, never again paying for a political party’s betrayal of the trust of the American people. We must, as best we can, put an end to ANY political party’s ease of becoming a tool of a foreign government and carrying out acts tantamount to Treason against the American People and the United States of America.

God Bless you and I thank you for reading and sharing this,

Toddy Littman