I am compelled by Honor to post this video because I am proud of this friend of mine of 20 years who wrote 7 novels and numerous books on Christianity, https://www.amazon.com/. She gives me credit for one of her books existence, Gold Baron, but I am a mere researcher who writes an article occasionally, nothing more. So without further delay I give you my friend A. Dru Kristenev’s (Twitter @goldbaron08) interview on PJNet:

I must thank Mark Prasek (Twitter @DataGenesis) for featuring my friend A. Dru Kristenev  for his PJNet Youtube broadcast. It’s funny how Mark and I have been following each other for years… sort of…. since Twitter unfollowed us from each numerous times other over the years, but hey it’s better than being shadowbanned, (https://rightsidenews.com/editorial/shadowban/).

Thankfully good folks like Ginger (twitter @PatriotGinger) help us all keep in pretty constant contact and made sure to share this PJNet interview of A. Dru Kristenev.

It really moves me, to see Dru’s life and work given the long overdue credit she deserves. Dru has worked hard against a Progressive bulkhead of publishing company and media bias, she well deserves the time and opportunity to spread the Light of the Lamb that her work has always been intended to share. Dru, in these 20+ years we’ve known each other, has always had an unwavering commitment to Christianity and has been led to always put God’s light & the truth out there for others to see. I hope thru Christ that Dru inspires others.

With great thanks for Dru’s efforts on behalf of so many we’ve both known who don’t even know we’re still fighting the good fight….

May God Bless you, and I thank you for reading and sharing this as well and may God thank you for all of your support in buying her books now and over the years, we greatly appreciate it,

Toddy Littman (@ToddyLittman)