by Eliana Benador

“The sum of the matter when all has been considered,  fear Gd and keep His commandments,  for that is man’s purpose….”  King Solomon

The magnitude of the self-inflicted military disaster in Israel, is beyond words and its destructive potential against Israel and the Jewish people, is simply unimaginable.

In a blatant abuse of power, Israel’s corrupt leadership finally got their way and took the country one more step into a national collective suicidal abyss.

After five long years, IDF Sergeant Gilad Shalit, was released from the hands of his oppressors, militant Islamic terrorist group, Hamas, based in the Palestinian territories.

Sure, world pressure on a weak and evil political leadership and also an ever rampant Judeophobia enhanced and promoted by a virulent Muslim terrorism, all working in a coordinated effort to promote their own agendas, are at the source of this collective dementia.

N_stabs_IsraelNews brought that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu welcomed Shalit back home from captivity Tuesday and promised that, “We will continue to fight terror. Every terrorist who returns to terror will have a price on his head.” …. As soon as more Jewish blood has run and tragedy will have hit Jewish homes in Israel…

On the one hand, personal interests, political ambitions and business greed make for a lethal formula in long-term national political appointments, and that’s a common denominator throughout democracies worldwide.

On the other hand, Palestinian Muslim terrorism aimed at eradicating Israel from the map, is a collective project where even mothers rejoice that they can participate by raising and training their own children as future suicide-homicide bombers.

It was therefore natural that the Israeli political triumvirate Netanyahu-Barak-Peres and the Israeli judicial triumvirate, judges Beinisch-Melcer-Rivlin went ahead with an unreasonable stance that has jeopardized country and people.

In a surprise interview with the Egyptian TV without the Israeli government consent –  Shalit’s political wisdom was displayed before he left Egypt to head to Israel: “”I hope this deal will move the peace process forward,” he told Shahira Amin of Egyptian TV, saying he would be glad if the remaining Palestinian [Muslim terrorists] are released “as long as they do not go back to fighting Israel.”    Really!

Ehud Barak, Israel Minister of Defense, a week earlier had apologized to Egypt for deaths of border guard officeers from IDF fire.

Now, all of them, Barak, Netanyahu joined their newfound friends, the freed murderous terrorists, who praised Egypt’s role as a mediator in interviews on Palestinian television after they were released.  It would not be a surprise that the Egyptian military government most likely may have seek and gotten the approval of the Muslim Brotherhood, close to Hamas anyway, as the latter initially appeared as an arm of the brothers back in the 1920s.

Palestinian Muslim terrorist Aziz Saleh who had admitted to being one of those terrorists who threw two less lucky IDF soldiers, Nurzhitz (thrown upside down through a second-floor window) and Avrahami (who was tossed out the door for an angry crowd to trample their bodies, drag them to a town square and mutilate them.)

The Netanyahu government did not even inform the families that they were releasing the murderers of their children.

Ahlam Tamimi, the accomplice in the Sbarro suicide bombing, says she is happy that many children were killed in the attack. She had only served 10 years out of her 16-life-sentences for her role in identifying locations for suicide attacks as well as accompanying bombers to some of the venues.  

Meir Schijveschuurder, whose family was massacred in the same attack, filed a petition with the high court and says he is going to leave Israel because of his feelings of betrayal.   

Khalil Muhammad Abu Ulbah, who murdered Yasmin Karisi and seven others by running them down with a bus at the Azor junction in 2001, is also on the list to be released. Twenty-six others were wounded in that attack.

Netanyahu gave in to Gilad Shalit’s parents’ demands and had no remorse in sending 1,027 terrorists back to the freedom to get back and attack Israel and the Israeli population.

Here some numbers:

Year IDF Soldiers Captured Swapped Terrorists
1983 Six IDF Soldiers 4,500 Palestinian Muslim Terrorists
1985 Three IDF Soldiers 1,500 Palestinian Muslim Terrorists
1982-2011 Seventeen IDF Soldiers 17,000 Palestinian Muslim Terrorists





NOTE:   800 of the 1,150 Palestinian Muslim terrorists were returned to their homes in the so-called West Bank and Gaza, formed the hard core of the First Intifada.

From the chart above, one can see that throughout the years, Israel has been dealing with the problem of terrorism in the same old way, same old manner.  IDF soldier falls asleep.  IDF soldier gets lost.  IDF soldier gets kidnapped.  And the going rate is 1,000 terrorists per 1 IDF soldier, dead or alive, for all that matters.

If I was not too daring, I would even venture to say, it’s as if the Israeli leadership throughout the years has a tacit agreement with terrorists -and whenever things get tough, an exchange comes always handy for all involved -except the future, nameless victims…

Hassan Nazrallah, head of the terrorist organization, Hezbollah, has said: “We are going to win, because they love life and we love death.”  

After the horrendous swap, some have been proclaiming that “he who saves one human being, it is as if he has saved the world.”  

Praiseworthy attitude…   But, what to make of saving one human being and letting 1,027 murderers that will certainly come back to bite the Israelis and sow tragedy and mayhem.

While they are surrounded by Muslim terrorists that want to destroy Israel, their politicians have decided to forget Taqqiya, the duty and obligation that Muslims have to distort the truth as much and as often as necessary to advance the cause of Islam, which will not stop until absolute world domination -via the destruction of their immediate neighbor, Israel.  The notion of taqqiya makes it impossible to deal with any Muslim.

And, yet, the Netanyahu government has chosen to trust such a despicable enemy who in all kind of words and actions has said and shown their will to go at the throats of Israelis even while they sleep, defenseless, just as they did with tiny three-month old Hadassah Fogel, murdered together with her parents and two siblings during their sleep a Shabbat night…   

In a world where Democracy has instilled in our societies the misguided, emotional value of life of each citizen, even if they belong to the sub-human category, we have become hostages of the value of GOOD-AT-ANY-PRICE.  

And our different societies, worldwide, are becoming weaker by the day and as a result, less and less prone to condemn multiple-monster-murderers to a well-deserved death penalty -which would be the only acceptable solution to protect any and all potential innocent victims of members of the monstrosity and cruelty of the sub-human species.

A hedonistic society, lead by feelings, just like the Romans and many others throughout History, is headed to chaos and self-destruction.    

To give an example:  Imagine planets and stars “would have feelings…”  Can you possibly imagine a universe following their feelings…?  Astronomers know that if only one star or planet would have a single millimeter difference in their orbits, chaos would reign and the Universe as we know it would begin colliding and collapsing.

Why do mankind think they are different, and that they can give in to their feelings and emotions to decide on issues of national security and the protection of their own citizens?   

It’s time to understand that we either decide to do what’s right and honorable, even if it is to grant a death sentence to a monster with sub-human behavior -or else, evil will take over the world.  

The Gilad Shalit swap shows a conscious, purposeful, political bad-will from the Israeli leadership.  Instead of developing a strong stance against terrorism and those who want to inflict ill on the Jewish people anywhere in Israel, including the areas of Judea and Samaria, the former military elite-turned-cheap-politicians, are negotiating with bloody murderous Muslim Palestinian terrorists.  

The path to intentionally harm the Israeli population is dictated by the self-serving interests of her political leaders, for whom it is easier and serves more their purpose to satisfy emotional needs and give in to terrorism, than to have strong political principles and defend the land and the people they were entrusted to take care of.

Jews in Israel, just as their American cousins, must realize that the time has come to see Democracy for what it is and take back the reins of their countries to establish, all over again, a comeback to the good old systems of patriotism, religion, family nucleus, solidarity.  

Democracy as a system is failing the world, and thanks to those who invented Marxism, Bolshevism, Communism, Environmentalism, their holocaust-surviving vermin such as George Soros and the disciples of Alinsky, among others, want to destroy America and Israel.

Democracy has degenerated into an evil guided concept that will ruin the majority by wanting to make all equal when there is never going to be equality on this Earth.  

And as Jews worldwide are about to rejoice in the final celebrations of the beginning of the New Year 5772 on Friday, and as they will remember that G-d gave them the Torah with His Commandments, may they also remember they are supposed to be the Light to the world, and may they find the wisdom and strength to initiate once more a structural metamorphosis and help this world re-learn that Right is Right and wrong is wrong.  And there is no compromising possible.  

hadassah_and_lion_-stevieThey would do well to listen to the words of wisdom of King Solomon:  “The sum of the matter when all has been considered, fear G-d and keep His Commandments, for that is man’s purpose…”  

Meanwhile, the secular, democratic tyranny in Israel, seems unable to produce a population with principles and resilience and, time and again, they only have at hand the wrong leaders.  

Speaking of wrong leaders, point in case:  former Israeli elite Matkali Binyamin Netanyahu has just thrown a bomb against his own people, Israel, and now the timer is on…   Tic-toc…


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EB-carlylepic-2Goodwill Ambassador Eliana Benador is a national and international global strategist and the former CEO and founder of Benador Associates. You can find her at the Goodwill Ambassador or at her website. Follow her on Twitter, or her political page on Facebook and her business page on Facebook.