by Eliana Benador  

“In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”  George Orwell

Military Series Part I

Ever since Obama received the reins of power, his anti-Americanism has been blatant.  He has waged a vicious war against America, removing brick by brick along his path, to radically transform our country to his globalist, communist-Islamic agenda.

SEH-obama_vs_troopsHis assault has targeted our core principles, values and institutions that have contributed to make America one of the youngest world  superpowers, barely a couple of hundred years old, in a world that easily counts its history by the millennia.

Not a partisan issue

 Having a president who does not defend his own country or the troops who risk their lives and thus put the lives and future of their loved ones at risk, is one of the worst self-inflicted catastrophes a country can suffer.

Both, defending our country and our troops, amount to the basic instinct a president must have towards his countrymen, who are entrusting him to protect and to be loyal to, beyond and above any other interest in his personal and professional agenda.

That’s why those democrats who mistook Obama, should talk to their conscience and accept that Obama’s Democracy it’s not at all their kind of Democracy.  

As of late, there are rumors that even members of the Kennedy family are unhappy with their anointed -and rumors have them conflicted because Obama is the only candidate they consider “theirs”.  

However, American democrats must know that they “do” have another party to vote for:  America, that needs their vote to save her, and that is between them and their conscience.

As for conservatives, it’s time to understand the newest golden rule:  Whoever does not lift a hand to stop the evil rising in their midst, is an accomplice to that same evil.   And they also have to make an effort and stand up to stop the disintegration of America.

Does 2012 America even remember what Patriotism is?

 The dictionary tells us that Patriotism is “a devoted love, support and defense of one’s country; it is also national loyalty.”

So, Patriotism is not a question of political party, it’s exclusively the love that one has for one’s country, and the intrinsic wish to see that country safe, prosperous, thriving in science, technology, culture, educating their population in the best possible way to turn them productive members of a blossoming country.

Fighting with an enemy who aims at nothing less than world domination and the forcible imposition of sharia or  their Muslim law, demands serious measures to protect our country.  

And the people currently at the helm, are incompetent and inept to fulfill that job.

Taliban Terrorists being Secretly Released By US

 Once again, thanks to foreign media we have learned that in an incredible secret operation the American administration is releasing key Taliban terrorists, who are prisoners at the Bagram Prison, north of Kabul, Afghanistan.  This is part of “negotiations” with insurgents aka Taliban Muslim terrorists. Obama and his people consider the move “valuable and strategic.”
So far, seems that 20 Taliban terrorists have been freed under this program.
The clandestine “strategic release” operates as follows:  America is using Taliban terrorists from the Afghan Bagram prison, as bargaining chips to try to reach local deals with insurgents -this is how the Obama administration prefers to call the Taliban terrorists.  And, that’s their modus operandi.

Naturally, officials admit the plan is risky and difficult to monitor and they would not say whether any of those released had resumed attacks on Nato or Afghan forces -but it is definitely a possibility.

To crown the whole operation, seems that commanders from both the American and Afghan forces have released prisoners terrorists who were “willing to renounce violence and engage in the process of reconciliation.”  

But, what about taqqiya…?  It’s the Islamic lawful right to distort truth as needed to advance the cause of Islam towards world domination under sharia law. Believers are those who purposefully want to believe.  

Reportedly, the decision to release a detainee takes into account whether they pose any “further” security threat.  Well, if they were not posing any more security threat they would have been freed, wouldn’t they?

Obama forgets Soldier Bowe Bergdahl, Taliban prisoner since 2009

 The American administration is too busy trying to appease, legitimize and negotiate with terrorists using all kinds of legal acrobacies and tyrannic military measures to purposefully and unconstitutionally avoid submitting important items in their agenda for Congress approval.  

Meanwhile, there is an American soldier, Bowe Bergdahl, who has been a prisoner of Taliban Muslim terrorists since 2009.  Three years have elapsed, and this president and his administration are freeing Taliban terrorists as part of their dubious negotiations with the terrorists -but three years later, Bowe Bergdahl rots at the hands of the Taliban.  Is the administration giving time to Taliban to brainwash our American soldier?  Whatever it is, they don’t seem to care.  

Marine Col. David Lapan, spokesman for Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said that “ the family is not advised on whether to discuss the case with the news media.”  Obama again negotiating with Muslim terrorists.  What else is new?

From Heroes to Traitors: From Patton to Dempsey

 Throughout American History, we have been blessed with Military men who have been raised as loving, devoted Americans.  One that shines among them, is our illustrious and incomparable General Patton.  

Patton’s childhood was one imprinted with the love of America.  And already as a boy he knew he wanted to become a war hero. Patton’s story is remarkable because it comes to us with a message of how to make American patriots.  At home, when he was a young child, he often heard countless stories of his ancestors’ victories in the American Revolution and Civil War.

Naturally, Patton was driven by the example of his ancestors, he wanted to follow in their footsteps.  In 1904, when he was nineteen years old, he enrolled in Virginia Military Institute.  And, a year later, he attended the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, graduating on June 11, 1909.

Patton, had an admirable, unique, patriotic career, filled with success galore. He became a legend that should inspire once again our young men who are lacking role models, to guide them towards a patriotic and caring attitude to a nation to which they owe so much.  Patton used to say that “Americans despise cowards…”  Maybe it’s time to find ourselves again, Patton’s Americans.

He became famous for his speech to his soldiers of the Third Army.


 Dempsey, is the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the infamous and anti-American General who recently ordered the entire U.S. military to scour its training material to make sure it doesn’t contain [any] hateful material [against Islam and its Muslim terrorism,] a process that is still ongoing.  

Dempsey was also with Panetta, telling Senator Jeff Sessions without any remorse, that in case of war, they are accountable “first” to the UN and to Nato [which, as we know is at the hands of ISAF, one of the UN-Muslim nests.]   They clearly said that only then they would “inform” Congress.

As part of the idea-laundering, they are for instance, imposing a misleading goal for our political and military leadership and they are insisting that the terms Islam and Muslim terrorism be removed, calling them rather “prisoners” or “insurgents”.


 The situation in America is worsening.  The gap between the Obama administration and the best interests of America is insurmountable.  

And the above mentioned case of Bowe Bergdahl and the freeing of the Taliban terrorists, is an amazing display of how this administration allies with the enemy at the expense of our men in uniform and also of our civilian population whose countdown has begun, because no one should expect that Muslims here will behave as us.  Trouble will soon begin, especially as elections 2012 approach.

Bowe Bergdahl is another Obama victim -and he must be freed by the Taliban without delay.

We have nothing in common with anti-American, anti-patriotic Obama and his team, who live day after day, humiliating and jeopardizing our country in front of the whole world.  

Where is the American spirit?  Seems as if though the liberal ideas have encroached even the most staunch conservatives, to the detriment of our lives and our country.

But through our American History, Patton comes back to us and rises as an example of strength, fortitude, and above all, Patriotism and love to our land and her values.   

Patton is here now, among us, to remind us who we are.

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