by Eliana Benador
                                     “One for all, all for one”

Obama Tyranny

Not a day goes by without Obama appropriating and performing one more tyrannical gesture, attitude. The dictionary specifies that a tyrant is:

An absolute ruler who governs without restrictions.   âœ”
      To mention just two: executive orders galore, globalism  
A ruler who exercises power in a harsh, cruel manner.   âœ”
      Indeed, he feels more for our lethal enemies than for our own people
An oppressive, harsh, arbitrary person. ✔
      His administration, most certainly under his orders, has altered the official bios of past presidents linking them to some of Obama’s “feats”

Candidate Obama

Reportedly, in the last two presidential elections, democrats lost the veterans vote by big margins.  However, now it seems that the Obama campaign intends to reverse the trend by arguing that Mitt Romney would cut veterans’ benefits. But, what kind of ruse, bribery or coercion will president Obama use to help candidate Obama get those military votes…? 


CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, used to have a link to a group of Muslim or pro-Muslim Veterans supporting Obama -but it appears no longer in their site.  However, the organization has a “presidential voter guide,” and everyone would do well to check CAIR’s website to see how well informed and prepared they are, using our system with unparalleled dexterity, -and readers would then understand that “they” are well informed and prepared, while on our side, we are still thinking this is just a bad dream…  But, it is a reality and not a good one.  Americans would do well to organize themselves better than they have been up until now.  

A military issue

Roughly two months ago in Afghanistan, March 11, one of our men allegedly killed a group of 16 villagers.   The soldier, Staff Sgt. Robert Bales, a 38-year-old father of two, had been injured twice in combat over the course of four deployments and had an exemplary military record, having been twice decorated for his excellent service during his years in the war in Iraq.

Staff Sgt. Robert Bales, who had been injured twice in combat over the course of four deployments, had an exemplary military record.  He is the 38-year-old father of two infant children.   According to Bales’ lawyer,“The family was counting on him not being redeployed.  He and the family were told that his tours in the Middle East were over.”  But, they were not.

Apology to Afghans

Obama and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta immediately issued an apology to President Hamid Karzai for the killing of 16 Afghan civilians, allegedly, by an American soldier.

“I condemn such violence and am shocked and saddened that a U.S. service member is  involved, clearly acting outside his chain of command,” said Panetta. “This tragic incident does not reflect the commitment of the U.S. military to protect the Afghan people and help build a strong and stable Afghanistan.”   Right!

Obama called the unprovoked shooting “tragic and shocking” and promised Karzai that the U.S. will conduct a swift investigation into incident.

Of course, ISAF, the UN branch which now closely watches over NATO, also weighed in and sincere apologies were extended as well.  It is important to remember that both ISAF and UN are now heavily funded by Muslim countries, and NATO depends on them.

Entrapment by Liberalism

SEH-Bales_and_Karilyn-Sergeant Bales is in the meantime in solitary confinement.  And his children must be missing him without understanding why is he not with them. The man whose goal was to protect his people and his country, the man who has been through the atrocities of war in faraway lands, extirpated from the love of his wife and the joy of his children, sacrificing them for our security and safety,  has ended up engulfed in the atrocities that our own administration and the political leadership of our military are committing against our patriotic military men and women and their families.

Liberals and liberal governments worldwide have become the peste corrupting the world.  It is liberals with their twisted and suicidal minds and attitudes that “love the enemy” and truly hate their own peoples.  Naturally, our liberals and the liberal government we have in America are, sadly, no different.  

But, at the same time, for liberalism to exist and flourish in our midst, it had to  find a fertile environment in a well-established, comfortable and trusting conservatism, which slowly and surely is showing “patience” and indifference to all the wrongs that are happening.  Conservatives are now passive, too much for comfort, and they have become the reflection of the liberals suicidal attitudes.

The Bales defense under attack

Meanwhile, the Bales defense lawyer, John Henry Brown, is rightfully objecting to a routine background check required by the military.  “I don’t think a defense lawyer should be ‘vetted’ by the government,” Browne wrote in an email to Reuters on Thursday. “It is intrusive and has a chilling effect on the right to counsel.” And, of course, he is right.  

Though it may be “standard procedure” for obtaining security clearance to access classified information, especially of the night the alleged attack happened, there are some regulations to take into consideration.

MILITARY JUSTICE PERSONNEL: Defense Function: Right to Counsel

The following are cases regarding regulation to Right of Counsel:

United States v. Lee, 66 M.J. 387 (in all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to have the assistance of counsel for his defense; one element within this Sixth Amendment right to counsel is the right of a defendant who does not require appointed counsel to choose who will represent him; further, counsel provided to or retained by the accused must provide reasonably effective assistance; third, where a constitutional right to counsel exists, there is a correlative right to representation that is free from conflicts of interest…”


United States v. Rhoades, 65 M.J. 393 (under the Sixth Amendment, the accused in a criminal proceeding has the right to the assistance of counsel for his defense… and the accused may be represented by civilian counsel; the right to counsel of choice under the Sixth Amendment…. “

Afghan villagers, survivors, recall alleged Sergeant Bales attack

With the imprimatur of the Obama liberal tyranny, search engines are now flooded with the above headline.  

First, the military in Afghanistan, interviewed villagers that had allegedly witnessed the attacks.  As an astonishing move, those witnesses were freed before Mr. Brown and his associates could interview them.

Adding insult to injury, we are informed that the so-called witnesses bear, just like many Afghans, only one name…  dubious and convenient to set up our man.

The Obama style:  same attack on our people, benefitting his own interests, whether it is against our military, or also in the rising racial issue, or his global, communist, and indeed, his Muslim agenda.

Reminder: Why are we in Afghanistan?

It was  due to the 9/11 massacres perpetrated against our people, thousands of innocent, unsuspecting civilian victims, in times of peace, who were trapped in the airplanes and in the towers.  Muslim terrorists in those airplanes, crashed into the Twin Towers in New York, thus attacking one of the most important financial centers in the world.

From the 19 Muslim terrorists, 15 were from Saudi Arabia.  The planner and instigator, was Osama Bin Laden who, with his jihadi group Al Qaeda, were based in Afghanistan.   That’s how we ended up waging war in Afghanistan.  

Under normal circumstances, the country of origin of those Muslim terrorists, should have been expected to fight and eradicate their own terrorists.

But we did go to war and we stayed there over 10 years, with loss of men and women abandoning their families, their little sons and daughters living with one parent…   and so much sacrifice…  

And, what for?  So that Mr. Obama around the tenth anniversary of the attacks, ask the FBI and the Military to remove all mention of Islam and Muslim terrorism from America’s history records.  

In fact,  for this most treacherous, anti-American and anti-patriotic president and his team, Islam and Muslim world, are the ones he actually represents and ally with.  And he goes out of their way to show that we in America, also have terrorists….  What kind of a president is this one?


JUMPERSAfghan “survivors remember” the night where our man allegedly attacked them killing 16 people, including 9 children.  Well, those are casualties of war -by a man who deserves being treated with respect, because after all the wars he participated in, he should never have been sent to that snake war nest that’s Afghanistan.  Sergeant Bales, deserves to be treated for PTSD, post traumatic stress disorder which ravages the majority of our returning military men and women.

Time to remember the 9/11 attacks perpetrated on thousands of American civilians in times of peace.  And, we must remember how many of our men and women jumped and hit the floors -because they did not want to die incinerated alive…  

There were thousands of victims who were massacred, but, victims have been also their families who in a senseless horrific attack, lost their loved ones, their father, their mother, their children, their relatives and their friends…

And, for all of us, who on that day witnessed either directly or on our television screens how after the collapse of one tower, a second damned airplane collapsed on the second tower… and after that, when the fumes of the buildings whose fire had engulfed so many loved ones, we were breathing that air of sadness…

So, the thousands and thousands of accounts of our 9/11 survivors are there, witnessing of the horrors of Islam and Muslim terrorism.

Now we must stand up and defend Sergeant Bales, a hero of the wars in Iraq and a victim.  For, which soldier with good conscience and a patriotic heart can live with the atrocities committed by the current regime against our own country and our own military?

No treacherous American leadership will ever get to erase that from our minds or our hearts.

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