Up until now, I have managed to control my revolt against the massacre perpetrated against our 22 men from the foremost elite military unit, whose training requires no less than three and a half years of to be a Navy SEAL in addition to another two years of training and deployments to even be considered to SEAL Team Six. 

THIS is a team trained to target the planners of terror attacks.  These are our men who actually are saving countless lives of potential victims.  SEAL Team Six are saviors in the face of bestial terrorists whose goal is to cause innocent victims out of unsuspecting citizens in times of peace.  

rsn_betrayal_175Let’s rewind to the time when Osama Bin Laden was captured.

Who can forget that occasion when the current president of the United States of America, Mr. Obama, spoke to the nation and ended up unveiling the existence of Navy SEAL Team Six, a team that until now then only in some circles was rumored to be, but no paper trace could be found about it.

True, it was not Obama the first one to unveil their existence but someone on his staff.  But, and here goes my first enunciation: No one says anything in Obama team unless he has put his seal of approval.  AND, he repeated it loud and clear for us all to hear.

By doing so, the president behaved in the most dangerous way.  He basically confirmed the existence of this hyper-qualified team of heroes and gave them as prey for the terrorists who would sooner or later target them.  

My assumption is that after all, it must have been the most difficult thing for Islamophile Obama to order the killing of “brother” Osama.  Therefore, wouldn’t the killing of 22 members of the American elite Navy SEAL Team Six be an appropriate exchange for the Muslim world’s loss of one of their contemporary heroes…?

As it is, news of these 22 incomparable, irreplaceable men, disappeared from our news stream these days.  One had to really go out of our ways to find ‘some’ information.

So, now all of a sudden, secrecy was established.  

Again, MSM showed signs of its mesalliance with Obama and his Administration.

Tuesday, August 9th, the remains of our heroes arrived and it was not possible for any photographer or cameras to be present.  

America was robbed from honoring her heroes and from the patriotic feeling their massacre could have originated -especially during Ramadan month.

Instead, we were handed the picture of Obama saluting….  for all I know he could have been anywhere, as no cases containing the remains were shown.

Immediately after the massacre had happened, the Administration and its Department of Defense, dismissed the fact that the loss of 22 of our elite commandos would change anything.

Despite objections from several media organizations, Obama’s Pentagon had banned any news media coverage of the ceremony, the so-called “dignified transfer,” arguing that “any public depiction of the scene would violate the wishes of bereaved families.”

The Pentagon said that 19 of 30 families said they did not want media coverage.  But how so?  Did the families really refuse that their men killed in action, be given a hero reception throughout every second of their last path?

In one of the sentences from the AP article, states that

“The Pentagon has said it expects to identify all 38 people who died, 30 U.S. troops and eight Afghans, and will return their remains to families for burial. The Pentagon planned to release the names of all Americans who died on Thursday, after an internal debate over whether doing so might endanger families of the SEAL Team 6 troops. Other members of that same elite special operations team killed Osama bin Laden in May.”

See the wording:  “… all 38 people who died, 30 U.S. troops and eight Afghans…”

That’s a key phrase because it brings down the importance of the 22 most elite American commanders in the war on terror, mixing them within the 38.  They become 30 U.S. troops of 38 “people” AND eighth Afghans….

This is what it’s all about.

The further demolition of our true elites, the men who are such patriots, that they submit themselves and their families to all sacrifices, including the most ultimate one, they give their lives for our country, for us.

How can a president who is friend and defender of the enemy, feel when he sees those caskets when they are be a reminder that after all, he may be one of the causes why those men are laying in those caskets, having departed leaving full families behind.  

They may have had their lives taken because of an irresponsible president -or was that purposefully done, when Obama told the world that for sure a Navy SEAL Team Six actually exists?

Furthermore, the Pentagon planned to release the names of all Americans who died on Thursday, “after an internal debate over whether doing so might endanger families of the SEAL Team 6 troops.”   

So, now they are worried about ‘endangering the families of SEAL Team 6,” and this is, again, a very key element because it confirms the fact that  when the president mentioned them was utter violation of secrecy uncovering our most secretly guarded weapon to protect the safety of our country.

When former SEAL Team Six member Don Mann spoke with News Channel 3 last month, he was concerned about an upcoming Discovery Channel documentary claiming to reveal secrets of SEAL Team Six.  “SEAL Team Six is supposed to be a secret. It always was a secret,” says Mann.  

Donald Mann, who says he trained many current SEAL Team Six men, showed concern about how leaked information compromised the commandos.

Naturally, the first leak of all leaks in this case began with Obama, president of the United States, whose obligation is to protect America and Americans, including the top commandos of Navy SEAL Team Six.  

And yet, he managed to make it about himself with his White House so-called “Photo of the Day” at the arrival of the cases, with no cases to be seen, only he.

Meanwhile, true to his beliefs, the president in one more disgraceful performance, has hosted last night an Iftar dinner at the White House.  Iftar is the evening meal when Muslims break their fast during Islamic month of Ramadan and is one of the religious observances of Ramadan, done often as a community gathering to break the fast together.  

Among Obama’s guests, were two Muslims representatives in Congress, but also ambassadors of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, among others.  

Insensitive to the fact that Muslim terrorists of Taliban had just killed 22 top commanders of our foremost military elite and the fact that Muslim terrorism continues to target our country, Obama went ahead at his Iftar dinner last night and honored the American Muslims that were killed in the September 11, 2011 terrorist attacks.  

At no point in American History has any president had such an anti-American agenda that jeopardizes the mere existence of America so much as Barack Hussein Obama.


EB-carlylepic-2Goodwill Ambassador Eliana Benador is a national and international global strategist and the former CEO and founder of Benador
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