real news in a fake news world


-reporting real news in a fake news world
…aka “a globalist master plan gone awry”

As a reporter for Breitbart News, Patrick Howley was assigned to cover the Hillary Clinton Campaign throughout the 2016 campaign season. He discovered first hand that the mainstream media was going out of it’s way to hand her an easy victory by covering up her many gaffs and political misdeeds while attacking, non-stop, the campaign of her political opponent, Donald J. Trump.

It became painfully obvious to Patrick Howley that the mainstream news had truly become the fake news” and was pursuing a progressive socialist/globalist political agenda that was in direct opposition to the constitutional republican system of government intended by our founders.

As a candidate, Hillary Clinton fit the progressive political profile perfectly, and her presidency would assure the continuation of the Obama legacy of “transforming America” to a Marxist/socialist puppet state within the globalist superstate known as “the New World Order”. The mainstream media was given the task of covering up the political reality that America was fed up with the complete transformation of our traditionally sovereign republic into something unrecognizable to average Americans. The election of President Trump proved that America was waking up and no longer believed the progressive socialist lies.

Patrick will be joined by Charles Ortel, a researcher, author and expert on the Clinton Foundation that has exposed the corrupt and illegal actions that follow the Clintons everywhere they go. Please join us for this eye opening expose’ of the real news behind the fake news that has taken control of most of mainstream media.

Patrick Howley is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Big League Politics, a news website that he started in April 2017. He served as the Lead Hillary Clinton Reporter for Breitbart News during the 2016 election, where he also served on the site’s primary campaign team. He was deployed to states including Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Iowa, New Hampshire, and Ohio long before those states were seen as being in play. He was a Washington Political Reporter for The Daily Caller during the Obama administration and has also served as a political reporter for The American Spectator, Right Wing News, The Washington Free Beacon, and Doublethink.

Charles Ortel is a private investor and writer who has been exposing multinational and nonprofit fraud since 2007, following a career in corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions and investment management.

Since early 2015, Charles has been investigating state, federal, and foreign filings of the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation as well as those of the many affiliates of that entity, which holds itself out as being a publicly supported charity. Based on his ongoing review of this evidence, Charles believes this network of charities is the largest unprosecuted and ongoing fraud in history, involving sums that may reach many hundreds of billions of dollars or more, counting presently known affiliates and donors as well as insiders who may have garnered illegal private gains through their involvement.

So far, Charles has appeared in two documentaries, Clinton, Inc. (2016), and one concerning “Fake News” that is in development.

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