Tommy Robinson appeared at Peterborough Magistrate’s Court this morning for his trial in the assault case against him. Seneca III was present in the gallery, and sent a series of brief emails on what happened, all of which arrived before I turned on my computer this morning. Here’s the sequence of events in brief (times BST):
10:00am: Waiting begins.
11:00am: TR’s counsel just left the courtroom went down towards the front desk looking very frustrated then returned, gathered up TR and what I presumed to be a defence witness, and left.
12:40pm: Bench retired to consider dismissal or adjournment. Could go either way. It’s hard to hear everything behind our glass screen; relying mostly on reading body language. The defence is excellent; prosecution on the whole floundering. Don’t know how long we will have to wait.
1:00pm: Case dismissed with costs!
Seneca III promises a full report tomorrow. I don’t know what “with costs” means — does that mean Tommy will be reimbursed for his legal fees?
It is thanks to you, the generous readers of this and other blogs, that Tommy Robinson is a free man today. Your contributions provided the best legal help for him. If he had not had a QC, that big iron door would almost certainly have clanged shut behind him this morning. Any monies left over in the legal fund will be held in trust to help Tommy’s family, and to defray future legal expenses — he is an Enemy of the State, and I don’t think the State is done with him just yet.