A window into the soul of a politician

The 2013 campaign for Virginia Governor will not only provide Virginia voters with two very distinct choices for the Executive Office but it also provides a good glimpse into the souls of both politicians.

Most of us know Ken Cuccinelli. We have seen him in action, not only as a Virginia State Senator, but most recently as Virginia’s Attorney General. Cuccinelli proved to be an Attorney General who is guided by principles and who stands up for Virginia and defends her from the encroachment of the Federal Government; encroachment through the implementation of unconstitutional laws (like Obamacare) and regulatory overreach (like the EPA trying to define rainwater as a pollutant in Fairfax County).

The Progressive-Democrat smear machine, as well as a complicit mass media, has tried to paint Mr. Cuccinelli as an extremist; too conservative for Virginia. All Republicans, Independents and Libertarians need to quit listening to the biased media and begin thinking about what life will be like in Virginia, if the Republican ticket does not sweep this election.

We have a principled, redistributionist as President who is driven to fundamentally change this nation, and his first phase of division and destruction is well under way. If you think a community organizer, with no executive management experience is bad for this country, just think for a minute what you will get with a self-centered, transaction driven, political fund raiser as Governor in the form of Terry McAuliffe.

When I say McAuliffe is transaction driven, let me briefly explain what I mean.

Having been a business executive and management consultant for a significant portion of my professional life, I have seen transaction oriented business people in many organizational roles. Their characteristics are primarily identified by large egos, power hunger and greed. Everything is viewed in terms of dollars and cents, buying and selling, covering each other’s backsides, quid pro quo, and “what’s in it for me.” Another term that is very familiar with these types of people, especially when combined with purchased political “friendships,” is crony Capitalism.

Let’s look at one of McAuliffe’s’ most recent purchases; that of Boyd Marcus, longtime Republican political operative; obviously not a principled individual, just one for sale. “Thirty pieces of silver” come to mind, but with today’s exchange rate I’m just not sure how much each piece weighs. Marcus’ friendship purchase/sale is ironic, given his harsh assessment when Democrat Mark Warner hired GOP consultant William Payne in 2007. According to Marcus,

“It was a grave violation of any kind of ethical standard, to go out and hire someone from the other side, who had access to immense amounts of sensitive information.”   I wonder what’s the going price for Marcus’ “grave violation of ethical standards.”

With this purchase, one has to wonder if McAuliffe only purchased the economy friendship package, which does not entitle him to the treasure trove of party secrets warehoused in Marcus’ head, or if he purchased the deluxe package that provides McAuliffe with a brain dump from Marcus.

Boyd Marcus is the poster boy for RINOs with a price tag, and McAuliffe is comfortable with purchased friendships, maybe even a future staff member, quid pro quo. Establishment Republicans and their more centrist brethren might want to do a damage assessment, because the Democrat machine will catalogue and cross reference the Marcus “intelligence” trove and it will be used against them for decades to come.

I wonder, what‘s the going price for a soon to be ex Lt. Governor or maybe a few RINO Senators?

Business transactions are a specialty for McAuliffe. In one such transaction he bought $100,000 worth of stock in a company called Global Crossing and later sold it for $18 million. This “transaction” was completed right before the company went bankrupt, throwing thousands into the unemployment line and onto food stamps. Everything for the elitist McAuliffe, nothing for the average person.

Most recently, two well-known transactions have proved to have McAuliffe’s fingerprints all over them. The first is GreenTech Automotive, a company whose parent company was formed in a Caribbean tax haven along with Mr. Charles Wang. GreenTech was to manufacture an eco-friendly, electric car. He first tried to sucker the Virginia government into giving him special considerations, like tax breaks, to build his plant in depressed, economic areas of the state.

Fortunately for Virginia, the “transaction” was shown for what it was: a visas-for-sale scheme.

So, his ardent interest in creating jobs in Virginia quickly waned. It did not take long for it to be rekindled in a depressed area of Mississippi. A recent documentary titled “Fast Terry” showed employees in Mississippi being told to make it appear to be building cars, so potential investors being paraded through the temporary plant facility, would be convinced to buy shares in GreenTech. By the way, the new plant site in Mississippi is still a vacant lot, growing weeds, not jobs, quid pro quo.

Speaking of investors, it turns out that many of the investors were courted by non-other than Hilary Clinton’s brother. Anthony Rodham owns a company, Gulf Coast Funds Management (GCFM), conveniently co-located with GreenTech in posh Tyson’s Corner offices. The sweetener in the deal was by investing at least $500,000 in GCFM (total between 45 and 46 million dollars) you would also receive an EB-5 visa as a token of our government’s appreciation for buying a piece of the “McAuliffe Dream.” His other dream, by the way, was producing wood pellets for fuel to be sold in Europe. Ask the people in Franklin Virginia how that has worked out for them. McAuliffe for McAuliffe.

Mr. McAuliffe’s business ventures are currently under investigation by the SEC and DHS. DHS is interested in how one of Mr. McAuliffe’s Chinese “friends” is connected to the Chinese Army. But this was not the first time Mr. McAuliffe has purchased a set of friends from China, quid pro quo.

This same China strategy appeared during Bill Clinton’s second Presidential Campaign, for which McAuliffe was the master fund raiser. McAuliffe realized that there was a huge untapped donor population outside the borders of the United States. The fact that off shore donations were illegal did not seem to bother anyone in the campaign; a campaign where questionable transactions were considered just part of doing business and winning elections. After all, Hillary had made a sizable fortune trading cattle futures with Tyson’s Chicken and, later, Bill came through with favorable legislation for guess who…Tyson’s Chicken, quid pro quo. This China connection resulted in President Clinton providing China with secret missile technology that was also never investigated, quid pro quo.

This ground breaking fund raising technique, known as the “McAuliffe/China Connection,” was not lost on the Obama campaign. Even though the McCain-Feingold campaign finance reforms had been passed, there exists a convenient loophole in the law that allowed the Obama campaign to not track offshore donations if the amount was less than $200 (presumably from Americans living abroad). Surprise, surprise, there were thousands of donors in Asia, each with temporary, prepaid, credit cards, which turned out to be untraceable. Incidentally, the Obama Campaign’s donor software did not capture the proper data from the donor.

We should probably remember that most Chinese investments originate from the Chinese military, not personal savings – or in Obama’s case maxed out American billionaires. The common denominator in both the Clinton and Obama campaigns was Terry McAuliffe and his propensity to buy/sell friendships or EB-5 Visas that always benefit…Terry McAuliffe.

Since it was, in fact, McAuliffe who came up with the idea of renting the Lincoln bedroom during the Clinton Administration, should Mr. McAuliffe win, I would expect the Virginia Governor’s mansion to be fitted with a turnstile and a credit card reader. After all, with the number of “recently purchased friends” spending the evening in the mansion and breakfasting on McAuliffe’s friendship for a day package, it will be needed, quid pro quo. We may even need to develop a gift shop with visitor memorabilia with, of course, considerable profit margins.

Bill Clinton is quoted as saying that “he would not buy a used car from Terry McAuliffe”; this coming from someone who knows him intimately.

Terry McAuliffe is an opportunistic, unqualified, un-principled and transaction driven politician that has repeatedly taken advantage of situations and people to line his own pockets. If elected Governor of Virginia, Virginians will be the beneficiaries of McAuliffe’s propensity to push the sleaze envelope and install the same corrupt political environment from Washington, DC right here in Virginia…quid pro quo.


Bio Picture RGG 150Mr. George is a founding member of the Fair Lakes Area Tea Party. He is also a member of the Northern Virginia Tea Party, Fairfax County Republican Party, as well as, the Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation.

Currently, Mr. George is involved in establishing the Virginia Voters Alliance which is a state wide organization devoted to improving the voting process by sponsoring legislation, recruiting election officials/poll watchers, and combatting voter fraud in the Commonwealth. The Virginia Voters Alliance is empowered by the True the Vote organization located in Houston, Texas where it was successful in reducing fraudulent voter registrations in Harris County.

Mr. George is a Management Consultant specializing in strategic planning, post-merger integration, enterprise system architecture, and project management. He resides in Chantilly, Virginia with his wife and daughter.