We are not in a war against terror! That’s the most absurd cliché ever invented concerning a deadly threat to America. It is also an omen for certain defeat, because if we haven’t the guts to identify and openly name the arch enemy of freedom, they will win.

“Terror” is a tactic. How can you claim a tactic as an enemy?

The enemy has a face, it has an ideology and it has a goal.  That enemy is Radical (or fundamentalist) Islam.  Why?  Because they — the radical Islamists — have said so.  They have no only said so with their actions, but with their words, written and oral, many of which were uncovered by investigative authorities in hiding places around the world.

rightsidenews_301I’ve written often about the Muslim Brotherhood, and their long range sinister plots to establish Sharia Islam in the west, mostly by subterfuge, deceit and infiltration. The Muslim Brotherhood is the major organization that is leading, overseeing and propelling the jihad movement. Yet, there are people within our government who would dare to afford that organization a status of legitimacy, and power. I’ll provide a link at the end of this essay.

Meanwhile, ten years after 9/11, we continue to feed into the term “War on Terror,” allowing ourselves to be brainwashed into thinking we are only at war with bombs and bombers. For fear of “offending” a world religion, our media, our politicians and our pseudo-intellectuals avoid using the term “Islam” in any negative context, and thus direct our attentions toward the “tactic” as being the enemy, not the people who use the tactic. That is a recipe for defeat.

God forbid, that any senator or congressman, yet the president, would ever acknowledge that the free world is at war against a 1400 year-old ideology hiding behind the face of a religion called “Islam.” But, that is the case. We use the terms “radical” or “militant” Islam to ameliorate the difference between good Muslims and bad Muslims. So be it. But with, or without, the attachment of “radical” the one common denominator of worldwide terrorism is: Islam. That’s a fact.

Without question, the “tactic’ has been very effective, especially over the last ten years, as terrorists have racked up over 16,000 bodies through multiple murders in more than thirty countries, strewing bodies all over, in shopping malls, buses, schools, hotels, airplanes, trains and more. Each time, the terrorists have their way. Why? Just look at the world today.

Europe, from France, to Sweden to the UK, is capitulating to most every demand made by Islamic separatists. Sharia is being adopted as an alternative to established law in civil process in many European countries. France has over 750 “no-go zones” which are Islamic enclaves where the French authorities dare not enter, unless specifically invited, even if there are riots and murders. People like Dutch politician, Geert Wilders, are being banished and arrested if they dare to speak out against the threat of Sharia and radical Islam. Drawing a cartoon picture of Muhammed draws utter fear among the people of the world, for fear of being killed.

The random killing of people does have purpose. It’s certainly not for the fun of seeing dead body parts all over the roadway. What is the purpose of terrorism? To my mind, it is threefold:

1)      To punish.  We see this most often in Islamic countries, like Iraq and Pakistan, to punish anyone or any organization that has been cooperating with us in the on-going conflicts.

2)      To distract. Often, the purveyors of terror play the shell game, causing us all to look one way, while something more sinister is happening where no one is looking.  In the past, I’ve suggested the possibility exists that Osama bin Laden and his cohorts knew full well that our response to an act of war on 9/11 would result in us deploying military resources by the billions to countries halfway around the world. Meanwhile, we would remain comatose to the fact that the enemy is infiltrating the United States through the back door, by infiltration and deceit.

3)   To Intimidate. In other words, to scare.

Most every country in the western world, including the U.S. and Canada, are caving in to demand upon demand being made by Muslims, in government, in legal systems, in colleges and universities, in law enforcement and, unfortunately, the military. The massacre at Fort Hood would never have happened in 1981, given the obvious anti-American, radical Islamic posture of Air Force Major Nidal Hasan who randomly shot forty-one and killed thirteen, just after screaming “Allah Akbar.” His co-workers and fellow soldiers knew, for months, that he was a radical nut job, but dared not say anything for “fear” of reprisals, or being dubbed “racist” “bigot” “intolerant.”

Intimidation works. The U.S. and European countries are scared to death of dealing with another terror attack, so it’s better to relinquish culture, mores, and integrity and let our great-grandchildren deal with the fallout fifty years from now. Our current array of political representatives would make the likes of Jefferson and Franklin roll over in the graves if they knew how much we didn’t care about the future of freedom in the world.

The world ignored “Mein Kampf” in the 1920’s. Instead of taking heed, Europe and the U.S. deployed the likes of noted appeaser, Neville Chamberlain.

Remember, Jihad comes in two forms: 1) Violent and 2) Stealth.

It is the naïve and ignorant folks within our borders, that will eventually play into the hands of our enemies. When the caliphate is ever established, we —  the citizens of 2011 — will be as much to blame, as the enemy itself.

And now, the Muslim Brotherhood is reaching their tentacles even further. Read on:

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