The world saw a great nation cease to exist a few days ago. Only a handful of people even noticed. Funny thing is — the world was watching as America breathed her last breath — and still — they did not see it.

The human race was told over two thousand years ago what to watch for in the decline and collapse of a nation.

the-american-dream-is-over“And Jesus knew their thoughts, and said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand”. (From the Bible, Matthew 12:25.)

Jesus had the temerity to tell the truth — and we killed him for it.

The schism that slices through America today has been widening since the 19th century. Little by little, decade-by-decade, year-by-year it has continued to get ever wider and ever deeper. It has nothing to do with geography. Unlike America’s divide in the 19th century, it has nothing to do with slavery… and, yet, it has everything to do with slavery.

What, you say? Didn’t we put the slavery issue to rest with a war in the 1860’s? The truthful answer is NO, we did not. We put to rest the issue of whether or not a man could hold another man in bondage in this country. What we did not put to rest, however, is the question of whether this country’s government could hold its citizens in bondage.

If only modern Americans knew something of their history they could see what has happened to America and why. Unfortunately, Americans today are as dumb as a post when it comes to the history of their own country.

Allow me to enlighten a few of you:

The founders of this country intended to set up a federal government with very little power. They intended the government to have only the power the citizens allowed it to have.

Almost instantly the power struggle began between those who wanted a strong central government and those who wanted strong states and a weak central government. After all, it was the states that created the Federal Government… as a utility (an agent) of the states. Not the other way around. Look it up.

In 1860 there were 33 states in the so-called United States of America. I do mean “so-called” because they were anything but UNITED.

By the spring of 1861 thirteen of those states had had enough of being “dictated-to” by a oligarchic federal government wielding powers the constitution did not grant it, and … as the US Constitution did not forbid it (as had the Articles of Confederation)… they took their leave of the United States. They created a country of their own with a constitution (mostly copied from the original constitution of the US) and they became a separate country.

A few Americans today actually know what caused that split. Only a handful of Americans understand what the ensuing war was about.

The history of that period in America has been revised, rewritten, and sanitized until the truth is so deeply hidden that only the most highly motivated seekers of truth can find it.

A few million Southern Americans still feel the sting of being forced, at the point of a government bayonet, to be a part of a country their ancestors had forsaken in order to create a true constitutional, representative, republic in the image of the government the Founding Fathers of America had given the United States.

A few million Americans who either live in, have lived in, or hail from, the only portion of this country to ever be invaded, conquered, and occupied by a foreign power, understand what is happening in America today. We understand it not because we learned it in school. No. We understand it because we learned it from the stories our families have handed down from generation to generation — and from our own research into what happened to a country which had, less than a hundred years before, won it’s independence from the “Mother Country” (Great Britain).

We are scattered all over America today… north, south, east, west, all over. We saw where America was headed when Barack Obama was elected the first time. And we recognize what happened on November 6th as the death of America. We fear for our fellow Americans because they/we are not ready for the cost of what is about to happen to America — none of us are.

What America is facing, in the next few years, will make the American Civil War seem like a Sunday School picnic.

Yes, I am referring to SLAVERY. Voluntary slavery to begin with… then involuntary slavery… when it is then too late. The socially accepted word for it these days is… SOCIALISM. I, on the other hand, prefer to call it by its REAL name: Marxism!

America made a decision on November 6th to forsake freedom in favor of Socialism/Marxism. Oh, it was a decision freely made. It was democracy in action. But, you see, democracy is a dangerous thing in the hands of the uneducated, the ignorant, and those whose only interest is the accumulation of power through the efforts of “Useful Idiots.”

As millions trooped to the polls there was a never a question of whether America should stay free, or whether America should give up the freedom so many have fought, bled, and died for, and assume the yoke and chains of slavery under socialism/Marxism. Nope. It was all about what half of America could get — free from the other half of America that actually works and supports them.

Our Marxist President, Obama, knew that when you rob from Peter to pay Paul, you can ALWAYS count on the support of PAUL! He played them like a finely tuned violin — and they came through for him– and in doing so –he — and they — murdered a country.

Many of us, myself included, actually thought there were enough real freedom-loving Americans to save America from the hell of self-inflicted slavery. We were WRONG! I was WRONG!

The sub-culture of societal parasites, of social leaches, has now become the dominant culture (or class) in America. When that happens to any nation, it ensures the immediate decline and death of that nation.

It is no longer a question of whether or not America can survive. America is already dead.

This new dominant class in America, the parasite class, deliberately chose Socialism/Marxism. See, they don’t care that SOCIALISM/MARXISM IS SLAVERY. They don’t care that under socialism they will give up all their rights… all their freedom… for what they believe will be security guaranteed by the Central Government. They have no concept that someone, somewhere, has to pay for all their free goodies from the government. If they did understand —they wouldn’t care. Even if they understood they were killing their country — they would not care. After all, they are the people who burn down their own neighborhoods to spite the establishment. They see little difference in burning down their neighborhood and their country.

It is clear after the election that today’s crop of parasitic Americans are willing to give up everything, including their freedom and liberty for the promise of security. They simply do not care that their fellow Americans are bleeding and dying to guarantee that freedom and liberty for them.  They do not care that the Americans who went before them gave their lives to secure freedom from the chains of slavery for many of them.  They do not care that Socialism/Marxism will not raise them up, only tear their fellow Americans down.


Of all things “un-American”… THAT is the MOST un-American. 

We have to understand, dear reader, that they do not care about the Constitution, about the Bill of Rights, about freedom, about liberty, about ANYTHING, but SELF. Those of us who DO care about such things are looked upon as “suckers.”

If I thought there was a chance in hell of saving America — I’d jump at it. But I don’t.

Ordinarily, I would say we shouldn’t expect the half of the country that stands solidly against socialism to go along, quietly; into the self-inflicted slavery of this hell-spawned form of government we call Socialism/Marxism. But after careful consideration — I can’t truthfully say that — not anymore.

Here’s why: The Americans who really understand what I have just explained to you are citizens in my age group, my generation. And we are dying out. Soon we will be gone from the scene and there will be no one to pick up our mantle and continue the fight for freedom in America. Some among the younger generations understand the stakes and will give it their all. But they, too, are in an ever decreasing minority in the country and the odds are stacked mightily against them.

We can drop the word “united” from the country’s name today. America is irrevocably torn in two. And there will be no compromise. It cannot be healed, ever, again.

Two peoples, this diametrically opposed, cannot share the same space. Only the most naive among us cannot understand where this argument, over how we are to be governed, will eventually wind up.

Eventually, we will go to war with each other. It can no longer be avoided.

We’ve been there before. More Americans died in the first American Civil War than in all the other wars in which America has fought since her founding. And today, at least half of this country is deadly in earnest about their love of freedom and are willing to sacrifice, as their forefathers did, to preserve it.

Can you see the conflagration just over America’s horizon today? All it will take is a spark — a single spark. It may seem unimportant and insignificant when it happens, but that will be the trigger.

The grand experiment that was America is finished. It has ended in unmitigated failure.

I am not going to sugarcoat this: In my opinion America is done, NOW, TODAY, finished, KAPUT! I will not project a future time at which America MIGHT disintegrate.  So far as I am concerned, it is a fait accompli!

Yes, we ARE in dangerous times. Extremely dangerous. The Obama Regime changed America — forever. We are no longer one nation under God. We are, temporarily, two nations under Obama  — with one chomping at the bit for independence from the oligarchic Socialist/Marxist government in place in Washington today.

I have come to believe that any attempt to revive the old America is a waste of time and effort. To recreate the old America would be to set it up for failure all over again.

(Allow me to interject here that many believe those who practice leftist politics already have a plan for the “New America.” It will be a full blown Marxist nation with two classes — workers and the elite who run everything. ou see, they understand, as do I, that for their new America to be born, the old America must first perish. They have been actively working toward that end for decades and they are indisputably nearing the realization of their goal.)

One thing is clear to me, however. In a new America, there should be no federal government. Each state should be sovereign, in fact, just as they are SUPPOSED to be now If some states wish to form confederations with other states, that would be acceptable, as well. But I am convinced there should never again be a federal government with power over all fifty states. As we have learned, it only leads to trouble, and an on-going power struggle. The only way to ensure that never happens again is to have no federal government — period.

Of one thing I am certain: There WILL BE a new country on these shores. The America in which we are now living is done. It is finished. We had our chance — and we blew it!

The powerful men and women who pull the strings of the world’s nations have known it for some time — and they have changed the focus of their attention toward nations, primarily in Asia, as possibilities to fill the now vacant position of “world leader.”

I understand that some of you, dear readers, will think I am un-American to even think such things, let alone publish them. Be that as it may, I, nevertheless, feel an obligation to share what I see in the future for a country I so love and cherish.  What my fellow Americans decide to do with this foreknowledge is entirely up to them … and to you.

J. D. Longstreet is a conservative “Carolina Boy.” A Southern American (A native sandlapper (South Carolinian) and an adopted Tar Heel — A North Carolinian) with a deep passion for the history, heritage, and culture of the southern states of America. At the same time he is a deeply loyal American believing strongly in “America First.”

J. D. Longstreet is a very proud direct descendent of several Confederate soldiers.

He is a thirty-year veteran of the broadcasting business, as an “in the field” and “on-air” news reporter (contributing to radio, TV, and newspapers) and a conservative broadcast commentator.

Longstreet is a veteran of the US Army and US Army Reserve. He is a member of the American Legion and the Sons of Confederate Veterans. A lifelong Christian, Longstreet subscribes to “old Lutheranism” to express and exercise his faith.

Longstreet’s Commentaries are posted at “INSIGHT on Freedom” at: and at “The Sentinel Factor” at: and “Target: Freedom” at: , and at: “Liberty2Express” at: and “Freedom Dossier” as well as many conservative sites across the World Wide Web.