On February 14th, Barack Obama entertained Chinese dictators at the White House, praising their rise to power; but while Obama was giving the communists a 19-gun salute, the International Christian Concern was pleading with Obama not to meet with the Chinese, because they continue to imprison thousands of Christians. Of course this should come as no surprise, as Obama wants to spend billions to support Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the “Arab Spring” movement, all of which wage genocide against Christians and Jews.

Christ_Died_for_Our_SinsDomestically Obama issued his strongest attack yet on Christianity, when he dictated that Christian organizations provide services that violate fundamental Christian beliefs. In response, military Chaplains told their congregations that the Church “cannot and will not comply with this unjust law.” Unbelievably this resulted in charges of sedition and treason against Christian leaders for exercising their inalienable rights. At a congressional hearing on February 16th, several Christian and Jewish leaders testified that they would go to jail before violating their consciences.

Of course the left tried to redefine the debate by asserting that if Christians had their way, that somehow contraception would suddenly become unavailable to those who want it. This is a bogus argument as such services are freely available across the country to anyone who wants them – as part of the new age approach to eugenics. The real issue here is a strategic attack on Hebrews and Christians who value human life; and we know this to be the case because Muslims are exempt from Obamacare, because it violates their religious beliefs. Today, what is happening is precisely what happened in Soviet Russia and National Socialist Germany.

The History of Socialisms Attack on Hebrew – Christianity

The hellish vapors rise and fill the brain,
Till I go mad and my heart is utterly changed.
See this sword?
The prince of darkness sold it to me.
For me he beats the time and gives the signs.
Ever more boldly I play the dance of death.

– Karl Marx

For an autocratic state to function there needs to be a single coherent ideology or worldview that defines an acceptable representation of what is right, wrong, good, or evil. Obama’s mentor Zbigniew Brzezinski (b. 1928) defined such a universal ideology as an “official body of doctrine covering all vital aspects of man’s existence to which everyone living in that society is supposed to adhere… this ideology is characteristically focused and projected toward a perfect final state of mankind … based upon a radical rejection of the existing society and conquest of the world for the new [world order].

Socialist ideology consists of trite restatements of certain traditional ideas, arranged in an incoherent way that makes them highly exciting to weak minds.  Such individuals are harnessed by the state as self-appointed guardians of truth and virtue as defined for them by the elite. Conflicts of opinion are excluded and disagreement is condemned as absolutely wrong. Elements of this ideology involve spiritual faith, the university, science, the family, education, and indoctrination.

Socialism and Spiritual Faith

God is, as it were, the sewer into which all contradictions flow

– Friedrich Hegel (1770 – 1831)

Karl Marx said, “Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, just as it is the spirit of a spiritless situation. It is the opium of the people.”   This quote is largely taken out of context and purported to mean that Marx stood against all religion; but what Marx is actually saying is that people need religion as a distraction from the problems they face in daily life. This means that if the state takes Hebrew-Christianity away it must be replaced with something else. A way to accomplish this is to turn the church into a servant of the state, creating a political faith that over time sees to the gradual dismissal of the church, by substituting the worship of the state and its leaders instead. This approach was used in the Soviet Union, Hitler’s Germany, and is being applied to America, where Socialism is continually re-branded as new, so as to attract weak minds.

Socialism, God, and Satan

We do not fight against believers and not even against clergymen. We fight against God to snatch believers from Him

– The Moscow Times

Marx and his associates, like many self-described atheists today, openly reviled God. Contrary to popular belief however, they don’t challenge His existence, but His supremacy.  Marx’s views on metaphysics can be seen in the writings of his associates such as Mikhail Bakunin (1814 – 1876) and Pierre-Joseph Proudhon (1809 – 1865). Bakunin was a Russian anarchist and one of Marx’s original partners in the First [Communist] International  who wrote:

The Evil One is the Satanic revolt against authority, revolt in which we see the fecund germ of all human emancipations, the revolution. Socialists recognize each other by the words, In the name of the one to whom a great wrong has been done.’ Satan [is] the eternal rebel, the first freethinker and the emancipator of worlds. He makes man ashamed of his bestial ignorance and obedience; he emancipates him, stamps upon his brow the seal of liberty and humanity, in urging him to disobey and eat of the fruit of knowledge.”

Proudhon was a French anarchist who declared in The Philosophy of Misery that God was the prototype for injustice, saying:

Come, Satan, slandered by the small and by kings. God is stupidity and cowardice; God is hypocrisy and falsehood; God is tyranny and poverty; God is evil. Where humanity bows before an altar, humanity, the slave of kings and priests, will be condemned… I swear, God, with my hand stretched out towards the heavens, that you are nothing more than the executioner of my reason, the scepter of my conscience… God is essentially anti-civilized, anti-liberal, anti-human.

Lenin expresses his frustration with Satan in a 1913 letter to Maxim Gorki (1868 – 1936). Gorki was a Soviet author and political activist who founded the literary method called socialist realism, which was used to control the form and content of state propaganda. He also founded a number of journals and became head of the Soviet Writers’ Union,  encouraging writers to produce propaganda that endorsed Soviet ideology. In his letter, Lenin describes how Satan had deceived him saying, “The state does not function as we desired. How does it function? The car does not obey. A man is at the wheel and seems to lead it, but the car does not drive in the desired direction. It moves as another force [Satan] wishes.

In a more recent example, Obama’s mentor Saul Alinsky dedicated his 1971 book Rules for Radicals to Satan saying: “Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology, and history (and who is to know where mythology leaves off and history begins or which is which), the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it effectively that he at least won his own kingdom -Lucifer.”

The “Building God” Movement

Joseph Stalin was born Ioseb Besarionis dze Jughashvili in 1878. In 1912, he seized control of an existing newspaper and changed its name to Pravda, after which he changed his own name to Stalin, Russian for Steel. Stalin had been a seminarian who understood the emotive power of religion and the need to tap into the deep seeded orthodoxy of the Russian people. The Bolsheviks wanted to supplant this orthodoxy by converting the country from the Christian faith to the Socialist faith, making the state, not the Russian Church, the center for collective aspirations.

Starting in 1919, monasteries and nunneries were converted into concentration camps. In 1928, Stalin began the wholesale destruction of the Church through the confiscation and destruction of Church Property; but Stalin knew that this wasn’t enough, as Christianity had to be replaced with something else. This is illustrated in the diary of Stalin’s brother-in-law and close associate Lazar Kaganovich (1893 – 1991) where he said: “I started to understand how Stalin managed to make himself a god. He did not have a single human characteristic… Even when he exhibited some emotions, they all did not seem to belong to him. They were as false as the scale on top of armor. And behind this scale was Stalin himself-a piece of steel. For some reason I was convinced that he would live forever … He was not human at all…

After the Bolshevik revolution the father of the new Soviet religion would be Anatoly Lunacharsky (1875 – 1933). Lunacharsky studied at the University of Zurich for two years, failing to complete a degree. While in Zurich he met with German Marxists such as Rosa Luxemburg (1871 – 1919) and her domestic partner Leo Jogiches (1867 – 1919) who helped to start the German Social Democratic Party. Soon after, Lunacharsky joined the Russian Social Democratic Labor Party (aka The Bolsheviks).

In 1913, Lunacharsky moved to Paris to write about Proletarian Culture, where he resided until the 1917 revolution. When he returned to Russia he was appointed First Soviet People’s Commissar of Enlightenment, where until 1929, he was responsible for culture, education, and censorship. In addition to Marx, he embraced the philosophy of Nietzsche, Kant, and Hegel, while corresponding with H. G. Wells, Bernard Shaw, and the mystic, Roman Rolland (1866 – 1944). With the help of Wells, Shaw, and Rolland, Lunacharsky helped to create the “Building God” movement.

The Building God movement is patterned after the Satanic works of Nietzsche (1844 – 1900) and is strongly associated with today’s Secular Humanist movement. In 1962, the All Union Conference on Scientific Propaganda was held in Moscow where it was stated that: “Religious people should be educated in the principles of communist morality and ethics, religious customs and traditions are to be replaced by religious feasts and rituals to satisfy the aesthetic and emotional needs of believers.”  Ultimately the purpose of the Building God movement was the creation of a worldwide religion dedicated to replacing God with the worship of man and the state. Called Secular Humanism, the movement is built on neo-pagan beliefs that were also at the heart of the National Socialist movement in Hitler’s Germany. Controlled by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). This movement receives billions of dollars from such notables as Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, George Soros, Ted Turner, and the U.S. Government.

National Socialism’s attack on Christianity

On rough nights, I go sometimes
To the oak of Wotan in the still garden,
To make a pact with dark forces.
The moonlight makes runes appear.
Those that were sunbathed during the day
Become small before the magic formula.

– Adolph Hitler

In Hitler’s National Socialist Germany, the passionate party core was the Schutzstaffel or SS, which was lead by the party fanatic Heinrich Himmler (1900 – 1945). Brzezinski said, “the SS embodied a more Satanic outlook on life and politics than was represented by the ordinary [National Socialist].”  Before Hitler had taken power these fanatics infiltrated the key economic, educational, and military institutions, so that after Hitler took control they were already in positions to support him. Like it or not, the SS was a Satanic order who’s attitude was summed up in the creed, “believe, obey, fight.”  Today, many Americans would scoff at the notion of worshiping Satan, but it doesn’t actually matter if you believe in Satan or not. The fact is, these people do believe in Satan, and they act on those beliefs.

The SS believed that they were descended from an ancient Aryan race that originated in the “north,” which had migrated into ancient India. This is where they got their symbolism, including the SS symbol and the swastika (sun wheel).  Another symbol they used was called the Toten Rune (Rune of Death), the Broken Cross, or the Cross of Nero.  When the Roman Emperor Nero (AD 37 – 68) crucified the Christian apostle Peter (c.1–AD 64), he hung Peter upside down on a cross that didn’t have a horizontal beam to nail Peter’s hands to. Instead, the horizontal beam was broken in the middle so that it descended at a forty-five degree angle on either side of the vertical beam.

In the 1960s, Western socialists would reintroduce the same Broken Cross as the Peace Symbol, which we see today on everything from tee shirts to bumper stickers. Socialists say that the origin of the peace symbol is the Nuclear Disarmament movement that fought for world peace, denying any connection to the National Socialist symbol.   However, the nuclear disarmament definition of peace is identical to that of the Germans, Romans, and ancient Persians, who got it from the Assyrians. Before battle, the Assyrians would intimidate their enemies by threatening them with slow death and torture if they resisted, but if these enemies laid down their arms and surrendered; their lives would be spared. The Assyrians paid agents to spread this message prior to the battle, and after being duped into laying down their arms, slavery was considered the purchase price for not being killed.  This is the same process that drove the Peace Movement throughout the cold war and is causing the United States to unilaterally disarm today.

The ancient Persians worshiped Ba’al, as did the Canaanites and others of the period. Today Christians and Hebrews know Ba’al as Ba’al Zebûb, or Satan.  Himmler knew all of this, which is why SS gravesites were marked with the “Broken Cross” as the symbol of death and peace.  Today, the Wicca movement uses these same symbols in pagan worship,  but the real message of this symbolism was and remains, graveyards are very peaceful. This is why Plato reportedly said, “Only the dead have seen the end to war,”  providing the actual meaning behind, “give peace a chance.”

It is important to notice that Hitler embraced Christianity for as long as he needed to, and then he set out to destroy it. In fact, flying a false Christian flag is a common tactic in use by many politicians today. This is illustrated in Mein Kampf where Hitler wrote, “The [socialist] movement sees in both churches (the Protestant and the Catholic) equally valuable support for the continued existence of our people.” Hitler’s true views on Christianity, however, can be seen in one of the conversations he had with Hermann Rauschning. Rauschning (1887 – 1982) was the president of the German Senate until Hitler began instituting his dictatorial rule at which time Rauschning resigned.

Rauschning asked Hitler, “What do you think, will the masses ever become Christian again?

Hitler replied, “Never! … But their priests … will betray their God to us … and replace the cross by the swastika. They will celebrate the pure blood of our nation instead of the blood of their previous redeemer…

Records of Hitler’s secret meetings also convey the socialists meaning of the phrase “separation of Church and State” when he says, “The party does well to keep its distance from the church, … I do not permit priests to concern themselves with secular matters.”  Both Hitler and Mussolini pretended to be defending the church against Marxism and corruption by prohibiting its participation in politics. What they were really doing was eliminating competition with the state run theocracy (Secularism).

Hitler planned to solve the “problem” of the churches after the war as “the last great problem” by transforming them into organizations for celebrating the socialist “faith”. In a conversation Hitler had with Mussolini he remarked, “Christianity was a dying branch,” and that after the war he would, “… march into the Vatican and carry out the whole bunch.

The Church and Socialism

The Russian Orthodox Church justified its cooperation with the Soviets, over the objections of its members, saying, it was “God’s will,” and to “Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s,”  leaving out the part about rendering unto God the things that are God’s. The Reverend V. Radzyanko (1915 – 1999) further illustrated this kind of socialist mumbo jumbo in an article for the Journal of the Moscow Patriarchate.  In this article he stated: “Glory be to God for the separation of church and state, for the confiscation of church lands and property, and even for the persecutions and the closing of churches; for all this has been in accordance with the will of God. Struggle against all this would have been opposition to the designs of God.”

Under these circumstances, it comes as no surprise that in 1955 the Soviet government decorated high Russian Orthodox clergymen for their “patriotic work and … their role in the peace movement.” High ranking clergy in both the Catholic and Protestant churches residing in Italy, Germany, and the Soviet Union failed to perceive the basic conflict between Christianity and Socialism, and tried to compromise with a system that is radically in opposition with their own.

Ultimately, Radzyanko was arrested in 1949 for promulgating illegal religious propaganda and was sentenced to eight years at hard labor. He was stripped of his cassock and cross, sharing the hard prison life with his fellow prisoners, and was forbidden to perform any divine services. Radzyanko would survive to become the Archbishop of San Francisco.

In 1932, the National Socialists created a “Protestant” movement called the “German Christians,” which was headed by a “Reich Bishop.” While labeled as Christian, it was, in fact, a replica of socialist ideology,  much like many American Churches are today. Men like Pastor Niemoller (1892–1984) rebelled at this flagrant violation of Christian teachings, and the Catholic Church responded by proclaiming that a good Catholic could not be a member of the National Socialist Party.

In January 1935, the National Socialists retaliated with an attack against the Catholic Church, by seeking to destroy the Catholic Press, Catholic education, and Catholic associations. Socialist propaganda pounced on the smallest violations of priests, monks, and lay brethren, especially if sex was involved.  These offenses were blown up to assume the significance of being an essential characteristic of the Church, if the crimes were real or not – much like what is happening to the Church today.

Eventually this resulted in the wholesale liquidation of the ecclesiastical organization in the Soviet Union, a process that was well on its way in Germany when the war ended. In both countries, tens of thousands of clergy were shipped off to concentration camps, never to be heard from again,  while Nuns were repeatedly raped and sodomized until they had renounced their faith, or were dead.

A couple of points to be made here are that, peace at any price is surrender, and when Good compromises, Evil wins – every time. Agreeing to subjugate Hebrew and Christian beliefs to the secular  authority of the state is surrender, and the Beast will eventually devour you also. Christians should never render onto Caesar what should be rendered onto God.

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To understand what Obama is doing, and how the Western Church, both Protestant and Catholic, have been attacked we need to understand the mechanisms and people who have been at work. Totalitarianism: How the Socialist Faith is Destroying America, provides a detailed account of how the works of Marx, Lenin, Hitler, Nietzsche, Muhammad, and others have been used to attack American’s Christian heritage. The purpose of this attack is to meld various pagan schools of thought to create a “new” religion that replaces all previous religions. This is called Religious Syncretism, and has been used as a tool by empires since the ancient Egyptians, where Pharaoh was held to be a god.

In 2004, Obama was asked, “What is sin?” And his response was, “Being out of alignment with my values.”  Since the Christian definition of Sin is the committing of offenses against God, Obama is characterizing himself as a deity. This is common in all Totalitarian Dictatorships, where the socialist faith is built around the idolatry of the state and the deification of its rulers. Today socialism is being used to create the single coherent ideology or worldview that Brzezinski tells us is necessary for an autocratic state to function – and its being done on a global level. Learn More

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