According to an Associated Press report, U.S. law-enforcement is concerned that young Americans will take advantage of Mexico’s new law legalizing use.

“It provides an officially sanctioned market for the consumption of the world’s most dangerous drugs,” San Diego County Sheriff Bill Gore said. “For the people of San Diego the risk is direct and lethal.

There are those who will drive to Mexico to use drugs and return to the U.S. under their influence.”



According to the report, Mexico’s move to legalize drug use was made possible when the Obama administration gave its tacit go-ahead.

“The Bush administration criticized a similar bill proposed in Mexico in 2006, prompting then-President Vicente Fox to send it back to Congress. But Washington has stayed quiet this time, praising Calderon for his fight against drug cartels — a struggle that has seen some 11,000 people killed since Calderon took office in 2006.”

One U.S. watchdog group claims that the Mexican drug war was set-off when the U.S. began construction fences and barriers along the Mexican border, not by actions of the Mexican government. “The Obama administration could stop drug smuggling by finishing the fence,” said Glenn Spencer of American Border Patrol. “Instead it has decided to surrender to the drug cartels and sacrifice American youth on the alter of globalism.”

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