U6′ Unemployment — The People Who Will Be Hurt Most If Pelosi & Reid Kill E-Verify Parts Of DHS Spending Bill

“U6.”  No, it isn’t a new version of an Irish rock group.  It is the more complete look at the victims of unemployment. These are the people who would most benefit from the expanded use of E-Verify to open up jobs held by illegal aliens. Let’s make sure that Pelosi, Reid and Obama look at the 25 million American victims before they choose to once again favor illegal aliens for U.S. jobs.

The unemployment figures you usually hear are about Americans who are looking for a full-time job right now and who can’t find any kind of work.

But more and more commentators are using the federal government’s U-6 Unemployment Rate.  It also counts what it calls “Discouraged Workers,”  “Other Marginally Attached” and people who are forced to work part-time but who are looking for full-time work.

About 25 million Americans were counted as U-6 unemployed at the beginning of the summer — 15.9%.

House Speaker Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Reid are said to be planning this month to continue to put 8 milliion illegal foreign workers ahead of those U-6 unemployed Americans.

The Senate-passed Homeland Security spending bill includes several provisions that would drive hundreds of thousands — if not a few million — illegal aliens out of U.S. jobs over the next year and make them available to Americans. 

Pelosi and Reid stripped those provisions from the Stimulus Bill in February and are expected to try to do it again with this bill.

25 million U-6 unemployed Americans deserve better.

I beg all of you to help us continue to obtain signatures on the petition to Pelosi and Reid to demand that this time they switch their allegiance from the illegal workers and the employers who hire them and think instead of the 25 million unemployed Americans.

Here are some of the groups of people who are in the worst shape.  We ask Pelosi and Reid to think very carefully about why they prefer illegal aliens over these Americans.


30% — Young adults (all races age 18-29) with only a high school degree 

30% — U.S.-born Hispanic high school drop-outs (all ages)

32% — Teens (all races age 16-17)

35% — U.S.-born Hispanic young adults with only a high school degree

41% — Black American high school drop-outs (all ages)

44% — Black young adults with only a high school degree 

47% — U.S.-born Hispanic teens (age 16-17)

56% — Black American teens (age 16-17)

When I talked about this yesterday on a 50,000-watt Midwest radio show, the host was incredulous. Why in the world would Pelosi and Reid block efforts to move illegal foreign workers out of jobs so that Americans in the above categories could get the jobs, he asked.

Why, indeed!

Nearly 12 million U.S.-born Americans with no more than a high school degree are U-6 unemployed. They are looking for jobs exactly where most of the 8 million illegal aliens are now working.

Why would Pelosi and Reid turn their backs on these 12 million Americans in favor of the illegal aliens?

They did it in February.  I feel certain they will do it again in July — unless Americans rise up shame them into changing their loyalty.

And why did President Obama conspire with them in February to kill the E-Verify requirements? Will he do it again in July?


Let me remind you what is at stake.

Strong majorities of the nation’s representatives in the Senate last week passed Homeland Security spending bill provisions that would:

Require all applicants for new jobs in corporations doing business with the federal government to go through the E-Verify system. This would keep illegal aliens from getting the new jobs and open them up to jobless Americans.

Require every employee — including long-time ones — working on the actual federal contract to be run through E-Verify.  This would discover illegal aliens already on the payroll, expel them and open up the jobs to jobless Americans.

Allow every employer in America to voluntarily run all previously hired workers through E-Verify.  Current law forbids an employer from making sure that it doesn’t have illegal aliens in the work force that was hired before it started using E-Verify. The new Senate language lets any employer drive illegal aliens out of its work force and replace them with jobless Americans.

Require the Social Security Administration to send “No-Match Letters” to employers about every worker whose data doesn’t match government records.  If the worker can’t explain the discrepancy (something that happens only with illegal aliens), the employer is instructed to fire the illegal alien and open the job up to a jobless American.

Requires that the 700-mile fence along the Mexican border be completed this year to reduce the flow of illegal foreign workers who are coming to take jobs from American workers. 

All those Americans in those horrible unemployment-rate categories listed above would be overjoyed if those provisions were implemented this year.

Do you think Pelosi, Reid and Obama would still kill those provisions if they knew all of America was watching?

Please do all you can to bring this impending travesty to the attention of every Talk Radio show, your local newspapers, your friends and colleagues, your Members of Congress.

Sign the Petition.  Watch the Video Alert.  Make urgent phone calls.   Send the new faxes on your Action Buffet.



Roy_BeckROY BECK is Founder & CEO of NumbersUSA