Myrick Launches Anti-Terrorism eNewsletter

Dear Friends,
When I announced my Wake Up America agenda last year, the main goal was to educate the public about terrorist threats here at home posed by radical Islamists. That’s why I’m launching a new eNewsletter – separate from my congressional update eNewsletter – that will be specific to anti-terrorism efforts in Congress. . . .LINK


A Foreign Policy of Obsequiousness
Yesterday in Geneva, President Obama unveiled the new look of America’s foreign policy – obsequiousness. It was Day One for his emissaries to the U.N. planning committee of the Durban II conference. This is the racist “anti-racism” bash to be held in Geneva in April. The U.S. and Israel walked out of the first go-round in Durban, South Africa in September, 2001. Ever since, the U.S. government has refused to lend any credibility to the Declaration adopted after they left. That is, until yesterday. . . .

Omeish for Delegate?
Elections for vacant seats in the House of Delegates [in Virginia] are always interesting, but the Democratic nomination fight in the 35th District looks like it’ll be interesting indeed.

Omeish, the president of the Muslim American Society at the time, came into the political limelight nearly two years ago after he was appointed to the Commission on Immigration by Democratic Gov. Tim Kaine. The appointment didn’t sit well with Del. Todd Gilbert, R-Woodstock, a fellow member of the commission. The society was too closely connected the Muslim Brotherhood, the Egyptian group that gave rise to Hamas, for his taste. Gilbert wrote to Kaine and asked him to reconsider the appointment.

A spokesman for the governor at the time dismissed Gilbert’s concerns as “innuendo, moving dangerously close to slander,” and challenged Gilbert to offer proof. Omeish resigned less than a day later, after online videos came to light in which Omeish accused Israel of genocide against Palestinians and exhorted Muslims to “the jihad way.”

Omeish later defended both the Muslim American Society and his comments after his resignation, saying in a press release that MAS “is an American organization, completely transparent and above-board, and committed to the civic engagement of Muslims for the betterment of all of American society.” His call to jihad “was in the context of his public criticism of the Lebanon invasion and the oppression of Palestinians” and was not a call for violence.

And I have a bridge for sale . . .—DOB

Terrorist in 1973 NYC bomb plot to be deported
NEW YORK – A Black September terrorist who served only about half his 30-year sentence for planting three car bombs in New York City in 1973 was released Thursday into the custody of immigration officials to be deported.

Khalid Al-Jawary, 63, was released from the Supermax maximum-security prison in Florence, Colo., said Carl Rusnok, a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokesman. Rusnok said a federal immigration judge had signed a deportation order for Al-Jawary. Al-Jawary’s release date was set for Thursday after he was credited with time served before his sentencing and good behavior.

I wonder who will be watching to make sure he doesn’t get back in?—DOB

Kerry Accepts Letter from Hamas for Obama
Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman detours on trip to Israel into stronghold of Hamas terrorists, where he gets a letter for President Obama delivered by U.N. officials.

Kerry, the 2004 Democratic presidential candidate, was visiting the Gaza Strip on Thursday, along with Democratic Reps. Brian Baird of Washington, and Keith Ellison of Minnesota, Congress’ only Muslim representative.

So, two U.S. Libs and a U.S. convert to Islam working for Hamas. How patriotic.—DOB

Muslim woman takes Oklahoma driver’s license photo with head scarf; was denied at previous attempt
Monique Barrett, 21, said she tried to renew her driver’s license in September 2008 at a Norman Tag Agency. But an employee taking her license picture told her she was required to pull her head scarf or hijab back past her hairline.

Barrett said she refused and several months later contacted the Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR) Oklahoma City chapter. . . .

And apparently CAIR won the day again, as usual, cuz there is Monique, getting her driver’s license with her hijab on.—DOB

CAIR: Calif. Synagogue Agrees to Invite Speaker on Islam
The Greater Los Angeles Area chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-LA) today said that a local synagogue that plans to screen a film claiming “confrontation between Islam and the Jews” has agreed to invite a Muslim representative who can offer a balancing perspective of interfaith understanding. [Oh, please.—DOB]

CAIR-LA’s request for a balancing perspective was prompted by the February 22 screening of the film Farewell Israel at Congregation B’nai Emet in Simi Valley.

A Web site promoting the film states: “The confrontation between Islam and the Jews began in the Prophet Muhammad’s time, and continues to this day. Israel’s existence recalls Islam’s age-old Jewish problem, first felt at Islam’s inception in Medina in 624 AD: How can Islam thrive and find salvation if Jews are politically powerful? And it requires the same solution chosen by the Prophet Muhammad — elimination of political independence of Jews and the domination of Islam over them.”

I have this documentary. I cannot imagine what CAIR thinks it has in the way of “balancing perspective,” that could offset what this film clearly shows: Islam wants Israel dead.—DOB

What is it that liberals don’t understand about a beheading?

by David Horowitz.
On Frontpage today, Robert Spencer dissects the atrocity in New York committed by an Islamic “liberal” a man who built a TV station called “Bridges” dedicated to presenting Muslims as moderates. As Spencer shows, the man was a fraud to begin with having ties to the Jihadi organization CAIR, and seeking funding the Saudi bank of Islamic hate.

What is the left’s response to the Islamic beheading of a 37-year-old woman who wanted a divorce, a freedom afforded to every non-Islamic woman in this country? He beheaded her because her freedom “dishonored” his Islamic manhood.

Here is the apology for a misogynist and barbaric religious faith from a liberal troll on this blow named Garret Blazewitz (if that’s his name): From: garret.blazewitz@gmail.com Sent: Tuesday, February 17, 2009 2:57 AM: “Sure our cultural norm would have been for him to shoot her in the head. The point isn’t the beheading it’s the fact he murdered his wife.”

This is the liberal idiocy in confronting the Islamic war against the West. No, the point is that that this is a religious fanatic, who is one of maybe 100 million, maybe 500 million religious fanatics whose prophet has instructed them to put infidels and apostates to the sword.

It’s ideas that drive history, and the role that liberals have assumed in the ideological war we face, is to excuse our enemies, apologize for them, and undermine our defenses against them, and to do so by explaining their evil intentions and deeds as equivalent to our cultural norms. . . .

“Honor Killing” and Islam
[Note the quotes around Honor Killing. Like it’s not a real thing.—DOB]
By Kamran Pasha
. . .”Right now there is a great deal of discussion in the media about whether her murder was an “honor killing.” And among the more bigoted commentators [or, sadly for Kamran, the more knowledgeable–DOB], there are cries that this horrific murder has proven the “true face of Islam” to the world. That no matter how hard Muslims try to sell an Islam of peace and social justice, a headless corpse of a poor, abused woman will always be its legacy to humanity. . . .

The greatest tragedy for me as a Muslim is that my faith is associated with such horrific actions that run counter to everything that Prophet Muhammad stood for.” . . .

Which was murder by beheading. Seventy-seven percent of the Qur’an is devoted to murder, maiming, enslaving, raping, pillaging, stealing, lying . . . It hasn’t changed.—DOB

“But it is Just a Small Minority of Extremists”
THIS ARTICLE is the first of a series called “Answers to Objections,” where we will be exploring the responses you get when you start talking to people about Islamic supremacism and the third jihad. This is kind of like sales training. . . .

San Francisco Campaign Aims to Educate City About Muslims
“Everybody thinks that somehow Muslims are connected to terrorism,” said Muhammad Hanif with the Bay Area chapter of the Islamic Circle of North America . . .

Maybe everybody thinks it because it’s true? Duh.—DOB

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