islamuk.jpgOctober 5, 2008
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(Islam4UK Cancels March)
The UK Islamic group called Islam4UK has been holding lectures across the UK Midlands. Islam4UK is preaching for Muslims to bring violent jihad to the streets of the UK as their leader is the hate preaching exiled Omar Bakri Muhammad. (RSN field reporter has noticed Islam4USA being developed)

One of the lectures was billed as “Kufr Laws to be Extinct”. The group was even so kind enough to lay out how a comparison chart showing the differences between the current UK law and the brutal laws that Islam will bring. This can be seen here. Obviously Muslims there are not happy with getting their own Sharia Courts. Now they want to do away with UK law all together. Big surprise.

Islam4UK: Hate on our Street

October 5, 2008 by Lee Hancock

An Islamofascist group has organised a series of lectures across the Midlands where vile preachers of hate are espousing the violent doctrine of jihad.

Islam4UK, an offshoot of the banned Al Muhajiroun group, are conducting the lecture tour to spread the message of hate to young Muslims. The group, followers of exiled fanatic Omar Bakri Mohammed, recently caused outrage when they arranged a public meeting in the Midlands where posters advertising the event carried the message “Kufr Laws to be Extinct.”

One such star of the Prat Pack tour is Abu Waleed, who has given speeches in Birmingham, Derby and Leicester. His rants are one of over 140 extremist speeches that have been put on Youtube by the Islam4UK group.

In his lectures on Youtube, entitled “Youth Sparks of Fire”, Waleed gives a chilling insight into the violent and hate filled rhetoric being peddled on British streets by extremist Muslims.




In one speech he ridicules the British intelligence services and says that they have vastly underestimated the number of members of the jihad movement in the UK:

“MI5 got it wrong when they said there is 2,000 so-called radicals within Britain and they all got trained in Afghanistan.

“Really? And you’re supposed to be intelligence and you saw them all go there and come back. What are you going to do about it now?”

Waleed then pours scorn on the Government’s attempts to tackle the problem of him and his ilk:

“They say Muslim groups will be given £70 million to help tackle extremism in ungoverned places.

“What are ‘ungoverned places’? Internet chatrooms, snooker halls, youth centres? As if there’s going to be someone from Al-Qaida saying, ‘I’ve got a couple of rucksacks there in the back, do you want one, what size are you? Obviously not.”

He also called on his listeners to reject the laws of Britain and chastised other Muslim groups for handing terror suspects to the police, telling his audience to “stand with your brothers” no matter what they had done.

Saleed was quite candid about his intention of bringing Islamic rule to Britain: “The Government knows we are a threat because they’ve studied our history.

“The British, they always have this strategy of rule and divide. But we the shabab (youth) will wake up here in the West and we will bring the Sharia here to the UK.”

Birmingham City Council has recently earmarked £3 million to try and tackle extremism in local Muslim youth. Saleed mocked this piece of appeasement, saying, “This just goes to show how desperate these Kuffar are.”

Abu Waleed is not the only hate peddler on Islam4UK’s tour. Another of their speakers, Abu Uzair, gave this message to the people of Britain:

“We don’t live in peace with you anymore.

“The banner has risen for jihad inside the UK, which means it’s allowed for bombers to attack.”