Welcome to the first VOS Report.  Below we highlight cases from around the world that we regard to be related to the principles of sharia.  There are two sections, one that applies Victimes-of-Sharia-Aprilto the Islamic world, the House of Islam or Dar al Islam, and one that applies to the non-Muslim world, the House of War or Dar al Harb.  We might add further information below if it comes to light within the specified reporting period.



Asif Mohiuddin, Subrata Adhikari Shuvo, Mashiur Rahman Biplob and Rasel Parvez Arrested for Blasphemy

Sharia inspired laws that oppose freedom of expression were used in Bangladesh to arrest Asif Mohiuddin, Subrata Adhikari Shuvo, Mashiur Rahman Biplob and Rasel.  According to Reports Without Borders Asif Mohiuddin is being held in “deporable conditions”.  These bloggers have been accused of making anti-Islamic postings on their blogs. (1).

Meanwhile, Bangladesh’s Islamist mob has been unleashed and authorities seem to have allowed it to intimidate non-Muslims rather than arresting those who were committing acts of violence and intimidation.  The Bangladesh government is therefore guilty of not giving adequate protection to its non-Muslim citizens who are made to feel like the second class citizens.  Of course, such status is demanded by sharia so this is probably the reason for the government inaction.  However, DW.de reports that the despite the demands of the mob, the government of Bangladesh has refused to change the law so that anyone who is convicted of blasphemy receives the death penalty.  (2).

Nevertheless, the bloggers in this case should not even be in prison.  Laws that criminalise free speech are themselves a violation of human rights and the creation of such laws should be regarded as crimes against humanity.  Blasphemy laws should be outlawed worldwide in the interests of human dignity and progress.  The views of atheists and other non-Muslims should be respected by the government of Bangladesh.

(1) Blogger Asif Mohiuddin Arrested Over “Blasphemous” Blog Posts (Reporters Without Borders) – 3 April.

(2) Tension flares over ‘blasphemy’ and free speech (DW.de) – 9 April.


Sharia inspired human rights violations were particularly bad in Egypt in April.  This is not surprising given that the country is currently run by the Islamists of the Muslim Brotherhood.  Western powers continue to support the Egyptian regime which they in fact helped to bring to power.  Many commentators predicted this situation would arise but were ridiculed by members of the Western political elite and by voices in the legacy media.  The new age of democracy that was predicted by those who deliberately ignore the issues does not exist in Egypt.  In fact things are much worse since the overly optimistic slogan ‘The Arab Spring’ was coined by what some may refer to as Western facilitators of Islamism based on the results of the propaganda at the time.

Bassem Youssef a Victim of Judicial Harassment

Bassem Youssef was questioned about Insulting Islam and Islamist President Morsi.  It seems that the Muslim Brotherhood wanted to ban his satirical TV show. Even though this judicial persecution failed to get the desired result the intentions of the Muslim Brotherhood are quite clear.  (1) This sort of judicial harassment has a chilling effect on free speech.  ‘Insulting Islam’ is already a justification for persecution in the Islamic world but these attitudes are also spreading to the West where laws are being used to do exactly the same thing. (labels: blasphemy laws, freedom of expression, censorship, persecution, abuse of the legal system).

Saber Helal Burnt Alive

Coptic Christian Saber Helal was burned alive during anti-Christian violence. (2) Sharia law regards non-Muslims as second class citizens so the anti-Christian violence.  It does not come as much as a surprise that Christians will be brutalised in a country run by Islamic fundamentalists.

8 Coptic Christians Shot Dead

Coptic Christians were set upon by a Muslim mob and 8 of the Copts were shot dead.  It was reported that the police did not intervene indicating official state collusion in the violence. (3).

Islamic Attack on St Mark’s Cathedral

There were quite a few reports in April about the attack on St Mark’s Cathedral (4), (5), (6).  There was collusion on the part of the security forces who merely looked on while the violence and intimidation was carried out.  That means that the Egyptian Government itself is acquiescing in the sectarian violence that it could be argued amounts to an attempt at ‘religious cleansing.’

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(2) With death of another Christian, toll for sectarian clashes in Egypt reaches 8 since weekend (Associated Press, Fox News) – 11 April.

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(6) An Islamic Declaration of War on Christianity (FrontPageMagazine) – 17 April.


Salafists allowed to attack women for dance and music performance (1)

Tunisia is another country in which the West encouraged Islamists to attain power.  The new government has been described as being made up of “moderate Islamists” though there are many who would say such a phrase is a contradiction in terms.  In any case this government failed to prevent the attack on the women by Salafists (non-“moderate” Islamists).  The police let the attack happen and no arrests were made.  This perhaps indicates an element of collusion on the part of the Tunisian state.

The classic manual of sharia law Reliance of the traveller covers the issues of music, song, and dance in r40, p774-776.  From a reading of this it seems likely that it was the instruments and singing that motivated the Islamist action.  It would appear that dancing is allowed “unless it is languid, like the movements of the effeminate”.  We do not know if the dancing took this particular form but the dancing was probably accompanied by musical instrument, singing, or both.

(1) Tunisian Salafists storm female student hostel to stop dancing (Al Arabiya) – 18 April.


Fazil Say Sentenced for Practicing Freedom of Expression

Top Turkish pianist Fazil Say was given a suspended sentence (1) for practicing freedom of expression and “insulting Islam”.  This is a gross violation of his right to freedom of expression and is perhaps a natural by-product of Turkey being ruled by an Islamist government.

(1) Court sentences top pianist accused of tweets that insulted Islam (CNN) – (15 April).  Growth of Islamism in Turkey leads to abuse of freedom of speech.  This is what the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) wants for the West.


Sharia continues to influence events in the Dar al Harb and there are many examples, particularly in Western countries, of non-Muslims being treated according to the principles of sharia.  Many of the examples bear eerie similarity to what is happening in the Dar al Islam, particularly with regard to freedom of expression.


Demonization of Politically Incorrect and Die Freiheit

Freedom of expression was undermined in Germany by the decision of authorities in Bavaria to demonise the political blog Politically Incorrect and the Die Freiheit political party (1).  These are both organisations who are trying to peacefully engage in civil society and participate in the democratic process.  The decision to deem them ‘hostile to the constitution’ seems to be related to the spread of sharia principles in Germany and specifically to the issue of ‘insulting Islam’ which is not allowed by sharia.

(1) PI and Die Freiheit: “Hostile to the Constitution” (Gates of Vienna) – 13 April.

(2) Germany Cracks Down on Critics of Mega-Mosque (Gatestone Institute) – 16 April.

United Nations Applies Pressure To Restrict Freedom of Speech in Germany – The Case of Thilo Sarrazin

The United Nations has violated Article its own Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) which relates to freedom of expression.  This call is in line with sharia principles that forbid criticism of Islam and more in line with the rival Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam (CDHRI) than with the UDHR .  Of course the UN does not acknowledge the sharia inspiration of its demand instead using the well-worn false accusation of ‘racism’ as the excuse to try to shut up political debate and prevent important social issues from being discussed.

Anti Free Speech UN: UN takes Germany to task for ‘racist’ Sarrazin (TheLocal.de) – 19 April.


Karnataka Deputy Chief Minister KS Eshwarappa – Sharia Inspired Censorship?

According to One India News (1), Karnataka Deputy Chief Minister KS Eshwarappa has criminal case lodged against him. Who decides what speech is acceptable?  How can possible social problems be addressed if people are not allowed to talk about them?  It seems that in India as in the West it is the sharia principles relating to the prohibition of speaking out against Islam that are increasingly enforced.

Shiv Sena Gatha-Pramukha Hacked To Death

According to Struggle for Hindu Existence, Hindu Activist Shiv Sena Gatha-Pramukha was hacked to death.  Perhaps by acting for Hindus he was deemed as acting against Islam.  This is always a danger with a system like sharia that regards non-Muslims as not equal citizens and seems to encourage violence against them for any perceived sleight against Islam.

(1) Eshwarappa’s Hate Speech: ‘Love Jihad’ in the times of polls (oneindia.in) – 13 April

(2) Hindu Activists (Shiv Sena Gatha-Pramukha) brutally hacked by five Muslim killers in Mumbai (Struggle for Hindu Existence) – 16 April.


Nohad Halawi – Sharia Compliant Sacking?

According to MailOnline Nohad Halawi will be appealing against her sacking (1).  In the United Kingdom there seems to be a culture of favouring Muslims in disputes.  This dangerous trend mirrors the workings of sharia and offers further proof that the UK is becoming institutionally sharia compliant.

Call For State Sponsored Sharia Courts In Bradford, United Kingdom

The UK already has many sharia courts.  The status of women under sharia means that they cannot receive equal treatment in sharia courts and as such they pose a threat to human rights.  According to the Wharfedale Observer (2) the Bradford Council of Mosques has called for the courts to be “better resourced”.  This could be seen as a request for funding.  The Wharfedale Observer reports that a local MP, Kris Hopkins, has called on the Justice Secretary asking for him to oppose this.  ICLA believes that “sponsorship” of sharia courts would amount to state funded discrimination.

(1) Christian airport worker vows to take Muslim bullying case to Luxembourg after being granted right to appeal against sacking (MailOnline) – 12April.

(2) Ilkley MP speaks out against Mosques’ Sharia law bid (Wharfedale Observer) – 13 April.


Discrimination of Disabled War Veteran

Due to Muslim objections to his tattoo containing the word “kaffir” in Arabic he was asked to leave a skydiving centre in Florida.  It seems that Muslims found the tattoo to be offensive to Islam, something that sharia does not allow.  This story indicates that sharia prejudices are now affecting the daily lives of non-Muslims in the United States.

Disabled Purple Heart Veteran, Embarassed At Local Business (My Life My Adventures) – 3 Apri


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