Global Jihad
On Wednesday 01/11/2012 Iranian nuclear scientist Mostafa Ahmadi-Roshan was killed in Northern Tehran by a stick magnetic bomb placed on his car by a motorcyclist. It is unclear who was behind the attack or similar attacks n the past years but it is most likely that it was either theIsraeli Mossad or the American CIA probably with some support from other Western intelligence organizations. 

barackobamaMost of the experts familiar with the secret war with Iran suggest that Iranian opposition groups like the Iranian ‘Mujahideen Khalq’, Kurds groups or Baluchis on the South Eastern border with Pakistan are willing to cooperate with foreign intelligence agencies against the Shiite Iranian regime (see also – Pisheen Bombing). It is assumed that activists from those groups are carrying out the “dirty jobs” for whoever is behind the attacks on Iranian soil. It also explains the sensitivity of the Iranian security forces toward any foreigner near their border with the Autonomy of Iraqi Kurdistan where three American hitchhikers were kidnapped and arrested by Iran on 07/31/2009. 

Generally it is in the best interest of the Western powers to keep Iran in the dark and even if there are some disagreements about the methods or the specific targets in the Secret-War against Iran – not to debate them in public or not to point a finger on each other. That is not what USA did. 

In response to Iranian accusations that USA was behind Roshan’s assassination Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, on the same day, said the US played no role in the killing of an Iranian nuclear scientist and added America is looking for an international understanding with Iran that ends its uranium enrichment program. Clinton categorically denied any U.S. involvement in Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan’s death.

The next day, Thursday 01/12/2012, during a meeting with soldiers at a Texas military base, Pentagon chief Leon Panetta said that US officials had “some ideas” who was behind the assassination of the nuclear scientist in Tehran this week, but insisted the United States was not involved. In other words both senior officials narrowed the options as who was behind the mysterious attacks pointing indirectly toward Israel, putting Israel in the focus of possible Iranian retaliation and putting Israelis abroad under real risk. 

Even more, the White House said, on Thursday 01/12/2012 evening (Meas”t time) US President Barack Obama has called the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to discuss the progress in recent Israel-Palestine peace talks as well as the Wests’ continuing standoff with Iran over its nuclear programme. Although the conversation was described by the White House as part of their regular communication and cooperation on bilateral and regional issues, it is well known that both persons do not trust each other too much and do not talk to each other on periodical bases but only on specific issues if they have to. It is not a too wild a guest to suggest that America is seeking for more coordination ad cooperation with Israel not only on political and strategic issues but also on tactical operational matters.

One can suggest that USA, probably, tied the hands of Israel of proceeding with that kind of operations while pointing a finger on Israel as the main responsible for previous attacks and putting Israel on much higher risk.

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