Socialist mayor shocked: Hit by multicultural reality

Diversity NewsDenmark: On Friday evening, April 5th, the Danish television station TV2 planned to record an interview with the Copenhagen Mayor for health and care, Ninna Thomsen of Socialistisk Folkeparti (Socialist People’s Party).

The interview was to be filmed outside her front door in the Nørrebro district of Copenhagen, where she lives, the topic being the effort made by the Municipality of Copenhagen to improve the language and computer skills of the staff caring for the elderly .

TV2: The gangs have banned us from filming in Nørrebro

When TV2 learned her address, new orders were issued. TV2 proposed that she cross the municipal border, traveling half a kilometer away from Nørrebro to the municipality of Frederiksberg, where TV2 still has permission to work.

TV2 explained that they can only enter Nørrebro, specifically from the Copenhagen lakes to the Nørrebro train station, if they hire private guards to protect them from assaults by gang members.

But, the gangs rule my quarter!

The fact that immigrant gangs have the power to decide who walks the streets in the multicultural Nørrebro appears to have shocked the socialist Mayor, who lives in the quarter herself.

In the Danish daily Politiken, on April 12th, she says that until now TV2 has always been able to conduct interviews at her front door.

But after the immigrant gangs prevented the socialist Mayor from showing her correct multicultural mindset by being filmed in front of her Nørrebro home, with a backdrop of veiled women and men in long skirts, she has picked up the pen for real.

In Politiken one can read the conclusion she has come to:

“Different rules apply in Nørrebro than in the rest of Copenhagen and Denmark, and somehow law and order have become the order of the gangs.”

The obviously rattled socialist Mayor continues:

“That the gangs have been permitted to ban journalists and photographers from working in the area is another powerful alarm signal. To me, this is about the gangs creating a blackout of our area and keeping the public from knowing about the conditions in Nørrebro and the shady gang activities.”

Beating the Danish People’s Party to the punch

Experiencing the not-so-decorative multicultural reality at street level has made the socialist mayor of Copenhagen beat the Danish People’s Party at criticizing her own government:

“Thus, it is the entirely wrong time to send 200 police officers from Copenhagen to Jutland, as the government is planning to do. The police need to counter force with force; easing the pressure is an entirely wrong signal to send at this time,” she writes, and continues:

“It is time to change the game. For there is a battle of hearts and minds going on in Nørrebro at the moment. The gangs as well as [hard Salafists] Hizb ut-Tahrir are recruiting among the youth. And in spite of major police efforts and a stack of social initiatives, the gangs have never been more powerful, more visible or had greater appeal for the youth.”

But then, back to the usual socialist dream world

But after this indiscretion of more police and countering force with force, the socialist mayor Ninna Thomsen rushes back to the traditional dream world of the Socialist People’s Party, closing her comment with a call for all forces of good, such as sport clubs, volunteers and municipal employees to mobilize for the battle against the gangs.

On a similar theme, environment and culture are to be applied to drive the gangs out of Nørrebro, according to the socialist mayor, in her reaction to not being able to give an interview to TV2 at her multicultural front door in Nørrebro.

This is to take place by:

“Creating light and green yards, squares and passages, by creating life and activity, and by opening the quarter to other citizens of Copenhagen by actively attracting culture, entrepreneurs and creative businesses,” argues the Copenhagen Mayor Ninna Thomsen, of the Socialist People’s Party.

But what about Sweden?

While Kamel Qureshi, also of the Socialist People’s Party, was a member of the Danish parliament, he was the spokesman for human rights, and thus represented the party line towards the multicultural society. Back then, he highlighted Sweden as the ideal multicultural society.

On the party’s homepage, he posted an article on April 9th 2008 containing the following statement:

“My dreams of a multicultural Denmark may seem unreal, but one does not have to travel far in order to find examples of genuine multicultural reality. It suffices to cross the Øresund, paying a visit to neighboring Sweden.”

And it is precisely the multicultural reality dominating on the Swedish side of the waters that the Socialist People’s Party mayor Ninna Thomsen is now experiencing in Nørrebro, Copenhagen.

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