On the night that a deranged terrorist murdered and maimed little girls in Manchester England, we can take some solace in the fact that the greatest bastion of Western Civilization is back.




America is back.

Back on the watch.

Back on the hunt.

Back in the world.


When President Trump became the first American president to speak in Saudi Arabia, he delivered a message beyond his words. He delivered a message that no one missed. He delivered a message that terrorists’ bombs cannot drown out. He delivered a message that diminished his predecessor’s harmful follies.


Donald Trump gave the Islamic world a simple message. A mission. A duty. Donald Trump gave the Islamic world a recipe for respectability. He told them to police their own insane terrorists. And he told them how to do it.


Drive. Them. Out.

Drive them out of your places of worship.

Drive them out of your communities.

Drive them out of your holy land, and

Drive them out of his Earth!


Trump’s raw leadership cast a dark shadow across the weakness and cowardice of his bumbling predecessor, Barack Obama.


Everything about Barack Obama whined, “blame America.” His stooped figure said, “blame America.” His obsequious bow said, “blame America.” His effeminate handshake said, “blame America.”


But the world doesn’t want an America to blame.


The world craves an America to love. An America to envy. An America to complain about. But an America to mimic.


The world remembers when Nazis and Emporers threatened the planet. And America put them down.


The world remembers when a Soviet menace threatened her most vulnerable nations. And America tore down its wall.


The world begs for American leadership, American ingenuity, and American courage.


Donald Trump went to Riyadh.


Donald Trump flew to Tel Aviv.


Donald Trump became the first US president to touch the Western Wall.


Donald Trump will complete the Great Religion circuit by visiting Vatican City.


Donald Trump restored the world’s hope. Hope in a shining city on a hill. Hope in civilization and decency. Hope in the goodness of humanity. Hope for world peace. Hope for America’s future.


While small men and women wring their little hands over tiny matters in Washington, DC, the world waves its hands in hope that America is back.


America is back.


God comfort Manchester’s’ survivors. God heal the wounded. God receive the dead in paradise. God bless Manchester and the UK. God save the queen.


And God bless the United States of America.