America the FreeFundamentalist Islamists present a new challenge to the sovereign United States insofar as they desire – under the guise of religious fidelity – to “usurp” and not “assimilate”; “take” and not “contribute”; “bully” and not “champion.” In this respect, they are no different from anarchists, treason mongers and common thugs. Americans must either standup to protect our heritage or eradicate the enemy – as we have done in the past, or sit idly by with our thumbs in our ‘ears,’ watching the American dream collapse into the filthy, shivering, sliver of smirch, which bedecks radicals of every garish stripe and foul fanatical flavor.

We Americans (and the civilized West) have entered a new era where the enemy slinks through our open gates and tries to turn our generosity into a weapon of mass destruction. This we cannot abide. Should we eventually chose to do the right thing, the history books will make heroes of our fearless leaders; patriots pitted against enemies encroaching as friends, thinly veiled behind psycho-philosophical dogma disguised as a “religion of peace”, although nothing could be further from the truth.

In the Testaments, the Jews and Christians are God’s favorites and God instructs them about many things, including right and wrong behavior. The Qur’an does the same thing, except in the Qur’an, written hundreds of years after the Old and New Testaments (and, ironically years after Muhammad’s death), Muslims are “Allah’s favorites.”

Without taking any position (e.g., only observing), it is interesting to note the extremely close parallels between the Testaments and God’s relationship with Jews and Christians, and the Qur’an and Allah’s relationship with Muslims. The Qur’an expressly states that Muslims, Jews, and Christians worship the same God. On page after page after page, the Qur’an tells stories and directs behavior in a way that is strikingly similar to the Testaments. The biggest difference is the different “favored” people in each book, Jews, Christians and Muslims, respectively. Considering the statements contained in the Qur’an about non-believers and in the Old Testament about non-Jews, it is not surprising that such animosity exists.

The other major difference is that the Testaments carry a message of love and forgiveness and the Qur’an carries a message of war, domination and prejudice.

Moreover, there is an enormous and irrefutable difference between the “God” of the “People of the Book” and the Islamists who adhere to the Qur’an. Most notable is the difference that God teaches His followers to “love thy neighbors.” In the Qur’an, Allah teaches the faithful adherents to force “unbelievers” to renounce their religion and become Muslims; or, pay a heavy fine to the Muslim authorities (jizya) and practice their chosen religion (Judaism or Christianity) in secret; or, be murdered on the spot; or, be captured to spend their lives in service to their Muslim superiors; spend the remainder of their lives in slavery, with no human dignity. This presents no real choice at all.

Allah’s reward is promised to Muslims who fight Allah’s jihad; their greatest triumph to be annihilated while fighting for Allah, which grants them automatic admittance to Allah’s heaven of flowing streams of milk, honey and water, and beautiful maidens and handsome young men “beautiful as pearls” to attend to their every desire. In fact, when they found the luggage of Mohammed Atta, one of the 19 Saudi Arabian hijackers who piloted a jet into the World Trade Center, he had carefully packed all manner of wedding garb, for he clearly planned on being married when he reached Paradise. (It was in the carry-on luggage he was forced to leave behind). Imagine his consternation upon reaching Allah’s paradise absent a stitch of wedding garb!

Today we are witnessing a demonstrative move within the international Muslim community to seek the establishment of a Global Islamist Caliphate, packaged and disguised in a million different costumes, so that the caliphate will be realized with hardly a shot being fired. The signs are all around us and are being taken far too lightly by the authorities. Europe has been largely invaded already, by immigrating Muslims, who, at first, were welcomed to the many countries of the EU. However, as soon as the balance of power began to tip in the Muslim’s favor, they immediately ceased being amicable neighbors, opting instead to be the power that rules and insisting that sharia law be observed. Unfortunately, they have been far too successful.

Now President Obama – facilitated by Secretary of State John Kerry’s visionless stupidity, is allowing Iran to make fake treatise, giving them time to gain strength and to nuclearize. Iran can hardly contain it’s incredulousness at the disingenuous bravado of Secretary Kerry; the taqiyya of the President.

Make no mistake. This blueprint is the plan for the takeover of the United States; maybe not today, or tomorrow, but Islamists are patient people and they have decided that they want the United States. With President Obama’s assistance, it is a goal they could one day realize in the not too distant future, unless patriotic Americans awaken and put a stop to this blatant assault on their homel; an assault facilitated by Progressive political correctness.

President Obama has already loaded his cabinet with those closely affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood, and our former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, has had Muslim Huma Abedin in tow (whose two brothers are big wigs in the Muslim Brotherhood, whose mother is a member of the Muslim Sisterhood, and whose father is a professor; a Qur’anic scholar, teaching the Qur’an at various universities in the Mideast). When Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann (R-MN), and four of her congressional colleagues asked to see a copy of Abedin’s application for top security clearance, they were staunchly ridiculed not by Democrats, but by John Boehner (R-OH), and Mitch McConnell (R-KY), and essentially told to “mind their own business.” Last time I checked, the ferreting-out of potential enemy spies to very high positions in the US Government is Bachmann’s business! The ones we should be investigating (aside from Abedin) are Boehner, McConnell and other enemy facilitators holding high offices in President Obama’s regime.

This is not a joke and it is time for patriotic Americans to get involved. Mr. Obama has made a mockery of the Constitution he swore to uphold and protect. He spent his first two years in office twisting the arms of Democrats to vote for Obamacare. It was not uncommon to hear him tell Democrat Congressmen, “You may lose your office and not get re-elected, but at least Obamacare will pass.” How true that was as the Democrats took the worst “shellacking” ever in 2010 (just wait for 2014). As a matter of fact, Obama’s “then” Chief of Staff, Rahm “dead fish” Emanuel, quit his job because he thought Obama was wasting far too much time on Obamacare when the economy and lack of jobs should have been his priority.

Perhaps Mr. Obama’s ineptitude as President was best summed up by Rep. Nancy Pelosi (P-CA), in December 2010, on the eve of Obamacare being shoved down the throats of the American citizenry, when she stated (with a straight face), “I guess we’ll have to pass Obamacare if we want to know what’s in it.”

George Tood, American Citizen