From comes news of an affidavit has been filed with the United States District Court in Southern California  represented by Orly Taitz.  We all know the huge controversy swirling around our President’s missing original birth certificate.  No one seems to know where it is.  Only official “Certificate of Live Birth” can be found. Is this a hyped up forgery or the real thing?  Is the person submitting the document going to go to jail for submitting a forged or false document, or will he be going down in the history books for removing a President from office?


If our President has any type of spine or if he had one drop of Reagan blood in him, he would release his ORIGINAL birth certificate to an independent source for verification and put this issue at rest.  The very fact that he has not done so leads us to believe he is hiding something. 

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So, is this real, photoshopped, bought off eBay, forged?  Please leave comments in our commentary.

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