The Hillary Clinton Book Tour Saga Continues, now discussing the “PizzaGate” story.

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Hillary Clinton addresses the bogus pizzagate conspiracy that lead a gunman to open fire in a Washington, DC pizza parlor. Secretary Clinton further elaborates on the rise of fake news, its dangers, and the role of Russian operatives in spreading it. Politics and Prose co-owner Lissa Muscatine also reveals how Hillary and Bill Clinton provided crucial support during the crisis.

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Rather convenient location to discuss comet ping pong

Exposed: Clinton Train Paid The Young Turks $20 Million

Hillary’s claims of “Russian Propaganda Efforts” are hard to comprehend when you consider the Mainstream Media’s affection towards her as well as alternate media groups like The Young Turks
which has a far more questionable background than any cited Russian propaganda sources. 


 Full Interview and Transcript Below

Lissa Muscatine: “ …now infamously known as PizzaGate, we’re okay and those of you who’ve been to Politics and Prose on Connecticut Avenue know that the store is only a few doors
down from Comet Ping-Pong. And you, of course we’re onto this stuff because of what was going on in the campaign before a lot of us realize the extent of it and you and I spoke shortly after the election and you asked you knew that Comet was being targeted… that Politics & Prose and some of the other businesses were being targeted and you — You actually said you were willing to speak out about it for which we were grateful at the time.”

“Everybody thought that we needed to all kind of lie low for a bit. The day that the gunman with the assault weapon walked in to Comet, on a Sunday afternoon, December 4th, about an hour after that, I — You and I communicated and I told you what was going on and you responded instantly and were so supportive which was incredibly helpful. We were all on lockdown on the entire block with police, running up and down the streets and then — And people don’t know this. A few days after that you and your husband said what can we do to support Comet? Can we buy pizzas? And you bought — I don’t know how many pizzas but it was a lot of pizzas — And sent them to a literacy program: an after-school literacy program in D.C. which was never publicized. And you checked in on me a lot because we were — We were — We weren’t dealing with in the same way Comet Ping-Pong was but we were also and you know getting trolled
in the whole nine yards and harassment calls. I just can’t tell you how important it was for me, for Brad, for our entire staff, for our entire block, for the people at Comet to know that you and President Clinton were there for us quietly and nobody knew it so I just — I’ve never had a chance to thank you publicly and I I did want to do that, so.


Hillary Clinton: Thank you. You know if I could just say a word ‘cause we’re in Washington and this horrible chain of events happened here but this is a terrible example of what can be done by people who are malicious, unacquainted with the truth, and pursuing their own agendas: whether it be commercial advantage, partisan advantage, or any other goal. For those of you who don’t follow it or may not remember it: You know, when John Podesta‘s emails were stolen. I hate the word ‘hacked’. They were stolen. They were stolen by the Russians and they were then, through cutouts, given to WikiLeaks, which is nothing more than a tool of Putin and the Kremlin and — [Applause] Certainly people associated with Trump knew about it because in August, Roger Stone was tweeting about how John Podesta would find himself, you know, in the barrel some point ahead. So, on October 7th, one of the more infamous days in the campaign, the day started with the director of Homeland Security, the Secretary, Jay Johnson, the Director of National Intelligence, Jim Clapper, saying that with high confidence they knew the Russians had been behind those hacks —  Those thefts of emails that happened in the morning. Then the Hollywood Access tape broke a few hours later and within one hour, such an amazing coincidence: WikiLeaks dumped all of John Podesta’s personal emails. Now, if you read those emails, I think it’s a little embarrassing to admit they’re very anodyne, even boring 

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but because they were the way that the Russians and their allies,
whoever they turn out to be [Applause] Were able to generate constant interest really was, was two factors. One: they sent the press on these wild goose chases all over the place — “Oh here comes a hundred more! Here comes a thousand more. Oh my gosh!” And then of course the other was that they created the illusion of transparency. If you think you’re getting something from, you know sort of behind the screen, maybe it’s more legitimate even though you’re being played by a bunch of Russians. And the psychology of it was brilliant and, of course, it’s part of the Russian propaganda efforts, something called ‘active measures’ which they’ve used in many other settings, not just in our election. Well, you can only go so far with “read these emails” and “listen to people” as in every campaign, you can imagine debate about what to do when and who says what and all of that so they had to be weaponized. They had to
have elements plucked out and perverted in a way that would be hard to imagine
and then sent back out into  — The — You know, cyber virtual world.

Hillary Clinton Blames Russia for PizzaGate

Podesta confirming authenticity of emails.

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So, in one of the emails, John Podesta is talking about pizza. He’s Italian and Greek I mean you know —

LM: And a very good cook —

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HC: And a very good cook. And yeah his risotto recipe is still there if you want to see it and I’m sure there’s something very nefarious about that risotto recipe
So, all of a sudden John’s writing about pizza and one of these really —  I consider evil people in the media world,  and in the online world, out of whole cloth, make up this story that John Podesta and I are running a child trafficking ring in the basement of the Comet Pizza Parlor.


LM: “By the way, there is no basement. Yeah, there is no basement.

HC: Now, you would think people would be laughing like crazy, shaking their heads but if you migrate that crazy story to Facebook posts, to news outlets, there are people who will believe that, including this very unfortunate young man in North Carolina who believed it. It was meant to be believed to influence voting. Even I have to say I don’t believe it was meant to be believed to influence somebody to pick up an AR-15 and drive from North Carolina to Washington to liberate the imaginary children from the imaginary basement of the Pizza Parlor. But in came this young man believing that he was on a mission because he saw it on Facebook, he saw it in other places online, he saw it in “news outlets” [sic]
and so he was there on a mission of rescue. People could have gotten killed. He shot his automatic weapon off inside this pizza parlor. The street where Politics & Prose is, was shut down. There was an active crime scene because people who cared more about weaponizing Information, making negative stories up than the truth, than the facts or even public safety, and certainly any concern about children was non-existent. They were determined to stimulate, to propagate the attitudes that would grab some people in some states, some congressional districts, some towns, and counties so that they would be saying “Well, gosh you know if Hillary Clinton and her campaign chairman are doing something like that they should go to jail. I can’t vote for that.

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That’s the worst example but there are so many other examples that were the same pattern: from stealing, to giving to WikiLeaks, to propagating, to weaponizing into somebody’s you know Google chain, into somebody’s Facebook post. And I think it’s one of the most serious challenges we face going forward in politics. Not just at the presidential level but up and down because if we don’t get a handle on information that is not just controversial, protected by the First Amendment, but aimed at spreading lies to the extent that they can cause behavior like we saw in this terrible instance, it will not stop and I’m glad that the Congress and others are looking at Facebook, and Twitter, and Google because they are the vehicles — One of the very first vehicles to deliver this kind of information to people but I was just terrified for Lissa, and Brad, and all their employees and everybody on that street because I-I could see what the
trafficking of that absolutely horrible information was meant to do and it got out of hand and we were just fortunate that nobody was injured.

LM: A-And what — And — And, you know it keeps going, but the consolation — And there is consolation, is that the outpouring of support from our community was unbelievable for Comet, for Politics & Prose. People feel tremendous ownership about their communities and you know and I might just say Mike Pence at that time was living about a mile away in a rented house and before he could move into the vice president, we’d see his motorcade up and down, up — Did he once think about coming in, buying a slice of pizza? — Of course not. But the community has been fantastic and any of you who’ve you know come to Comet, have come to P&P, after that: thank you. It really made a huge difference.

Conclusion of Transcript

PizzaGate may never pan out to be all that it’s “COOKED” up to be, but there’s plenty more for Hillary to be concerned about.

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The Clinton Cartel

They’ve never done anything outside of politics. How did they get so rich?