by Eliana Benador
“May all true Jews, be prepared to accept the Torah on Shavuot, as it was originally accepted: with unity, like one man with one heart.”

Deconstructing Zionism

’’The Young Guard’ was the mainstream Zionist youth organization, dedicated to bringing Zionist ‘Values’ to the youth of Israel. From the Guide of the Young Guard (Hashomer Ha’Tzair) in 1956:  “How to deal with religious youngsters: Among our youngsters, we’re encountering significant numbers that are religious. Especially in the guided-youth in the immigration transit-camps.

Obviously our goal is to make them aware that their faith in G-d is illogical, and unreasonable since religion is the fruit of reactionist dictatorships, and has no raison d’être among those who fight for the progressive realm. In short, at this stage, counselors should use patience and try to degrade religiosity, as a socially disturbing factor in the movement. After briefing a youngster in a way which does not directly attack religion, but undermines it, the youngster will independently come to the conclusion that there is no God, and will abandon his religious faith.” (The Shomer’s Guide)

In the words of Haim Hazaz, a Zionist writer, and one of the leading thinkers of the Zionist movement (from newspaper Haaretz, 1943):  “Zionism and Judaism are not the same thing, but two things distinct from one another. No doubt, two things which contradict one another. When one cannot be a Jew, he becomes a Zionist. Zionism emerges from Judaism’s ruins, from the nation’s hour of weariness. One thin is for sure – Zionism is not a continuity, not a cure for the wound, IT UPROOTS AND DESTROYS! On the contrary, it distracts the nation, defies it, contradicts its will and its spirit, undermines it and uproots it, and abandons it for another route. Towards a goal distant and distinct. All alone with a handful of men at its helm, THE SEED OF A FOREIGN NATION. Anyone thinking otherwise is either mistaken, or fooling himself…”

Bibi-Here are the words of Theodor Hertzel (from his personal Diary), Zionist Leader and founder of the Zionist Congress:  “I consider myself an average, modern Jew, and am not shaken from converting to Christianity. I give praise to every Jewish Parent that decides to convert to Christianity. I have a son, whom would sooner convert to Christianity rather than tomorrow, so that he would start being a Christian as soon as possible, and to spare him the injuries and discrimination I have suffered, and will continue to suffer because I am a Jew.”

In the words of Ze’ev Jabotinsky, one of the Zionist leaders (and hater of Judaism as the overwhelming majority of Zionists were and are:)  “In the National Home, we will declare those Jews who fail to rid themselves of the rust of the exile, and refuse to shave-of their beards and locks (a religious Jewish trademark – Song of Solomon 5/11.. “His head is as the most fine gold, his locks are bushy, and black as a raven.”) as second-class citizens. We will not give them the right to vote!” 

Evil Secular Zionists

 Initially, Minister Moshe Ya’alon together with Ehud Barak, Minister Benny Begin, and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu reportedly decided that Beit Hamachpela would be evacuated by April 26, once Pesach was over.  Legally speaking it was agreed that, if owners were unable to prove they bought the house, they would have evacuated within 30 days from the date of entry, unless they leave on their own initiative.

Although residents assured that they had purchased the property legally from a PA Arab who since seems to have been taken into custody by PA security forces. Sales of property to Jews by PA Arabs is considered a capital crime in the PA, and is punishable by death.  Detail which will be convenient to the Israeli authorities, who are uncontrollable when it’s about expelling other Jews from their legitimate homes.

Indeed, sadly, the above mentioned agreement was cruelly broken just two days before the beginning of the week-long Pesach celebrations.  Residents were inconsolable at the arrival of security forces that arrived at Hevron’s Beit HaMachpelah (House of the Patriarchs) to forcibly expel residents. Their property is located next to the Cave of the Patriarchs, which houses the tombs of the Jewish Patriarchs and Matriarchs: Sarah, Abraham, Rivkah, Isaac, Leah, Jacob, the head of Esau, and also allegedly Adam and Eve. 

Migron Petition

 MigronSwitzerland is the only country in the world that has not allowed “democracy” to be turned into a dagger to commit suicide at a national level, and where all democratic elements are used for the benefit of the country and not for its doom.  Outside the Swiss confederation, regretfully, all kind of petitions, phone calls, faxes, emails and letters, are among the most useless elements a political cause may count on, as they rarely achieve their goals.   

It is obvious that the dreams of conviviality among religious and seculars in the Land of Israel, are only that, simply dreams.  There is no way that the Judeophobic zionist Israeli governments will accept that religion is the core and the essence of people whose beliefs make Israel what it is.  

After all, of all the countries in the world, it is only the Land of Israel that has received its borders from none other than God Himself, as it is delineated in the Torah.    

Frankly, if the Jews who are so committed to live in Judea and Samaria know they have all the right to do so, but if they are not ready to give their lives for it, then they should move elsewhere by their own freewill and avoid that Hillul Hashem be committed by them and by the poor IDF soldiers who “have” to obey orders.  

There is and can be no negotiating among Judeophobic secular Jews and religious Jews.  It is obvious that it will be one or the other.  There may be more chances of religious Jews being more accepting of their secular Jewish family -unlike the liberal fascists in place for all these years.  

Lt. Col. Eisner Heroic Background vs the Coward Israeli Liberals

 It is simply insane that the Israeli liberal fascist government of Netanyahu and Ehud Barak, have decided to condemn a highly decorated Lieutenant Colonel, Shalom Eisner who had to defend himself from a provocative anti-Israel Danish protester who even broke his hand.  

Prominent rabbis who know extremely well Lt. Col. Eisner, have expressed their support for Eisner, and were revolted that they consider that the IDF leaders have impetuously suspended him without a real investigation -after all, he was defending himself from attacks by a Danish pro-Palestinian activist. 

Israel Liberal Fascism against Patriot Israeli Jews

 Israel’s political and military leadership has once more shown where they stand.  Just as all other liberal fascist democratic governments in the rise throughout the world, these elements utilize the ‘gifts’ of democracy as a Damocles sword against the populations that have naively voted them to power.

In times where Israel needs to show a united front in the face of the multiple fronts that surround them, the liberal military and political leadership is rather preoccupied in defending and protecting the enemy instead of their own.

Similarly, an important number of religious Jews who live in Israel seem to be more interested in making peace with their treacherous leadership who is ready to evict them overnight, who is ready to dismiss them from their jobs, and turn their back on them, if by any bad luck they would need to defend themselves from the enemy without.  

Israel’s Enemies Worldwide

 In times of extreme danger, the natural human instinct is survival.  

However, as the so-call “democracy” has advanced from country to country, we have been witnessing a total and crass abandonment precisely of that essential survival instinct.   

Consequences of Betraying Israeli Commanders

As expected, the consequences are dire when the military of a country feels betrayed, especially with a  liberal, morally corrupt and treacherous leadership that has no understanding for the word loyalty to their troops. Most likely, Lt. Col. Eisner would have been congratulated if he would have struck a Jew from the Judea and Samaria.  

But, Lt. Col. Eisner behaved in a proper manner, defending himself after being hit several times and had his hand broken.  Naturally, that’s when the problems began, because the Israeli government prefers to rather protect those who are against their own -refusing to give any benefit of the doubt to their own decorated heroes.  

In all, Israel seems to have fallen in a trap.

The enemy without has developed into an aggressive radical islamist circle and Muslims are viciously threatening Israel from all sides.  America, with this anti-Semitic, Judeophobic president, is far from the best ally it used to be to Israel.  

Internally, many may think after this incident, that there is no reason to want to fight for a country that turns its back on those who go through the harshest trainings to defend their ideals, and the people and country they love.  

Likewise, Israel’s Likud elements are liberals in disguise and are mostly trying to cater to democratic, corrupted liberal expectations.   And, sadly, a number of religious Jews in Israel are still believing that they can make it work with the liberal zionists that hate them more than they hate the enemy.


The Land of Israel and the Jewish people have been ambushed throughout History oftentimes.  Their situation many times has seemed desperate.  

Many forget that in such situations there have been unexpected changes that came suddenly.  In some cases, as in the times of Noah, there was a flood that ravaged almost everything.  In the Holocaust, also tragedy hit the Jewish people and others, but there have also been lessons that should have been learned. But they have not been learned.

“Now consider this, you who forget God, lest I tear you in pieces, and there be none to save…”  Psalm 50


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